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June 2009 General Astrological Overview by Boots Hart

by Boots Hart, CAP

Amidst the many things which somehow managed to copiously occupy our time last month was the poignant question: "Should I…? Or should I wait a bit?" That lingers on, though we'll feel matters hanging in that particular balance come to a head around June 10, then tapering away.

More important on the day-to-day level, Saturn went direct last month, an indication that life has returned to productive mode, leaving behind discussions, water-treading and planning phases we've been in since last December 31, when Saturn went retrograde. That was a particularly tense, volatile (Pluto conjunct Mars) time when among other things, hostilities broke out between Israel and Gaza—an example of how Saturn is classically associated with nations and limits (i.e., "drawing a line in the sand"). We all went through something around then; whatever that was, if you learned and got through the underlying issues of that moment, now you really begin getting past it. Matters which haven't been faced? Well, now they reappear, probably in a more recognizable format, a format which allows for open examination and discussion as precursor to personal growth on all sides and thus, true resolution. This period stretches from now until October 10, when Saturn exits the retrograde's shadow. Active efforts to confront problems yield greatest benefits, with the caveat that come August 25, there will be a distinct oppositional repetition of last December's Mars/Pluto energy. Ergo do, or be prepared to be done to.

As an adjunct to all this is Mercury's having gone direct on May 31…or May 30 for those of us in the Americas or eastern Pacific regions. Mercury starts out June in late Taurus. The initial signal is about sorting things out and opening dialogues which will take time to bear fruit. Yet with Mars just entering Taurus and Venus finishing its annoyingly endless transit of Aries, we're not likely to be feeling all that patient. We may be wanting to press a personal issue, or feel irritated with those who aren't moving fast enough. Wherever possible, own the energy then express it in an "I feel…" rather than accusatory format. But cut yourself some slack, too. And if you go over the top? A dish of apology with side of humble pie will probably get you where you need to go.

Then comes June 6, the day when Venus finally enters Taurus. Don't expect trumpets. Or miracles. But during the next few days you're likely to... [become a Daykeeper subscriber! Then you can read Boots' entire monthly overview right now, and every month!]

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