Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's June 2009 Daily Success Guide Daily Astrological Forecast
by Terry Lamb


If in May we were on the cusp of a new cycle, in June we have commenced it. Three new long-term cycles have begun: Jupiter-Chiron, Jupiter-Neptune, and Chiron-Neptune (all at 27 Aquarius), made spectacularly more momentous because they precisely coincide in a triple conjunction. In a nutshell, they are about dreams and visions. We know that, in many ways, the world we are familiar with is changing rapidly, and some aspects of our old life are dying. The new has just barely started, and we are struggling for perspective. What has changed? What will the new world look like? How should we prepare? What should/can/must we let go of to live in the new reality?

As an old view of how the world should work struggles to survive, it is possible (but not yet certain) that it cannot be rescued. What will come in its place? Who will provide the vision that humanity can cling to for its sense of security? How will we all cope with the ambiguity of not knowing how it will all work out, the way it does in the movies?

The better we are at going with the flow, at living in surrender to the forces that can carry us to safety, the easier this time will be. By limiting the range of our vision to the moment, we can reduce our anxiety. By seeking a broader vision of where we are going, we can step into the future and be part of the vision. By blending both of these, we can be in it but not of it, stretching ourselves to fulfill our greatest potential.

It helps to know where we are in the more localized, yearly planetary rhythm. Here, this month, the emphasis is on discovery and adjustment, as we adapt to the change in direction of several planets. May opened us to many new possibilities but also brought difficult challenges that we will spend the next five months mastering.

Possibilities, informed by what's real, abound in June. The Sun trines the newly retrograding Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune, as Venus and Mars sextile them. Mercury reminds us of the puzzles we're trying to solve by making its third set of squares to our airy Aquarian trio. These are still opening, formative phases of their cycles. We have a greater sense of what's up, since Mercury's retrograde and the Chiron/Neptune stations, but we feel a high level of risk because of all the unknowns. We are uncomfortable because the strategies that we used to rely on are much less certain to work (or perhaps are certain not to work).

Jupiter, which has been virtually stationary for three weeks, finally turns to retrograde motion on June 15. This places us fully into the time of surrender to the forces that come to us through Aquarius. What we experience will depend on what we have been creating since the start of the year.

In the midst of this, the revealer of all that is hidden, Pluto, reaches its point of maximum strength when it opposes the Sun on June 23. What we have experienced as critical issues near December 22 and April 4 will advance toward resolution at this time.

Saturn and Uranus continue to work in contrary tandem. Saturn is now direct in motion, while Uranus moves toward its retrograde. The Sun will square both this month to expose additional ways that we can make changes in the structures in our lives. We are moving toward Uranus's station to retrograde, which occurs on July 1. We'll be feeling a concentration of Uranian energy shaking loose our constrictions and limitations in the last half of June. With Uranus also at 27 degrees of its sign, there are four planets hovering at this degree all month, which are contacted nearly simultaneously by the faster moving bodies.

In the midst of all this, Venus and Mars are dancing together in greater harmony that usual. They are so close to conjoining! This means that relationships will experience greater harmony than previously, and that new relationships will form or tighten this month. It's a good month for commitment and reconciliation in spite of other factors, as their conjunction is supported by a trine to Saturn. We will see the power that relationship has in resolving many issues that aren't really about how we connect with each other—but really are after all. This includes situations in the world of politics. We may see reconciliations between factions on the basis of common interest, and even of common good.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


The month starts with Moon in Virgo, but not for long: It goes void of course on an opposition to Uranus, regaining its effectiveness in our lives when it enters Libra at 8:17 am. Its application to a square to Pluto all morning lends a perhaps unwelcome intensity when we'd like to ease into the week. There's just too much to catch up on. However, we get the entire afternoon without new plot developments to reconnoiter.


Moon still in Libra, we are treated to an early trine to the Sun — the waxing one where the universe responds to our activities since the New Moon by speeding our plans forward. We get a glimpse of what will develop on the Full Moon; what we'll be successful in creating over the coming two weeks. Venus fills our day with grace, as she sextiles triple-conjoined Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter, still configured together tightly. With her companions empowering her stewardship, she'll charge our lives with the optimism and energy we need to build our future, at least for a day. It's a good day to allow our minds to wander creatively, while the doorway to long-term vision is open.


After trines from our diplomatic Libra Moon to the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter conjunction grace the morning with good relations and easy communication, the Moon enters its void-of-course period with an opposition to Venus at 11:00 am. It's a good time to dream, organize, purge, and plan, as we'll be between the worlds until 3:44 pm, when the Moon enters Scorpio. We are drawn naturally into productiveness again as the Moon immediately feels its evening sextile to Pluto. This aids and supports a Mars trine to Pluto, which blankets the day with a "let's break through those obstacles" drive. Reconciliation of extreme positions and difficult conflicts is possible if the groundwork has been well laid.


This day can feel like a make-or-break time, as Mars in early Taurus squares the Lunar Nodes (the transiting eclipse points). A decision must be made quickly — or maybe it just feels that way. Look at the deeper layers of the situation before you choose (or wait). Venus makes it easier on the 8th. With the Scorpio Moon makes its way toward an evening sextile to Saturn unobstructed, we have a long, clear path to completion and agreement today, and our hard work will be particularly effective.


If you've been working harder than usual over the past couple weeks, it's because the Sun has been slowly approaching its waning square to Saturn, which perfects today. This is the sweet part of the cycle, when the rewards for nine months of effort begin to feed us with response. The Scorpio Moon contributes a cacophony of contacts to introduce elements of the unexpected, from an opposition to our still-slow Mercury to a pleasantly surprising trine to Uranus bridging the hours of the afternoon. The evening is a bit more bracing as Moon squares Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter—a good time to relax rather than take action. The Moon loses its effectiveness when it enters its void period at 7:18 pm, which lasts for the rest of the evening.


We're off to a good start as the Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:24 am. While no aspects mark the day, we'll be feeling the Saturn-flavored Full Moon coming on, responding by taking on a perhaps dreaded project that can't be put off any longer. Venus enters Taurus, the sign of her dignity, at 2:07 am, bringing more natural fortune to outcomes where she is involved.


The Moon continues in daring Sagittarius, dampened by an early morning square to Saturn. Issues we'd like to avoid come up as we experience the culmination of knowledge at the Full Moon, which occurs at 11:12 am at 17°07' Sagittarius. As we accumulate facts and figures, we'll know precisely where the buck stops. This lunar peak features a mutable grand cross that highlights areas we need to approach with flexibility and patience. While we feel the urge to find a quick fix because we're tired of waiting and afraid everything will crash and burn, we must persevere in the stepwise path we have been treading to achieve the best result.

The chart cast for Washington DC has 1 Libra rising, placing the mutable cross in the cadent houses (3, 6, 9, 12) of completions and endings. There will be pressure from the worlds of commerce, manufacturing, foreign trade, and labor to bring about changes to relieve conditions of workers. This will most likely be seen in an escalation to efforts to achieve healthcare reform, but the scattered energies of the chart tell us that it's premature to expect agreement. Still, the hope for success is revealed through substantive developments at this time, suggested by the kite pattern formed with the angles to the Sun-Moon opposition.

The Sabian Symbol for the 18th degree of Sagittarius is, "children playing on the beach, their heads protected by sunbonnets." Rudhyar interprets this as "the protection that society affords to immature individuals as they begin to deal with the powerful energies of their unconscious nature." The social safety net that is afforded to children, the disabled, and the disadvantaged is the battleground at this Full Moon. Called into question is the value system that says we should take care of those who can't care for themselves—that this is good government. Greater clarity regarding this value will arise out of discussions held now.


Venus continues to echo Mars as she chases him through Taurus. The first salvo in this playful hunt is her square to the Lunar Nodes (transiting eclipse points). Whatever choice we felt was necessary on the 4th, we'll have an easier time deciding now—or waiting out the situation for longer still. The positive aspects of this experience are heightened by her trine to Pluto. New ideas and opportunities occur to us as we move through the day. At 6:51 am, the Moon in Sagittarius enters its usual void period; however, in Sagittarius she still is effective, so we can capitalize on this by taking actions to which others may feel compelled to response favorably. This lasts until 1:00 pm, when the Moon enters savvy Capricorn. The day finishes on a productive and positive tone, as the Moon's conjunction with Pluto coincides with and repeats his trine to Venus.


Moon in Capricorn means harmonious contacts with the many planets in earth signs: a trine to Mars in Taurus and one to Saturn later in the day translate light to give us a highly productive grand trine in earth. Use it well! Mercury is active as it makes its third of three aspects to Uranus (a sextile) and Neptune-Chiron (a square) within 10 minutes of each other. This re-activates the major processes of growth and change we engaged in during May, allowing us to reach a final resolution which may have eluded us until now. With Uranus at the same degree harmoniously engaged, unexpected positive outcomes are available to us.


Today the third of three Mercury squares to Jupiter finalizes May's transformative energy in our lives. Although there is much more to come with the large-scale cycles that are just beginning, our initial grappling with them is complete, allowing us to take a deep breath. We'll be much more conscious of what the future holds now. Our Moon in Capricorn glides to late-day contacts, a sextile to Uranus and a trine to Mercury. It's a day full of mental pursuits that bring welcomed outcomes. At 8:31 pm, Moon enters her void-of-course period, which lasts for the rest of the day.


The Moon opens the door to fruitful activity when it enters Aquarius at 1:52 am. She invigorates the chase between Venus and Mars by squaring each of them in the afternoon—first Venus, then Mars. This brings awareness of what's not working in our relationships, but not yet revealing what we can do about it. We may feel torn between love and passion.


Moon in Aquarius graces us with a waning trine to the Sun in Gemini. This is the most productive time of the lunar cycle, when we can flow easily into the harvest of our efforts since the New Moon.


Moon in Aquarius finally reaches the trio in late Aquarius in the morning hours, but Mercury gets the last word as the Moon squares it to enter its void period at 2:04 pm. This timeout is very brief, as the Moon goes into Pisces at 2:32 pm, less than a half-hour later. The Moon's sextile to Pluto brings effectiveness to whatever we have planned for the day. Mercury finally gets back to Gemini, after a long retrograde return to Taurus, at 7:47 pm. This, the sign of its dignity, is more to Mercury's liking, and we'll benefit by the more rapid firing of connections in brain and commerce over the next three weeks.


A long morning cuddle, then the rich aroma of fresh coffee and Belgian waffles are the just right touch for the romantic glow our Moon in Pisces creates when it sextiles Venus and Mars this morning. Let yourself wake up slowly and lazily. The afternoon will have us feeling more energized and industrious, if we can get over the feeling that the tasks that confront us are insurmountable. This is the challenge of Moon's opposition to Saturn.


Jupiter, at 27°01' Aquarius, begins its four-month retrograde period at 0:51 am, finalizing the activation of its triple conjunction with Chiron and Neptune. Ahead of us lies the task of clearing the cobwebs of illusion and disillusion from our sense of what the future holds. What is left at the end of this time is a positive picture of where we're headed. The Moon is still in Pisces, reaching its Last Quarter phase at 3:15 pm, at 24°56' Pisces. With the Moon in very close application to Uranus, a big change is about to be activated in an area where it is long overdue. Even though the result is not perfect—more a work in progress—the Sun's trine to the Aquarian triple conjunction tells us that it is an improvement that offers substantial relief and permits us to take a step toward the future. The Moon goes void of course at 6:17 pm, although we can still take effective action during this time.

27 Scorpio rises in the chart cast for Washington DC, placing the Sun-Moon square in the 5th and 8th signs. Saturn is angular on the Midheaven, placing the President in the spotlight. Once again, people look to him for leadership, and he will draw on lessons from the past to inform is decisions. Although he has not made the decision at the time of this lunation, there will be one within the week (within two hours to two days). This decision will be favorable to the image that the US citizenry has of itself and that which the rest of the world holds. It will ultimately have a profound effect on the nation's finances, but it will require adjustments from rival nations. The decision will favor home and children, and he will primarily have in mind the need to support America's workers.

The Sabian Symbol for 25 Pisces is, "a religious organization succeeds in overcoming the corrupting influence of perverted practices and [materialism in its ideals]." "The power of the soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharses" is the meaning drawn from it by Dane Rudhyar. This indicates a perhaps stunning apparent change of heart within the halls of government or other large organization on the side of higher-mindedness and the common good. This energy can take each of us in a unique direction to achieve our own catharsis that brings access to our soul's chosen direction.


Moon enters Aries at 0:52 am, making two contacts before we rise. A square to Pluto will dredge up unconscious material sending signals about changes we need to make, and a sextile to Mercury will transmit those messages in a form we can understand. Taking the time to remember and write down your dreams may bring necessary solutions to your current Plutonian dilemmas.


Moon in Aries hits a big empty space in the sky today, but not so the Sun! Our Sun in late Gemini finally reaches the planets at 27 degrees: Trines to Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter, plus a square to Uranus, broaden our perspective. We will not be content with the narrow focus of how we can make it through the day or week (a lunar process), but rather how our efforts are feeding our yearly goals and endeavors. We have the opportunity to take actions that feed a deeper need than the localized and immediate. These contacts also participate in the unfolding yearly cycles of these planets with the Sun, leading us to ask the question: How successful am I likely to be at reaching my goals by next February-March?


Moon in Aries goes void of course at 2:35 am, but not before sextiling Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, and the Sun. Although these contacts take place while we sleep, we draw benefit from them unconsciously, and they will feed us with a lasting optimism. After the Moon enters Taurus at 7:20 am, we feel the trine to Pluto. We'll feel strong and resilient, able to take on large tasks and do so successfully as this contact passes.


Moon in Taurus conjoins our courting pair, Venus and Mars, in the dawn hours, to bring a sweet energy to the day. This is only augmented by a trine to Saturn in mid-morning. Whether business or personal, agreements and commitments made now are especially powerful, auspicious and long-lasting.


The Sun enters Cancer 10:46 pm, marking the longest day of the year and the Litha celebration of the summer solstice. The Moon is also active, going void-of-course at 5:02 am until its entry into Gemini at 10:00 am (although it is possible to use this void period productively). Before its void period the Moon contacts the planets at 27 degrees: Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter (by square); and Uranus (by sextile), all in the very early morning hours and augmenting an active dream state. A door to greater awareness is open all day as the Moon applies to a conjunction to Mercury. This is a strong, positive contact that indicates harmony between head and heart.


Venus finally catches up with Mars and consummates a beautiful courtship — or did he allow himself to be caught? This conjunction is the culmination of months of an intricate dance, including Venus's March-April retrograde. Harmony fills all our relationships, from the most formal and fleeting to the most intimate and long-term. There is a note of insecurity as the Moon squares Saturn at midday, but Venus trines Saturn (with Mars to follow tomorrow) to make solid relationship bonds especially likely now.


A smattering of early-hour contacts (a trine to Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter and a square to Uranus) occurs before the Moon makes its final contact in Gemini at 5:20 am, when it enters a void-of-course period that lasts until its entry into Cancer at 10:12 am. The remainder of the day is also busy, with a constructive bent that will last for a month, as Mars (and Venus) trines Saturn before the New Moon at 12:35 pm. Besides the supportive Mars-Saturn trine, a Sun-Moon opposition to Pluto adds drama and revelation to the coming month as well. Because Mars and Venus are still conjoined, their trine to Saturn (which started yesterday) bodes especially well for relationship commitments and business agreements, lending responsibility and realism to the resulting bonds. The coming month holds the promise of harmony between ourselves and others, but there is also the potential for deep change ahead as Uranus becomes more a part of the mix and Venus and Mars interact with the Aquarius triple conjunction.

The chart cast for Washington DC yields 0°23' Scorpio rising, harmonizing with the Sun-Moon opposition to Pluto in Houses 9 and 3. A transformation in domestic commerce produces results that provide wealth-building opportunities for Americans. Education is one of the jewels in the crown of the US, one that still attracts foreign money as students clamor to attend. This is one of perhaps several doors that begin to open now. The Venus-Mars conjunction in the 7th house bodes well for agreements with previously adversarial nations. President Obama will rely once more on the precedents set in the past as an excuse to continue suspect policies, but this modus operandi is short-lived.

The Sabian Symbol for 2 Cancer is, "an alert and eager individual rests upon a magic carpet, observing a vast level vista over which he hovers motionless." (ME Jones version) This suggests the benefits that come from a broad overview of ourselves, life, and the processes of all existence. It suggests that we will gain an enlightened perspective that will give us a direction where before we were motionless. This is also true of our politicians.


Just after midnight, the Sun opposes Pluto, marking the halfway point in Pluto's retrograde period and the peak of Pluto's energy in our affairs. The Cancer Moon lends support with mood and motivation by sextiling Saturn, Mars and Venus over the day. This minor grand trine points to beneficial and harmonious new alliances as well as the opportunity to establish a firmer foundation for existing ones.


Although the Moon goes void of course at 4:24 am on a trine to Uranus, its placement in Cancer gives us even this time to be active if we are not sleeping for its duration. At 9:50 am, the Moon enters Leo but, with so many planets in late degrees, finds no further contacts today.


Still soaring through Leo, our Moon will appear as a slender crescent in the western sky at sunset. She brings harmony between head and heart once again when she sextiles Mercury in mid-morning. Squares to Mars and Venus later in the day shake out minor issues that need resolving in our newly formed and renewed alliances with others.


Mercury makes an early square to Saturn to reopen our awareness to problems that currently seem unsolvable. Our dreams may be infused with a sense of frustration at the immovability of certain obstacles. The Moon reaches the planets at late degrees before sunrise, opposing Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter before it goes void of course in Leo at 5:28 am. This starts a period of downtime that ends when she enters Virgo at 10:47 am. The Virgo Moon connects with Pluto by trine and the Sun by sextile before the day is over, giving us a feeling of uplift and the sense that we are bigger than our challenges.


As the Moon continues in Virgo, its conjunction to Saturn and square to Mercury add a more emotional tone to our concerns of yesterday, but help us to discover what we want out of the situation. A trine to Mars in the late evening adds spice to an evening rendezvous, keeping in mind that the trine to Venus is being felt ahead of its perfection. It reminds us that, even in times of external challenge, our relationships fill our lives with real wealth and well-being.


The early morning trine of Virgo Moon to Venus carries over the fire of yesterday into the romance of today. Although there may be an early disruption in the flow as the Moon opposes Uranus, it does not remove the glow. The Moon's void-of-course starts at 8:26 am on that opposition, giving us time to dream and integrate our weekend experiences. After the Moon enters Libra at 2:24 pm, a late afternoon Moon-square-Pluto leaves us to our own thoughts, solitary but not lonely.


The sole planetary event today is the First Quarter Sun-Moon square, which occurs at 4:28 am at 7°52' Libra. This lunation features an air grand trine involving Moon, Mercury, and the Aquarian stellium of Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter. This starts the week on an extremely auspicious note and is supported by other harmonies in the heavens as well. This gives us the opportunity to take the revelations of the New Moon and incorporate them into our plans for future enterprises. While these plans may be more dreams than a practical process to reach our goals, we will have plenty of ideas to feed the fire of our creativity now. Challenges lie at hand as well, however, as Uranus's station is upon us and Venus and Mars are about to square the Aquarian triple conjunction. Changes in the world around us create distractions and test our resolve just when we think we're ready to move ahead. We may be able to move forward anyway, or further revisions may be required.

In Washington DC, the chart has 28°13' Cancer rising. This puts the Moon's South Node on the Ascendant, suggesting that an issue from the past is about to take on greater significance but in a new form, which will emerge during July, especially on the July 21 Solar Eclipse. This is likely to involve nations who have been threatened by the warlike behavior that the US has previously engaged in. While this may be no more than a statement coming from a foreign leader, it is a harbinger of what will come in July. The grand trine in air falls in Houses 3, 8, and 12, invigorating commerce/the media and the economy from hidden sources. There will be good news that fuels optimism, and the people feel freer than they did before. Actions and ideas that are too grandiose will be tempered by the policies of government and actions of Congress.

For 8 Libra, the Sabian Symbol is "In the depths of the woods in [the deserted homestead of] an abandoned farm, a fireplace blazes merrily and mysteriously." This is "a symbol of the constant presence of unseen agency in all outer affairs and problems." Even when our problems seem too large or complex to turn out well, we can rely on the Unknown to resolve things successfully if we permit them to. The fire of hidden providential forces blazes eternally, even when we can't see it. This applies to world events as well as personal matters.


A series of trines from the Moon in Libra to Mercury in Gemini and the Aquarian triple conjunction (Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter) create a grand trine that fills the day with social interaction of the most delightful kind. It's a good day to approach others with propositions that they might otherwise be less inclined to accept, because they will be in a more open mood today. At 2:59 pm the Moon enters its final void period of the month, which lasts until it goes into Scorpio at 9:19 pm. Relax, integrate, enjoy.


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