Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's May 2009 Daily Success Guide Daily Astrological Forecast
by Terry Lamb


To a certain extent, we've been wandering in a world between dream and reality since the beginning of the year. That is about to change. May brings the two realms together in a clash that will result in both being better integrated in our lives. This experience follows the cycle of Jupiter as it conjoins Chiron and Neptune in idealistic Aquarius, the biggest planetary interactions of the month, helping us dream of the dawn of a new world. Once the Sun and Mercury in earthbound Taurus square these planets, we get the reality check.

One of the ways that Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune play out is in a redefinition of the American Dream, and never has such a consideration been in focus so much in recent times: Media reports are filled with speculation about what's happening to it and how we're adjusting our image of what life should be like in America. With Chiron involved, there is the crystallization of a healing process surrounding this, as if American society had strayed away from what the dream was founded to be and is now rediscovering it so we can be reborn in it—as indeed is happening.

This multi-year process is characterized by the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, which can be felt for about five years. It reaches its point of greatest intensity this year for two reasons: Chiron and Neptune reach their exact conjunction this year; and Jupiter conjoins both planets as it is happening. Each outer (that is, beyond Mars) planet's energies is assimilated into our experience primarily through the Sun, but also through Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Moon magnetically adjusts our awareness of them in a weekly rhythm. The solar cycle with each of these non-personal planets is a year long, and we assimilate what we learn from them in a yearly cycle. In May, the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune energies "crack open" in our lives. Because Jupiter is involved, there are new beginnings, but they are deeper than the yearly cycles which we are already three months into. While it is a month of opening, it is also a time of seed-planting.

While the yearly action with this stellium occurs throughout the month, the biggest events occur at the end of it. This is when Jupiter conjoins Chiron and Neptune, the first of three contacts for each. Incredibly, these conjunctions take place right at the time of the stations of all three planets, when each of them turns retrograde (Jupiter not until June 15). These conjunctions start cycles of roughly 12 years in length, having to do with healing and spirituality, but also (since they occur together) spiritual healing, or healing of our deepest wounds.

Mercury gets in the picture too. It turns retrograde on May 7, and its energies are intricately interlaced with the big three, as it squares them three times, one set of which was in April, the second set while retrograde in May, and the third set in June. This establishes a three-step growth process where we ground our lofty ideals. It could also require us to awaken from the Obama dream—much depends on what he does, but to a certain extent it is inevitable that people come to recognize his shortcomings.

Mercury's retrograde begins and ends in May. Last year, its backward travel started at the same time as those of Chiron and Neptune, and Hillary Clinton dropped out of the Democratic primary. This year it goes direct as they turn backward, with higher levels of interaction. Mercury will feed into the theme of trust and testing, making understanding more accessible but not without some inconvenience.

Whenever the preponderance of planets falls in fixed signs, which Taurus and Aquarius are, we experience a crisis in trust and shake our foundations a little. As we come off the Venus retrograde in Aries, where we uncovered a hidden facet of our identity that can be fulfilled in the next 18 months, we have many internal changes to unmask. The unmasking will test our relationships, and put them on a more authentic footing.

We get a break from Saturn-Uranus this month, with only the Moon creating a small weekly blip on their radar screen. This means that sextiles and trines enhance our ability to catch our breath and create a new balance wherever their energies of tradition-versus-innovation are felt. However, there is a shift here of a more favorable nature. Saturn turns stationary direct on May 16, relieving the pressure on us to take more responsibility than we thought we could handle. This comes just after a trine from the Sun to smooth our way into its next phase of forward motion.

Pluto is the odd one out in May. It is quincunxed by the Sun late in the month but otherwise is untouched except by the Moon. Pluto is patient and will wait for another time, but we shouldn't forget to attend to our Plutonian processes just because he's not standing over our shoulder. Next month when the Sun opposes Pluto, we get to see how well we're doing with all that.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


May Day's First Quarter Moon continues its travel in sunny Leo, where it meets only two other journeyers, Mars in a fire trine and Sun in the fixed First Quarter square at 1:44 pm. PDT. This lunation finds the underlying planetary interactions in sleep mode with one exception: Venus is squaring Pluto, the third of its three squares tied to Venus's retrograde period. This will bring resolution of matters that we've tossed around since early February. Did our plan work, or didn't it? Either way, what's next? Now and for the next 18 months we must be a pioneer, do something we've never done before, and perhaps no one else has either.

In fact, Mercury is the key to everything right now. It will turn retrograde in only five days, now so slow that it wanders the wilderness, with none but lunar aspects before it stops still. By the next lunation (the Full Moon), Mercury will have commenced its three weeks of backward motion. By then we will know our primary focus for the rest of the month.

There will be three situations where you think something will happen, but it doesn't quite. They have to do with relationship and money, a big change you fear, and a big change you hope for. There's also a far-off dream that you'd like to have come true soon, but it is a little bit further off than you'd like it to be.

This is also true for the governments of the world. In the chart cast for Washington DC, Libra rising puts Venus reaching toward Mars in Aries on the Descendant, and Pluto conjoined by the Part of Fortune on the IC. This tells me that the people hope for a more stable economy, but it isn't quite there yet. The banks are showing increased profits and holdings, but they will continue to hold onto their funds except to splurge on lobbying efforts. It also tells us that, although it seems tantalizingly possible to reach a peaceful resolution to issues with bellicose states (North Korea, Venezuela, Iran), the first signs of progress will not be visible until at least mid-June. At that time however, other planets bring forth the real issues that need to be dealt with and delay agreement further in the name of authenticity. Meanwhile, Congress limps along with its tired old impasses.

The Sabian Symbol for 12 Leo is "Japanese lanterns, music from a string ensemble, and an animated interweaving of colorful figures mark a garden party." (ME Jones version) If life is slower during an economic downturn, that means we can take more time for ourselves. Rudhyar and Jones both talk about relaxing between moments of greater effort, and that is what the week ahead promises. It is also likely that Obama finds time to take a break for politically useful festivities in Washington.


Three's the charm: As Venus makes the third of three squares to Pluto, we get to answer the question, "What more do I need to change?" The Moon in Leo gives us perspective as it opposes Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. Its opposition to Neptune at 3:06 pm marks the beginning of the Moon's void-of-course period. This gives us six hours of tinkering time, until at 9:37 pm it enters Virgo.


The Moon's traverse of Virgo brings a harmonious encounter with Pluto to enrich our dreams with especially powerful unconscious symbolism. It completes a grand trine with Pluto and Sun when it trines the Sun in the late evening. This can be a very productive day if we want to use it that way.


Today we encounter more strident energies as the Moon conjoins Saturn and opposes Uranus, highlighting the conflict between conventional and lateral thinking. Saturn gives us all the "right" answers that authorities figures would want to hear, while Uranus gives us the creative "yeah, but" possibilities that may get us out of the box we're in. This makes for a busy, even confused, day as we try to reconcile opposites. On the opposition to Uranus at 6:31 pm, the Moon goes void of course for the rest of the day.


The Moon renews its active period when it enters Libra at 2:51 am and immediately starts to make contacts scattered throughout the day. Before dawn, she trines a very slow Mercury to produce lucid dreams. Before noon, her square Pluto and opposition to Venus permit us to rework the ways we are transforming our values, relationships, and finances. We can ponder this we gain new perspective on our impulses when Moon opposes Mars at bedtime. Hesitation has its benefits. Blanketing the day in a feeling of cozy security is the Sun's trine to Saturn, a harbinger of the release and sense of accomplishment we'll feel when Saturn goes direct on the 16th.


In some ways the world may seem to stand still as Mercury makes its retrograde station today. While the exact time is 10:01 pm, it will be effectively motionless all day, and this motionlessness will be reflected in a drop or unevenness in the expected level of activity. The way is smoothed, however, by the Moon, which reaches all day toward a trine to Jupiter to invigorate our vitality and permit us to see the big picture.


Before our Libra Moon goes void of course at 3:01 am, it trines Chiron and Neptune to increase the depth of our dream travels. The void period lasts until the Moon enters Scorpio at 9:48 am, permitting us a slow entry into the day's fruitful activities. It immediately picks up the power and effectiveness of Pluto with a sextile that builds until late afternoon, giving us a strong finish to the day that will lead favorably into tomorrow's Full Moon.


We benefit from some of those harmonious contacts to Saturn-Uranus today as the Moon sextiles Saturn before reaching the Full Moon at 9:01 pm at 18°41' Scorpio. This ushers in an opportunity for lasting improvement in managing our responsibilities, although it may require negotiation before we can accept it.

This Full Moon is characterized by challenge to "get real" and the Sun-Moon opposition creates a fixed T-square with Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune. Illusions will fall away, and we will see the true nature of our situation and know more about what we should next to reach our goals, but there'll be an intellectual understanding that will elude us until Mercury connects with these planets on the 20th.

The chart cast for Washington DC renders Capricorn rising and places no planets on the angles. The fixed T-square shows the ongoing struggle in the US legislature, and it indicates that the Democrats will use the reconciliation process to get several pieces of legislation to the President's desk. Local commerce is picking up as stimulus funds reach the marketplace. Employment remains weak, however, as some companies continue to lay off workers. The movement of the country is in the right direction, however, even if the only thing we have to show for it is that the numbers are not as bad as expected.

The Sabian Symbol for 19 Scorpio states, "A wise old parrot has been listening attentively to the conversation and preening himself; now he begins to talk." (ME Jones version) All humans, even those who seem the least open to growth, have the capacity to absorb and transmit transcendental knowledge. Even those who live a life narrowed by experience can expand consciousness when they listen to the right voices. This suggests that government, when it hears the voices of the people begins to respond instead of "parroting" the same old proposals that have been floated before. In addition, fewer and fewer people are listening to right-wing radio.


Even though we see a potential obstacle, optimism and curiosity outweigh our concerns, as the Moon in Scorpio squares Jupiter and trines Uranus early on. Squares to Chiron and Neptune challenge us to see beyond appearances as we make critical decisions. The square to Neptune at 11:49 am demarcates the start of the Moon's void period, which lasts until it enters Sagittarius at 6:49 pm. When the Moon opposes Mercury retrograde in the late evening, you may be surprised by the intensity of someone's communication regarding something you thought was already worked out.


Nothing but trines in fire signs fill Mother's Day with joy and relationship bliss as the Moon connects Venus and Mars harmoniously, bracketing the day from start to finish with fiery love.


Today is more challenging, as the Moon makes its squares to Saturn and Uranus, creating the classic mutable dilemma of scattering to pick up all the pieces, but it also increases our flexibility—perhaps too much. The Moon's stay in Sagittarius ends on a positive note as it sextiles the Aquarian triplets, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune to bring fruition out of possibilities. Although the Moon goes void of course at 10:56 pm, you can use this time fruitfully if you wish to do so.


Today is more challenging, as the Moon makes its squares to Saturn and Uranus, creating the classic mutable dilemma of scattering to pick up all the pieces, but it also increases our flexibility—perhaps too much. The Moon's stay in Sagittarius ends on a positive note as it sextiles the Aquarian triplets, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune to bring fruition out of possibilities. Although the Moon goes void of course at 10:56 pm, you can use this time fruitfully if you wish to do so.


The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:09 am and picks up the energy of its applying conjunction to Pluto, which occurs at noon. This sole contact for the day permits us the singular focus that renders Pluto's energies maximally effective. So dig in and work on your more important project.


Today is busier, as the Moon makes three contacts. Its square to Venus once again gives us a chance to look backward at March and April to draw lessons fro our experiences. A trine to Saturn smoothes our path to productiveness, but jarring events may interrupt us in mid-afternoon as Moon reaches a square to Mars. Mercury, still retrograde, moves back into Taurus at 4:54 pm, shifting our perspective back to a more deliberate way of approaching events and situations.


The Moon in Capricorn makes three flowing, easy aspects before going void of course at 5:58 pm. First it trines the Sun as we rise, lending bright optimism and harmony of head and heart to our day. Our mid-morning experience is heightened when a sextile to Uranus culminates in new ideas and unexpected opportunity. The Moon's final aspect is a trine to Mercury, smoothing our understanding of how to make the most of the puzzles that Mercury poses for us to solve while retrograde. The void of course period is short—an hour—before the Moon enters Aquarius at 7:01 pm.


Today feels good all day as Moon in Aquarius speeds toward a sextile with Venus. We'll feel like making it a day-long party, so festive will be the mood.


Our mood continues its Operation Uplift today as the Moon again makes only harmonious contacts, a sextile to Mars and a conjunction to Jupiter. There are plenty of other evens to boost our spirits as well: Although the Sun squares Jupiter just past midnight, it's a fading memory as we awake to the feeling of a burden being lifted from our shoulders. Saturn goes direct today, and our mission is largely accomplished. We've worked hard at it since December 31st (last year), and while we can't really bask in our rewards yet, they are starting to trickle in, with many more on their way to us. A Sun-square-Neptune (and Chiron) closes out the evening to bring out a hint of restlessness. Its nudge is not a good thing to ignore, but it is okay to put it on the back burner until we're refreshed. On this Saturn station, we will see the US economy turn a corner as well, and the media will unwittingly reflect this shift by engaging in a retrospective, "How's Obama doing so far?".


After a wee-hour conjunction to Neptune and Last Quarter square to the Sun, the Moon in Aquarius goes painlessly void of its course at 3:40 am with its square to Mercury. It enters Pisces at 7:17 am, then sextiles Pluto at midday before entering a solitary glide through the heavens for the rest of the day. This gives us maximum productivity and a tendency to industriousness that will render at least one item on your to-do list successfully completed.

The Last Quarter Moon reaches culmination at 0:26 am at 26°32' Aquarius. Outstanding in this chart is the rich and challenging square between Aquarius and Taurus involving six planets: the Moon with the dreamy and on-going Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction athwart the Sun about to be conjoined by Mercury retrograde. This suggests a peak in an extreme weather pattern, such as a high level of activity in the Plains States' Tornado Alley. In our own experience, we are trying to stabilize a situation that seems out of balance and has taken on its own, slow path to maturity. What at first seemed like it was finally going to happen now seems filled with obstacles. There is a way through that involves an element of the astonishing, so keep yourself open to opportunity when you least expect it.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, late Pisces rising puts Uranus on the Ascendant, breaking the impact of the square by emphasizing Uranus's sextile to Sun-Mercury. This pulls opportunity out of crisis. While we'll have some economic indicators showing downward trends this week, primarily job numbers, there is good news in other parts of the economy. The stimulus package is having a strong positive effect, and the people are feeling hopeful even if they are still suffering. Pluto rests on the MC in this chart, telling us that the President will be an important factor in goading transformation. It's as if he's pulling the nation kicking and screaming into the future.

Further insight comes from the Sabian Symbol for the Moon degree of 27: "In the quiet of afternoon in the cool of an art connoisseur's library sits an old pottery bowl with fresh violets." (ME Jones version) This symbol speaks to the spirituality to be found in the esthetics of everyday life. When we find ourselves pushing against obdurate obstacles, it is an opportunity to pause and enjoy life's simple pleasures as the situation works itself out. Rather than there being "little we can do", we should think of it as the universe requiring less intervention than we expect. To act now may be to get in our own way.


We hit the midpoint in Mercury's retrograde transit today as it makes its conjunction with the Sun. This is a mutual application, or "collision" conjunction, where both planets are heading toward each other, adding extra impact. This conjunction occurs just before Mercury makes its retrograde squares to the Aquarian bunch (Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune), and just after the Sun does. This generates "grand reconsideration" of our hopes and dreams. If you dreamed to big or too small, you can adjust your plans now, refine and develop during this unique nexus of energy. The Pisces Moon leads us into deeper ponderings and a potential to feel overwhelmed, as it opposes Saturn near midday. What appear to be obstacles can be turned into open doorways if we do the work one step at a time.


With the late degrees of the zodiac loaded, the Moon makes three contacts before it leaves Pisces: a conjunction to Uranus and sextiles to Mercury and the Sun. These are ingenuity contacts, so if you need to tap your creativity now is the time to do it. The Moon enters its brief void period at 2:43 pm (although the Moon still performs in Pisces), with just enough time for a siesta (or some completion clean-up) before it goes into Aries at 4:30 pm. An applying square to Pluto through the evening makes the rest of the day more contentious and stressful. Don't let the pressures goad you into premature action.


Today is chock full of planetary activity, but only one interaction involves our Aries Moon. Mercury begins its second set of squares to the Aquarian trio with squares to Neptune and Chiron in the wee hours. By bedtime, Mercury has also passed Jupiter, giving us a day of important feedback from the universe. Mercury will be delivering the gods' messages loudly and clearly today—listen! To help us get the message and see the light, Mercury also reiterates its sextile to Uranus at the end of the day. As if that weren't enough, the Sun enters Gemini at 2:51 pm, but the light feeling that this normally brings is overshadowed by the fact that it is received by our retrograde Mercury weighed down in Taurus. We'll be feeling lower key as a result. The lone Moon aspect of the day is a conjunction to Venus, sweetening the situation and adding a pinch of joy. Even if our challenges temporarily daunt us, we are optimistic about the outcome.


It's all about the Moon today, as if the other planets stepped aside to let her have her way, and give us a chance to assimilate the intense energies of the past few days. We'll be focusing on getting things done (Moon conjunction Mars), finding ways to expand our enterprises (Moon sextile Jupiter), healing our lives (Moon sextile Chiron), and finding meaning (Moon sextile Neptune). On the sextile to Neptune, the Moon goes into its void-of-course period at 3:36 pm, ending its sojourn in Aries on a note of success. It enters Taurus, sign of its exaltation, at 9:40 pm, giving us a healthy amount of time off "between the worlds".


The Moon in Taurus encounters nothing but net as it makes two contacts today, a trine to Pluto during dream time and another to Saturn at bedtime. This carries light from Pluto to Saturn and reinvigorates some of the successes we worked for in the past two years. This energy can be used to make new contacts or create new enterprises that we want to be long-lasting and profitable.


The Moon reflects our major growth process of the week by conjoining Mercury, then squaring Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. The Moon gives us a chance to add our feelings and instincts into the mix, giving us answers and solutions that we can live with. We'll be more pragmatic, but also inspired, as we get a Moon-sextile-Uranus as well. This is underscored when Jupiter reaches its exact conjunction with Chiron at 26°12' Aquarius. We can safely ignore the Moon's void period, since the Moon still delivers when in Taurus. However, if you want to use the down time, it starts at 5:49 pm and ends at 11:34 pm, when Moon enters Gemini.


Once again, the lunation of the week falls on Sunday, and the New Moon starts the day right, occurring at 5:11 am at 3°28' Gemini. While well-intentioned, our efforts will turn to industry today with less benefit than a week ago, as the Moon spends all day building up to a square to Saturn. Because this starts a new lunar month, this energy becomes the flavor of the month and alerts us early to the fact that the Saturn-Uranus opposition is going to be factored into our daily life once again—we get to see how we're doing with the challenges it has been presenting to us since last fall. The intractable nature of the immovable objects in our lives last month has given way to more fluidity as the fixed sign emphasis gives way to mutability. In fact, there may be entirely too much movement in our affairs, as if to make up for lost time.

In the chart set for Washington DC, 8 Cancer rising puts the nation's exalted Jupiter just above the horizon. This gives a bold face of renewal to the image we present to the world. It also suggests further gains in economic recovery, although Jupiter can also indicate giddy optimism and expansion. The Sun-Moon conjunction is found in the 12th house, often associated with secret activities. The Gemini influence, however, suggests that secret activities could be revealed, and we surely can expect that to be the case in light of recent events. The New Moon also trines the North Node, suggesting a forward-looking response to events. Translation: The Obama Administration will continue to ignore the flagrant wrongs committed by the Bush Administration. Foreign relations continue to improve as talk supercedes bellicosity. Pluto in the 6th suggests that the American workforce is still being overlooked, that the Employee Free Choice Act has not been and may not be passed in Congress despite the powerful support it would give the middle class in helping the economy recover.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 4 Gemini is, "A series of rooms in a hospitable house, opening one into the other, are decorated gaily with holly and mistletoe." (ME Jones version) This degree brings out the importance of maintaining the wealth of deep hereditary memory through ritual. On this Memorial Day weekend, we can honor our departed warriors, as well those living, for their sacrifices, even if we don't always agree with the reasons behind them. It is also a good time to reflect on our history through family, cultural, and spiritual lineages.


Moon continues in Gemini, packing a lot into our day as it reaches the planets loaded in the late degrees. Harmonies abound, especially in relationship, and we can use them after the miscommunications and misunderstandings that emerged from Mercury's retrograde. We start with sextiles to Venus and Mars spanning the day, creating opportunity for heartfelt connection and loving reconciliation. A square to Uranus at dinnertime creates a slight surprise, but if you're flexible it could be good. We finish the day on a gentle slide into comfort, as Moon trines Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. Moon goes void of course on that trine to Neptune, at 6:18 pm. Relax! Enjoy! The Moon doesn't enter Cancer until 11:58 pm, giving us a fresh start for tomorrow.


Moon in early Cancer reaches Pluto before we rise infusing our dreams with deep insight. Mars is the big player of the day though, as it sextiles Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. This opens the door to constructive action that builds toward the vision we have for the future. These are waxing sextiles, so we don't have a full view of where we're headed. We're like sprouts just now lifting our heads above ground and finding the light, but reach for the sky we must. Plan, lay the foundation, and visualize a future that will come to fruition in two years.


Although the Moon engages in many contacts today, the big event is Jupiter's conjunction to Neptune, following up on the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction of last Saturday. These conjunctions start new cycles of about 15 years, focusing on deep healing and spirituality. The Moon contacts are mostly soothing, through sextiles to Saturn and Mercury and a trine to Uranus. These contacts mark out a cradle configuration to nurture our goals and activities. Relationship contacts may be a bit prickly as Moon squares both Venus and Mars today. Moon in Cancer does not exhibit the loss of power that it does in other signs during its void-of-course; however, it enters its void period at 8:06 pm.


The Moon enters Leo at 0:44 am. Its sole aspect of the day comes in early afternoon, a sextile to the Sun, bringing balance and flow to our activities with few interruptions. Neptune's station to retrograde occurs today as well, possibly reducing our focus and drive with fogginess as we sink into deeper levels of awareness to stay in touch with our soul-level reality. We are taking on a special focus now that will last for five months that will resolve an issue of discord between inner and external life.


Moon in Leo hooks into the other planets in fixed signs, squaring Mercury and opposing Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter. This brings a new perspective to how we are activating our goals in life, and how we are dealing with the obstacles that we perceive before us. Again, we have an emphasizing event: Chiron's station to retrograde occurs today, highlighting what we need to heal inside ourselves to build our future. At this time, we take on a special healing task that lasts five months. Moon makes one more aspect today, a trine to Venus, smoothing ruffled feathers and giving us the will to laugh and make light of life's trials. Humor and easy social gatherings are today's medicine.


We rise to a feeling of buoyancy that emanates from three sources. First, a Moon trine to Mars soothes our dream state as the Leo Moon's void period begins at 1:18 am. The Moon enters Virgo at 3:17 am, leading into a productive trine to Pluto that will charge our batteries for productivity through the day. Mercury finally returns to forward motion at 6:22 pm, and we feel that the waiting is over. At 8:22 pm, the Virgo First Quarter Moon's opening square to the Sun spurs us into action. Emboldened by planetary releases and challenges to our cherished dreams, now we feel the urge to break through the obstacles that have daunted us for many months and hope we can do so.

The First Quarter chart has mid-Capricorn rising in Washington DC. With no angular planets, this is not a watershed week for the US. With the exception of Mars in the final degree of Aries, the energies are building. Mars will reveal how far the first flush of the Obama stimulus package has gone to actually stimulate the economy, and it has done more than expected to catalyze commerce. However, now the economy must sustain this level of purchasing activity as Mars enters Taurus, and it will not do so. Still, we are on the whole better off, and growth is occurring in other areas. There will be another showdown with stingy banks, who persist in their cold war with the government over who's in charge.

The waxing or First Quarter Moon is at 9°50' Virgo, whose Sabian Symbol is "two heads looking out and beyond the shadows." This symbolizes the fact that only by rising above duality can we see what is real. Otherwise the truth is shrouded in darkness. This is a challenge to all of us as we work with the stationary planets in Aquarius to reconcile opposite points of view by finding a third viewpoint that uproots the appearance that there are two sides to the matter. When we do this, we find the solution to the dilemma. This is the challenge that still thwarts President Obama, whose rising sign is Aquarius, in his quest to be as effective a president as he would like.


Moon continues in Virgo, magnetizing our focus toward our responsibilities early in the day. However, most of the day we will feel her trine to now-direct Mercury, and we will feel like we can look forward without impediment again. At 2:18 pm, Mars enters Taurus, one of its signs of detriment. Mars operates more slowly than it likes to in this sign of solid earth (rock), so it can go into a slow burn of frustration. However, we need this energy to dig the deep furrows in which to plant the crops of life.


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