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2009 Predictions
by Crystal Pomeroy

We are at a portal of great challenge and equally substantial opportunity. Mars—God of War—conjuncts powerhouses Sun and Pluto in the chart for the New Year, presaging conquests of one kind or another. As victors or victims, how will each of us respond to the call to battle? 2009 equals 11: a master number that is not reduced to its lowest product, but stands as an indication of potential transcendence during the period in question. One of its keys is the intensification of the quantum power of conscious choice, indicating that this year is a special portal for those who choose to transmute obstacles and limitations into a higher good.  

Winter Solstice

Native Mexica teachers preserve an ancestral knowledge of this universal gift of co-creation. According to them, the Solstice Sun can imbue us with rays of “voluntad logradora,” or "achieving will" if we so permit. As 2009 was born, these rays mingled with Mars in Sagittarius, facilitating audacious action, and Pluto, whose intense vitality in persistent Capricorn lends lasting might to our daring initiatives. The pitfalls of this potentially oppressive conjunction include major control trips, or if we respond as victims, extreme self-limitation. How can we attain the heights and avoid the abyss? Further astrological, numerological and metaphysical consideration of the months ahead reveals some intriguing options. 

Pluto’s conjunction to the Solstice Sun is especially important due to several factors:

This aspect is exact, and at 0 degrees of a cardinal sign, occupies a critical point in the Zodiac, multiplying its significance.

Earth is always opposite Sun, so the Lord of Change opposes our own Earth in Cancer, in the same, critical degree.   

The Lord of Alchemy has now completed its entrance into the sign that rules institutions, hierarchies, and authority, as well as the material structures that make up our idea of the real world. This year will be flavored by a lasting revolution in all related areas. Ever more startling revelations will emerge from the shadows of financial, religious and government institutions, and monoliths will tremble, as will our very concepts of authority, patriarchy and reality itself. Those who unjustly occupy positions of power will begin to have the rug pulled out from under them. They will not go willingly; Mars in Sagittarius in the solstice chart suggests the continuing escalation of repression as the powers that be hold desperately onto their privilege, evidenced in the Defense Department’s recent assignment of a full-time army unit to be on call for domestic deployment, for the first time since the passage of the Posse Comitatus Act over a hundred years ago, which prohibits the use of military for domestic law enforcement.

Pluto’s exact opposition to Earth in Cancer signals families and women as the focal point for this process. We can see this beginning: in the prosperous West, homes are lost and families are living in tents; in Palestine, Iraq and other parts of the third-world, elite-led militias bear down on innocent civilians. But Earth will have her say, too. Voices will rise from grassroots coalitions of families and women worldwide, eventually becoming a spiritual and social force to be contended with. In the words of journalist Sarah van Gelder at, “DIY (do it yourself) communities are piloting the shift to a people-centered society…[they are]  creating experiments in green and just ways of life. Social movements are building people power. Nonviolent civil disobedience is back.” Another indication that the Goddess will speak for the people is the Solstice Moon in Libra, fostering feisty idealism in popular emotions.

One or more of her spokeswomen is apt to be Asian, as suggested by the following asteroids in the Solstice chart: Amaterasu, the Mother Sun who predominates in Japanese mythology, joins Pluto and Sun, while her mythical sister, Amaji, is only minutes away from the exact position of Jupiter. Asia is also emphasized by an opposition of asteroid China to Chiron in Aquarius, suggesting that the world will somehow increase its consciousness of wounding-healing as unexpected events bring that country to the fore.

As Pluto in Capricorn churns out new paradigms of authority, its ruler, Saturn, is retrograde through May. Official versions and dogmas will be more openly questioned, while increasingly, people turn to the teacher within. With Uranus opposing Saturn most of the year, there will be growing clashes over the US Constitution. The movement to despoil it, bequeathed to us by both Presidents Bush, will continue, while the people—led by maverick lawyers—will not only question, but will energetically resist related abuses and the institutions that promote them. All four upcoming eclipses will trigger major developments in this struggle. Eclipse specialist Celeste Teal has applied names to each of them which shed further light on this prediction: February 9: “Stirs Insurrection”, July 7, “National Concerns”, July 21, “Desire for Reforms” and August 5, “Humanitarian Deeds”.

The tension between public and state will foster the appearance of new laws, a pattern prevalent in previous transits of Pluto through Capricorn, including the first civil code of Rome and the Constitution of the United States. This direction has already emerged in the rules being ratified and considered by Congress in January. Much to the chagrin of Republican senators and their supporters, Congress has voted to control that minority’s recurrent abuse of certain legal loopholes to kill popular-based legislation, a pattern that blocked over 50 vital initiatives last year alone. The Presidential Records Act Amendments have nullified a 2001 Bush order, restoring public access to presidential records. An initiative proposed by Congressman Barney Frank, designed to assist homeowners and smaller financial institutions as it provides for stronger oversight of the recovery package, may form part of the wave of laws for the people, and it is worth staying abreast of. A bit further on, we will consider other ways of participating constructively in these crucial times.

Pluto in Capricorn empowers dark-skinned peoples, transforming their role in the world. We will see more of influential women —and men, too—of African origin or heritage. Oprah and others will be visible speakers and leaders for the people outside of the established channels. Mars conjunct the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn is a strong dose of masculine, black power, indicating that Obama will not only survive the year: despite the rumored conspiracy of racist extremists, he will play a decisive role internationally, and other figures will continue to bring African influence to the fore. These archetypes were evident in the events in Guinea immediately following the Winter Solstice:  Dictator Lasana Conte passed on December 22; the next day Capt. Moussa D. Camara, dubbed “Obama Jr.”, led a military takeover with broad public support. His government is beginning to receive international recognition, a development that one Gambian journalist cites as a warning to other autocratic heads of state in the area. The relationship of African descendents to the world power structure has been dramatically reworked through previous transits of Pluto in the sign that rules darkness, including the establishment of the slave trade and its later abolition in the US. The current cycle will take the African legacy to a new level of international visibility.

Jupiter has moved into Aquarius and conjuncts Neptune for much of the year, indicating the new paradigm of authority will feature a quantum leap in the horizons of “social acceptability,” eroding prejudice based on race, gender and cultural differences. Although the hidden control system will resort to oppressive, inhumane measures, people as a whole will be more compassionate, empathetic and concerned for the marginalized and oppressed. Despite the growing pressures on personal and national economy, there will be humanitarian activism that was sorely lacking during the Bush administration, when the price of gas seemed to far outweigh whether children are being blown to pieces in Iraq. We can see this long overdue tendency beginning as an international community forms to pressure for peace on the Gaza Strip.

Medical Breakthroughs in 2009 - caduceusJupiter and Neptune together in Aquarius will also nurture spirituality of a universal, anti-fundamentalist type. This influence combined with Venus square Pluto indicates that people will continue to abandon consumerism in favor of more soulful satisfactions, and new values will begin to take hold, their roots watered by important books, movies and other artistic vehicles for teachings of a multi-cultural, non-denominational flavor. As the God of Good Fortune joins with the healing stellium of Neptune, Chiron and North Node in the sign of new ideas, we can expect major medical breakthroughs, including solutions for previously incurable or challenging illnesses such as AIDS or cancer.   

Develop your psychic powers in 2009In a world in crisis, the astrology and numerology for the year remind us to explore and apply our personal power as though it were our last chance. Large-scale events are the outworking of collective consciousness, and as magical beings that we are, each of us has an opportunity to make a difference in the global situation as well choosing what kind of circumstance enters our own spheres. A Number 11 year emphasizes mystical activities, facilitating discovery of our own intuitive voices, enhancing channeling abilities and contact with angelic realms. Saturn retrograde through May also favors such inner efforts, which will flower notably and emerge in popular culture from July through mid-September, when all the mystical, outer planets will be retrograde, including the inspirational Jupiter-Neptune team. Guidance from intangible sources will become surprisingly important in a world undergoing rapid transformation. As human proposals fall short of solving the results of climate and financial change, help from beyond will appear and be decisive in the next phase of our planetary experience. No doubt guides in subtle realms are even now awaiting our attention. If you’ve ever thought of applying yourself to developing psychic perception, do so now. It may make a larger difference for yourself and for the world than you can imagine. By the same token, with Uranus in Pisces opposing Saturn in the third and ninth houses of the US chart, self-proclaimed channels or messiahs are apt to suddenly appear in the media, and it is wise to subject their messages to an analytic revision.

 As for Pluto, the inexorable Lord of Change, it’s well worth getting on its good side by actively promoting our personal evolution. In Capricorn, its lower vibrations include fatalism and despondency; many will feel that no personal action can resist the overwhelming forces of impending destruction: of our environment, economy and human rights. The media feeds this tendency, with its constant reports of doom on many fronts. Could this emphasis, and even the crises themselves, be more than incidental?  In his well-documented book The Gods of Eden, William Bramley made a fascinating case 20 years ago: macro-crisis have been provoked over the millennium by a small group of ruling families who aim to maintain humankind so occupied with survival that we don’t have time or energy to develop spiritually, which would free us from their control. About the current market situation, investor and author Robert Kiyosaki says: “Much of … the turmoil is by design…  In 1913, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank was created [in a] secret meeting of seven men [from different countries], who represented one-sixth of the world's wealth… Interestingly, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank isn't federal, there are no reserves, and it's not a bank… In 1944, a meeting in Bretton Woods, N.H., led to the creation of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank… In 1971, President Richard Nixon signed an executive order declaring that the United States no longer had to redeem its paper dollars for gold. With that, the first phase of the takeover of the world banking system and money supply was complete.” Kiyosaki goes on to say that these occurrences paved the way for the current recession.

Whether or not you subscribe to this line of inquiry, your way of connecting with the idea of lack will influence your experience this year more than ever before. We tend to attract what we fear, and it’s highly advisable to keep an emotional distance from the voices that predict an impending apocalypse, a hype that will intensify as the months go by.

What does this have to do with Pluto in Capricorn? As it joined the Solstice Sun, it made of 2009 a power portal to stop projecting our personal authority onto outer models—mainstream media, other people, and circumstances themselves. According to Webster’s International Dictionary, the word “authority” derives from French, “auctor”, or author. Taking ours back is to rewrite the story of our own lives.

Instead of worrying about what the news will say tomorrow, we might ask what kind of energy we can generate today. Taking hold of our reactions may seem a tougher task than ever; ironically, to exercise this choice will make an especially decisive difference. We can even move on to a new level of prosperity as we release outer expressions of security and turn to a Higher Source in meditation, affirmative prayer and compatible practices. People are already doing this. In this year of conquests, the power of positive denial will prove particularly effective to stop limitation in its tracks, refusing to accept its dominion over us. A bit further on, we will share some affirmations for this purpose.  

Any approach you take to reclaiming sovereignty of your mind, life and the world can nurture the global paradigm. As we emerge from the past US presidential administration, Americans can see the difference we could have made had we not projected our authority onto the media and political leaders, instead of questioning the news, keeping abreast of upcoming legislation and making our voices heard. Not only our actions, but the emotions behind them are also crucial. From this same perspective, if we focus on frugality while holding to the image of hard times ahead, each dollar we save becomes an investment in limitation. Rather, we can multiply the power of our savings by blessing them and visualizing freedom from material concerns each time we set some aside.

If we have self-esteem or co-dependence issues pending, 2009 is the time to focus on healing them. This is not to promulgate selfishness, but rather suggest a higher form of jurisdiction through returning to the well of love. To share the waters of this source with others we must first accept ourselves. Some authors go so far as to call love an antidote for fear, a fitting metaphor for Venus square Pluto in the New Year’s chart. An invisible circle of power will arise if spend even a short time daily embracing who we are, and then extend unconditional good will to others in the quiet of our hearts. This circle’s rays can defy the limits of time and space, joining with other lights to surround the planet with a victorious vibration that can allow for serependitious solutions to even the greatest problems.  

Power of LoveThe same voltage will optimize the daring inner and outer initiatives which are favored in the months and days ahead. Try it yourself: Next time you call your congressional representative, work on your life’s project, or even do something small like turning off the water to conserve it, take a moment to remember that you are acting from love—of the planet or of future generations. Feel how the energy shifts and whatever fears you might have had in relation to that action dissipate. We can bless any initiative this way: putting aside money with a thought of love for our descendents or ourselves, and so on. Even minor tasks will generate large blessings.

An "11" year is about mercy, generosity and service. Claudia Schimmer, a friend of mine, is a registered nurse who has let more lucrative opportunities pass by in order to work attending the disabled with heartfelt kindness. As 2008 came to an end, changes at her workplace radically improved the emotional environment, and on December 31, a pending inheritance suddenly came through. I know her well enough to believe that her kind vibration was optimized by the Number 11 year, making her come out on the upside of Pluto in Capricorn, her sun sign.

Billionaire investment wizard John Templeton was an active adherent to metaphysical principles who began his fortune from zero in the 1930’s. As early as 2005, he spoke of the coming crisis, and before his transition last year, Templeton left us this reminder: the memorable stories from the Great Depression, “were not about amounts of money, they were about people, they were about love.” More than a sentiment, we’re speaking of a supernatural force that can temper the harsher side of the year’s warrior energy, helping us avoid the pitfalls of fighting from a place of lower ego.

2009 is a year to empower the victor within. The apparent crisis can make us doubt the significance of our individual actions and intents. In reality, over the next 12 months, these will be more decisive than ever, so we can move on our most daring dreams with trust in their success.

In reclaiming the power we have projected onto outer authorities, it is not enough to throw these down. The more essential challenge is with ourselves: to resist being hypnotized by imminent threats to security which would have us neglect the greatest work of all. True leadership is born from the inmost being. Each of us is being guided to our own right way of revealing its light. Whether the priority is to heal emotional wounds, strengthen the inner voice, develop intuition, faith, peace, or any related combination, progress calls for persistent application.

There is a key so simple that we may doubt its value, and that is to consecrate our actions on behalf of ourselves, others and the planet by remembering each one, however small, comes from love. Each time we turn to this vibration we lift our personal and political efforts to a level of higher victory, and generate abundance that will make of 2009 a year beyond time.  

Examples of "positive denials" for 2009

There is no influence over my life next to Omnipotent Spirit, so not human will or circumstance, but Spirit’s almighty will for my complete good is manifesting now.

This can be adapted for others, such as:

There is no influence over our lives next to Omnipotent Spirit, so not human will or circumstance, but Spirit’s almighty will for our complete good is manifesting now.

There is no influence over the lives of the Gaza inhabitants next to Omnipotent Spirit, so not human will or circumstance, but Spirit’s almighty will for their complete freedom and wellness is manifesting now.

Money is not hard to get or have, I don’t strive or toil for it. I focus my efforts on a higher work, awakening to the riches that are already mine by divine right, which allows them to manifest easily through Spirit’s infinite channels. I am free to put my time and talents to use in loving, productive service to which I am divinely directed, and my every contribution to the Universe is richly blessed.



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