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The Age of Aquarius, PART 2 AUGUST 2008

The Age of Aquarius, part 2

by Boots Hart

[This is the second in a 6-part series by noted astrologer Boots Hart on the transition into the Age of Aquarius and what it will mean for each generation undergoing these vast changes.—Ed.]

The Age of AquariusAs the qualities of the Aquarian Age have become more apparent in each of our lives, the need to develop one's self as an individual has become obvious. This is the First House principle—who am I? What do I want to make of my life? One of the great gifts of the Aquarian Age is that it offers the promise of freedom. But no matter what nation you live in or what family you grow up in, this freedom does not come without effort. Aquarius is ruled first by the precept of self development—the idea of expertise, however you define that (physically, mentally, athletically, theoretically, spiritually, etc.). Put simply, this is the call to “know your stuff”—though implicit in this theory is also a requirement that we each take the time to get to know our personal nature and not kid ourselves that we can be anyone other than who we are. Intrinsically, that is.

Physically, there is a need to circulate, and timing becomes more critical than ever, a fact we sense in the world around us where everything seems so perilous. The good news is that though known for anarchy, Aquarius is one of the so-called ‘fixed’ signs in the zodiac, telling us that though there will always be a few loose nuts and anarchists in our world, stability is inherently possible to create—personally, in commerce or on a national level—simply through  concentrating on two ideas: by focusing on commonalties rather than differences, or by figuring out how specialized factors fit together much as the individual members of a Special Forces Unit go together.

The energy behind most personal successes will involve innovation, adaptation, functionality, utility and organization—as opposed to the Age we are leaving (Pisces) in which sentimentality, spirituality, devotion, provisional protection and a certain mannered approach was required. We are moving out of a time of formality into one which is more avant garde, and that’s not the easiest transition for everyone to be happy about. But it’s real—as is the need to decide where you’re going. Self-motivation replaces mentorship now, as the bright idea can take one from grade school to CEO status in one giant jump. Climbing the ladder will still exist, but it’s an option. Do you want to climb, or do you want to leap? Like much which was prescribed in prior times, now we all have the option to do more at our own pace. With this however comes what is for some, a bit of a challenge—a greater need for self-discipline.

Most important to many of us is how we interact in the world. Astrologically, the actively managed portion of this interaction is described as the first/seventh house, or the “I/Thou” principle. But though many people see the ‘thou’ principle of the zodiacal wheel as their mate or their audience, what we fail to understand is that by being who we are and by acting as we do or presenting ourselves in a given way, place or manner, we actually choose who we attract and the degree to which (and area in which) we succeed in virtually every area of life.

The key here is optimism, creativity and a willingness to stand up and be seen for who we are. We don’t have to be “perfect,” we just have to be willing to be ourselves, making this an era in which self-esteem (always important!) is an incredibly vital and critical component. Aquarius being on the first house of the age puts Leo on the seventh, so yes, we can count on showmanship and vanity and drama to be potent trading cards over the next 2,000 (plus) years. But more to the point here is the fact that in Leo, we only succeed when we take creative risks. Leo is about having sufficient self-worth to invest in doing the best that we can do in whatever area we do it. And to the degree that we do our best, even if you make mistakes, Leo rewards us with acceptance and appreciation and love and security. But we have to be willing to take into account our situation and the ‘audience.’ The Leo test is to understand where our abilities (i.e., expertise) ‘fits’ with the interests or needs of others—which yes, is why Leo is the polar opposite of Aquarius. In the zodiacal sense, Leo is where we start and Aquarius should be our ‘product’ being put out to market and the market which receives it.

That Aquarius is on the first house of the age with Leo on the seventh thus makes this an age of commercialization of the self…which is why we see so many people becoming “brands” out there in the marketplace. With Leo on the seventh we can expect children to be ‘marketed’ and to be marketed to. We can also expect that the ‘price of success’ is going to include public exposure of one’s personal life. That we now find dates on the Internet and establish rather intimate connections with people in cyberspace we may never meet is very Aquarius/Leo in this format; we are the public and we are putting out a ‘personal’ image.

Obviously there are thousands of ramifications of this dynamic, but it all comes down to the state of your personal self worth and how you deal with choice. Aquarius being the sign of ultimate intellectual truths underscores the need to be realistic with one’s capacities and though mercy and charity will have deep values in this Age, it is what you can do in spite of your limitations or inhibitions which counts. Guilt is out—responsibility and realistic responses to opportunity are in. We will all get a chance to succeed in this Age, but we have to step up to the plate and make that opportunity happen because that’s what we’re choosing to do.

It’s a big step, moving from an age in which power was inherited to one where power can be self-generated. Going forward, the mantle of respectability is not about the title, the degree—or the lack thereof. Nor is it about the idea of freedom. It’s what you do with your life in terms of your respect for yourself as a uniquely created entity. No matter where you live and no matter what you have or don’t have, this deciding how to see yourself is the most basic form of human freedom which exists, one which can never be taken away and which is both individual and common to all, making it the hallmark of the incoming Age.   

The independent side of this concept will be challenging for many Pluto in Cancer (1914-1938) people to run with, as their years have taught them to concentrate on the greater good of all. Such ideals are now even more valuable than ever but the nature of solutions needs to broaden and  embrace not merely today’s technology but the world’s multi-lateral viewpoints. Those  who recognize the difference between leading with what you know and leading with what you know how to do will achieve great things. The key word here is inclusive innovation.        

Polarized by necessity, the Pluto in Leo Baby Boomers (1938–1958) will leave much which is  safely familiar behind—especially things they think of as their ‘power base.’ In doing this, they will need to set their inordinately strong sense of personal identity aside, moving from a self conceptualized ‘my focus’ lifestyle to a ‘I can help make that a reality’ lifestyle where they serve some greater social or societal need. For them, the task is to aid in bettering everyone’s lot.  

The Pluto in Virgo generation known as the Yuppies (1958-1972) is faced by the need to evolve with the world, taking the values and systems which have been provided to them by society to a more effective level by improving on methods and finding those common ideas which everyone can agree are desirable. To achieve this, they will have to get past their own reticence and fears in order to inspire others to take a leap in faith, a power which will only be theirs if they let go of a dependency on external standards in favor of self worth. 

Coming of age in a modern ‘everything has a chip in it’ world, Pluto in Libra’s Gen X  (1972-1983) population tends to be attracted to all things interactive and popular, sensing in such things/people a potent energy which Gen X interprets as the right and power to ‘express one’s self.’ Once this generation understands success (or popularity) is less about the person/thing and more about a disciplined and focused belief in self and one’s unique abilities, Gen X’ers will come into their own, learning to find happiness through a trade of emulation for individuation.   

Born under Pluto in Scorpio (1983-1995) as the Piscean Age ends is like being handed power which is then taken away in the name of responsibility, an evolution which this generation will react with anything from self sacrifice to denial, martyrdom, a Goth-like mourning for lost values, rebellion/rejection of anything (or everything!), evasiveness, or simple power-mongering. In time however, instinctive need will drive them to reclaim their life and world, reinventing everything in an egalitarian and empowering mold which celebrates altruism as the mechanism through which a generous spirit is generously rewarded.

Impatience, the desire to achieve and the desire (need) to be heard and dealt with in the here and now challenges Pluto in Sagittarius people (1995-2008) by offering them so much input that it’s hard to make a choice—or find a functional voice. Born to recreate, streamline and expand all the systems society uses as ‘functional models,’ Pluto in Sagittarius people are challenged to adopt the discipline of priority which in their lives is a process of accepting choice as the mainstay of achievement.  

[Ed. note: if you're interested in learning more about the Plutonic generations and their different issues, struggles and points of view, check out Boots Hart's 12-part series on Pluto in Capricorn.)

Boots Hart
Boots Hart is an ISAR-certified astrologer with over 25 years experience. She is a featured columnist for New York Spirit Magazine, long-time contributor to Zodiac Arts and author of a humanistic science-fantasy book series being brought to publication and film production. Boots can be reached at for questions or astrological services.