Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's July 2008 Daily Success Guide Daily Astrological Forecast
by Martha Lovette and Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together about 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since.

This July, Nina has collaborated with the fine astrologer, editor and writer Martha Lovette, a fellow member of the Pleaides, the long-time astrology group of which Maya and Nina were also members.

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While Jupiter and the outer planets continue their retrograde energy, Mercury, mercifully, is direct this month. On July 4, it will pass out of the shadow period of his July retrograde. We can expect communications, travel, and negotiations to be more straightforward and not occupy our time and energies as they did last month.

Pluto continues retrograde in Sagittarius, giving us a chance to complete our in-depth examination of our belief systems and guiding principles, letting go of what no longer contributes to our well-being, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us or how reluctant we are to redefine our highest values. This is a time to be ruthlessly truthful with ourselves on a societal level, facing how our beliefs and goals have created the global conditions of today.

The first half of the month will be a time of caution, restraint and concern with security. It is a time of heightened sensitivity, easily hurt feelings, hard work, and a focus on conserving and protecting what we have rather than expanding. Depending on individual temperaments, this can makes us feel comfortable and safe, or impatient and discouraged. In either case, it can be helpful to remind ourselves to see the bigger picture, neither becoming over-reactive and protective nor falling into despair over the lack of opportunities for growth at this particular moment. "Eyes on the prize" feels like a good approach.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


It's the second day of the work week, the last day of the moon's cycle, and the first day of Mars' journey through Virgo. Being the lowest point of the moon's energy, today is a good day to tie up loose ends on projects from last month and get ready for tomorrow's new moon. Mars enters Virgo today at 9:21 am, bringing us the motivation and drive to clean up and fix up. This is a good time to put the proverbial nose to the grindstone. Take a look around your home (Venus is still in Cancer) and make a to-do list of things that need organizing or improving.

The moon squares Uranus at 1:11 pm, so be cautious, especially when driving or dealing with situations that push personal buttons. We're all likely to be more impatient and/or impulsive than usual. Pay attention to hunches and to your inner voice a little later, as the moon trines intuitive Neptune at 3:13.


This morning's Moon-Saturn sextile at 8:19 am gives a good boost to practical affairs. Take advantage of this contact to get down to business. We may feel like staying up late to work on the new projects we defined yesterday, or make an evening visit to the home improvement store to get shelves, boxes, paint or cleaning supplies. Be careful not to overspend, though, since Venus opposes Jupiter at 10:00 pm. Stick to a budget. Keep it practical and realistic.

The New Moon conjunction in Cancer is heading toward oppositions with Jupiter, tied by sextile and trine to Uranus. We should benefit by letting our intuition guide our common sense approach in adopting inventive new solutions to our problems.

Cast for Washington DC, at 10:19 pm EDT, the chart shows mid-Aquarius rising, with the New Moon near the cusp of the sixth house. Focus is shifting from the competition for the presidency to a concern over labor and the strength of our armed services. No planets are located near an angle, which astrologers traditionally have interpreted as a chart denoting little potential for immediate action.

Mars is but four degrees from its conjunction to Saturn, in the seventh house, an aspect deserving consideration if not concern. It is in usually level-headed Virgo and trine Pluto, which with luck will moderate an aggressive stance toward purported "enemies." A major flare-up with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, occurred with the square of Mars and Pluto, and there are disturbing aspects in the charts of Iran, Israel and the U.S.

Uranus in the first house denotes our idiosyncratic national image and projected personality, always seeking the new and different, the latest technology, the drive to supersede time-tested methodologies. It squares a loose opposition of Mercury and Pluto, uniting a trio which could bring impetuous action and/or strokes of genius.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 11°32' Cancer: A Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher; the revelation of latent worth in an experience once it is seen in its deeper meaning. Rudhyar writes that this symbol "demands that we look beyond common appearances and try to discover the 'occult' (i.e., hidden) character of every person and every experience." He equates it with the special kind of seeing used by caricaturists and clairvoyants, the ability to "extract the salient features of an outer personality."


If you're on the West Coast, get up early and have a lovely breakfast with family. There should be sweet tempers all around. If you're further east, the morning commute should have some pleasant moments and it's a good time for a networking breakfast or meeting. Later, Moon trines Uranus, at 1:13 pm on the West coast, another indicator that today's an overall good day for networking, brainstorming, looking at new and imaginative ways of doing things. We shouldn't go shopping tonight, as the Moon is Void of Course after the Uranus contact until the wee hours, 1:15 am.


Prospects look mixed for the holiday. The Moon moves into warm, fun-loving Leo in the early morning hours, but meanwhile Mercury heads towards a square with Uranus, which will be exact at 4:07 am Saturday. The evening's festivities could have unpredictable results, not the least of which are arguments. Combined with patriotism, an election year, and alcohol, which is de rigueur at lots of Independence Day celebrations, feisty and even belligerent behavior is not out of the question. We all need to count to ten before blurting out our clever remarks, as true and pithy as they may seem! The best approach is to take the attitude of observer and watch how this energy manifests. If you have some brilliant flashes of insight, jot them down in your notebook and share them later. While we're celebrating an historical rebellion, tonight is not the best time to play the rebel.


The Mercury square to Neptune is exact at 4:07 am on the West coast and 7:07 am on the East coast, so the morning is a good time to do journaling, put our minds to finding inventive and unusual solutions to issues, looking at things from a different perspective. Fortunately, it's Saturday, because this is not a good time for working on computers or other electronic equipment—they are more than usually likely to operate erratically.

If you have natal planets around 22° Gemini or Pisces, be especially aware of thinking before you speak. You may feel like "speaking your mind," or letting someone know "what you really think," about an important issue. Honesty and openness are may be called for, and this is a good time to think about what you want to say... but not the best time to say it. This aspect can bring insights, but insight without tact can create more conflict than understanding. We need to remember that whomever we're speaking with is likely feeling just as "right" as we are.

At 5:22 pm the Moon opposes Neptune, a good time to meditate, do yoga, or anything that relaxes and opens the imagination. It's a perfect time to let imagination and creativity have a moment. Those who find guidance in dreams will do well to have a relaxing evening and leave a dream journal at bedside since Mercury trines Neptune at 3:47 am (West coast). Dreamers may awaken with insights worth recording.


On the East coast, the Mercury-Neptune trine is at 7:47 am, so morning coffee with family or friends or with a dream journal may bring insights and intuitions to the surface. At 9:18 am (PDT) the Moon in Virgo conjuncts Mars and at 11:32 am (PDT) Venus trines Uranus. This combination brings us a double shot of energy and enthusiasm for our plans, whether they be social and pleasurable or project-oriented. Moon conjuncts Saturn at 12:57, so doubt and uncertainty may cloud our blue skies briefly, but not for long. Moon in Virgo can be critical and very focused on details. If we're working on a project, it's a good time to look at details and apply this energy to getting them right. But if you're out having a good time, don't let the "small stuff" get in your way.


Back to work for most of us. It's a good line-up for a Monday morning. The Sun and Moon are forming a pleasant sextile, exact at 8:23 am PDT, supporting harmonious interactions within ourselves and with others. Moon trines Jupiter at 11:40 am, imparting a spirit of optimism and faith. This is a good time to make sales calls, or for any kind of meeting, whether business or personal. Moon opposes Uranus tonight (8:44 Pacific) so nerves may be more on edge later in the day. Run, meditate, dance, get a massage—whatever releases endorphins is a good prescription for this time.

There's a stressful energy brewing in the background, however, which will affect some of us more than others. Mars is moving into Saturn's space. Those of us who have personal planets in the early degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, or Gemini may already be feeling the effects. Mars and Saturn are a lovely pair when they work together, combining Saturn's focus and discipline with Mars' vitality and drive. Working together they can accomplish difficult tasks and generate a sense of accomplishment. When they are conjunct, however, blending their energies in a constructive way can be challenging. Saturn's need for setting limits, which is essential for focusing, can annoy and irritate Mars' need for moving forward in a forceful way. This is an excellent time for all of us to observe how we handle obstacles to our personal ambitions and goals (however large or small). This week will give us all an opportunity to practice controlled application of our assertive, ego-centered energies.


There's an uneasy relationship this morning between the Moon, Mercury and Pluto. Moon squares Mercury at 4:00 am and then squares Pluto at 9:21 am. (Mercury is moving into an opposition with Pluto that will be exact on Thursday July 10.) This setup is likely to provoke arguments and verbal power struggles in which emotional desires and the need for personal power prevail over reason and objectivity. With the impending Mars-Saturn conjunction, this is a day best used for introspection and self-examination—not a good day to ask for a raise, or confront the things in partners or co-workers that have been bothering us. If someone else sends a nasty email or snaps out, the best response is to hold off on responding until next week (if it's an email), or in a face-to-face, something like, "I'm sure you have a good point. Could we discuss this next week? My schedule is rather full right now."

After the Moon squares Pluto she goes Void of Course until 10:31 when she enters Libra, so shopping to release the stress during that hour is not advisable!


Sun opposes Jupiter this morning at 12:40 and stays in a very close aspect throughout the day. This makes us prone to exaggerate in many ways, which for some includes overextending ourselves to the point of exhaustion.

First Quarter Moon (Sun square Moon) occurs today at exactly 9:34 pm on the Pacific coast, but first thing after midnight tomorrow in the east. It is exact at 18°18' Libra, bringing us a sense of balance and awareness of others in our lives. We may want to involve our partners and close associates in the projects we've been working on since the New Moon, and this is favored with this Moon. It's important to remember, however, to be patient with others and with ourselves, and take things one step at a time. That way we can avoid some of the more stressful effects of the Sun-Jupiter contact, as well as the aspects that are powering up between Mercury and Pluto, and between Mars and Saturn.

If you're on the West coast of the U.S., read tomorrow's forecast today, because the Mercury opposition to Pluto may affect your evening plans.

Setting up the New Moon chart as located in Washington DC, at 34 minutes after midnight EDT, gives us a mid-Aries ascendant with Moon across the wheel less than two degrees past the descendant. With that Moon position, and Ceres almost equally close to the IC at the bottom of the chart, we can hope to see some caring, maternal, protective drives come to the fore in looking out for our national welfare.

Moon squares the opposition of Sun (in the fourth house of real estate, traditional values and our homeland security) and Jupiter (in the tenth house of government and executive powers). Moon is related to the mood of the people as well as the desire for change and interest in basic necessities, Sun to leadership and national identity, and Jupiter to wealth and the judiciary. It appears that the public is emphasizing its needs and demands right here at home, rather than lavish expenditures of funds on foreign soil, which leave our own infrastructure deteriorating. Moon in Libra is calling loudly for diplomacy and dialogue, and even Mars and Saturn join up in the sixth house of the military and national defense. The sixth is also the house of jobs and health services, which seem to many to be most important right now.

This configuration also emphasizes the importance of and desire for fairness in governmental policies, reflecting light on the need to reduce the immense disparities in our society—in wealth, in taxation, in educational opportunities, legal protection and many other venues—that have been growing more extreme.

The Sabian symbol for Moon at 19° Libra: A gang of robbers in hiding; protest against disharmonic social privilege. "Protest against an unbalanced society with its rigid stratification into classes can be seen as a positive factor, even if it challenges the principle of order," Rudhyar says, "for it reveals dynamic qualities in individuals and the will to transformation."

The symbol for Sun at 19° Cancer: A priest performing a marriage ceremony; the ritualization of productive interpersonal relationships. "This scene symbolizes the profound need for referring the interplay and the relatively permanent and productive union of all polarities to some third factor which wither includes, or transcends and gives spiritual meaning to, the relationship," writes Rudhyar. "The purpose of any established religion (including tribal cults) is to glorify, sanction and bless with a superpersonal meaning all personal and interpersonal activities."


Today is the day that both the Mercury opposition to Pluto (2:48 am) and the Mars conjunction to Saturn (11:10 am) are exact. Those of us who are having problems and aren't doing some serious stress-management practices are going to feel the harsh effects of this energy and are very likely to feel frustrated and angry, and likely to strike out against anyone nearby. We need to remind ourselves to be on our very best behavior today. Try pinning a note up in front of your computer or in the car, or repeating a phrase such as, "I'm not competing with anyone. I am at peace." Accidents, crime, and destruction are the manifestations of this aspect that we would like to avoid. Focusing on patience in all our activities and interactions is key. Patience is said to be Saturn's "gift," but it is often a gift that is won through hard lessons.

On top of that, Moon squares Venus at 4:10 pm, adding just a little more chili pepper to the mix. Moon sextiles Pluto at 7:13 pm and goes Void of Course until she enters Scorpio at 8:34 pm. She then trines Mercury at 9:39 pm, although it may be too little, and too late to help us through this day, especially since Moon in Scorpio is sensitive to offenses!


The work week is almost over and that's got to be good. The weekend is around the corner and we can relax, no commuting, no computing, just deep breaths and recharging—or for those who are organizing and improving some part of life, we can focus on that and stay out of trouble. Except for lingering Mars-Saturn energy, the skies are favorable today. Moon sextiles Saturn and then Mars around 7:30 am, making them a little less tense.


The Moon is busy today, contacting Jupiter at 6:41 am in a sextile, the Sun at 2:24 pm in a trine, Uranus at 5:47 pm, another trine, and Neptune at 10:06 pm, in a square. Then she turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. Venus enters Leo at 11:39 am and she'll be in the social, fun-loving fire sign the rest of the month and into August. This makes us warm-hearted and outgoing towards friends, loved ones, and even others in some cases. The Mars-Saturn conjunction hasn't completely waned, so we need to keep up the patience awareness.


A lovely day to take a hike or a bike ride with a friend or partner, or engage in some other sport of our choice. This will get endorphins flowing so the Moon square Saturn tonight at 8:31 won't feel as heavy as it could. With Mercury closing in on a sextile to Saturn, a serious topic of conversation may come up in the evening and we'd best let objectivity reign over doubts and insecurities.


Moon squares Mars at 12:09 am, and we'd best be sound asleep by then to avoid the nasty manifestations of this irritable contact. The Mercury sextile to Saturn is exact this morning at 1:39 am so maybe we'll dream up a solution to something that's been an obstacle. Sun trines Uranus at 8 o'clock, promoting original ideas and insights so we can take a look at what needs a fresh new approach and see what brilliant ideas come to mind. Brainstorming would be a good way to apply and harness this energy.


This morning starts out with Moon square Uranus at 6:19 am. We'll all be wanting to have things our way, which of course is the "right" way. When our feelings (Moon) are stressed by contact with stubborn, don't-fence-me-in Uranus, we're likely to be impatient and irritated by anything that interferes with our personal freedom. We need to make an effort to be courteous in traffic and everywhere else this morning, because it won't be coming naturally. At 8:34, Moon sextiles dreamy Neptune, stimulating imagination and psychic sensitivity, Mercury sextiles energetic Mars this afternoon at 2:11 on the West coast, and we'll have the impulse to speak up about something that we desire. This can be very helpful if we've been reticent about broaching the subject. Tonight, Moon makes her last aspect before going Void of Course. She conjuncts powerful Pluto at 7:43. We may be moody as deeper aspects of our psyches manifest through our emotions. It's a short VC period, as Moon enters ambitious, concentrated Capricorn at 9:20 on the West coast.


Unlike yesterday, this morning we're more willing to accept responsibilities and limitations and get to work. Then, Moon trines Mars at 3:39 pm, giving us a feeling of strength and both the desire and drive to get things done. We need to watch ourselves, however: as the day wears on towards dinnertime, feelings and emotions may cloud our thinking and communications. Insecurity and/or self-interest can make conversations less than pleasant. A light dinner is advised because this aspect can make us nervous and interfere with digestion.


Today is a relatively uneventful day for our planetary players. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter this morning (6 am PDT) so we should be feeling cheerful and optimistic, yet practical and down to earth (or business) since Moon is still in Capricorn. Except for a minor contact between Moon and Saturn in the afternoon, the planets go their independent ways for the rest of the day until around 6:00 pm when Moon sextiles Uranus, sparking our independence and impulse toward experimentation. Maybe we'll try out a new recipe for dinner or decide on a new paint color for the home improvement project. The full moon is powering up in the late evening hours, so we may want to examine the progress we've made with the project(s) begun at the New Moon and make adjustments.


A Full Moon lights up the night, exactly opposing Sun at 12:59 am on the West coast. To some this is known as the Buck Moon, because July is normally the month when the velvety new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads. It's also called the Thunder Moon (thunderstorms are most frequent during this time) and Full Hay Moon. While quite beautiful, it seems less bright than the Harvest Moon of October.

It dominates a fairly benign chart. The Sun-Moon opposition is accompanied by an opposition of Mercury and Jupiter, but all other aspects are easy trines and sextiles, not very closely aligned. One would guess from this that, whatever the projects we undertook with the New Moon, they are moving along nicely and we are reasonably well pleased with the results. The challenges we faced then should be smoothing out.

The very last degree of Gemini rises in the national chart, set for 3:59 am in Washington DC, which puts Pluto on the descendant—a mere 39 minutes from being exactly on the point ruling relations with other countries. When Pluto was demoted by the astronomical powers-that-be to dwarf planet a couple of years ago, one of my clients (then suffering heavy Pluto aspects) remarked that she thought "they'd just made Pluto really mad!" Let us hope that Pluto is pleased with its role as namesake of the newly named "plutoids," of which it is the best known. When located in this position, we surely don't want Pluto to be even angrier.

The Sun-Moon opposition spans the second-eighth-house axis, so the problems of our economy are center stage. Changes in "business as usual" seem necessary.

Saturn and Mars straddle the IC, which suggests that we are stoically guarding our national borders and integrity or, inadvisably, putting forth hostile threats toward unfriendly adversaries. Either way, with Uranus in the tenth, our image as overly self-oriented and not very rational seems heightened.

Mercury in the first and Jupiter in the seventh suggests that helpful dialogue is possible so long as we keep our cool.

The Sabian symbol for Moon at 27° Capricorn: Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine; the ascent of the individualized consciousness to the highest realizations reached by the spiritual leaders of its culture. "We hear a great deal now about 'peak experiences'," says Rudhyar, " but this symbol tells us that they depend to a very great extent upon following a path which many have trod before."


For those who work the swing or graveyard shift, restlessness and the need for independence will conflict with the need to get along easily with others. It's a good day to work on our independent projects, but we'll want to communicate our ideas. This is especially true this afternoon when Mercury opposes Jupiter (12:53 pm)—we'll have an overabundance of great ideas and talkativeness. It's a good time to pull out the notebook and write down the great thoughts so we can look them over later and consider how feasible they are. Phone calls could last a lot longer than expected and we could say more than we meant to. It's a great evening for a group gathering.


Solutions to problems often come to us in dreams, and this morning is ripe for that. We might dream up a fabulous new approach to something we've been thinking about, or our dreams might show us something about ourselves that we've overlooked or ignored. At any rate, it's a good idea to leave the dream notebook by the bedside for easy access this morning. It's an uncomplicated day astrologically, until Moon sextiles Pluto at 4:25 pm bringing festering emotions to the surface so they can be released. A short Void of Course period follows until Moon enters Pisces at 6:07 pm.


Blue Monday. The work week starts with an opposition between Moon and Saturn (6:24 am) giving us a pessimistic or depressed outlook and approach—unless we're aware, that is. This is the day we need to start out by reciting all the things in our lives that we're grateful for, no matter how banal and annoying the exercise may seem at the moment. I remember what one teacher said: we always have the choice to be the effect or to be the cause. We can choose to dialogue with the judgments, doubts, fears that affect us this morning and instead of succumbing, we can encourage the gloomy old Saturn within us, reminding him that our power lies in the attitude we take to things. Later, at 5 pm, Moon opposes Mars. If we have managed to keep our spirits up so far, we'll be in good form to avoid the aggressive, impulsive and irritable manifestations of this period and use Mars' energy to get a few things done. Late tonight (11:34 pm), for those who are awake, there's a little blessing to wrap up this day. Moon sextiles Jupiter and even if we're sleeping maybe this will soften our dreams.


Sun enters Leo at 3:55 am, lighting the stage for a day that features a dance between Moon, Mercury and Uranus. Moon trines Mercury at 11:06 am and then conjuncts Uranus at 11:35 am. Not too much later, Mercury trines Uranus. This triangle of energy will have us feeling voluble, social, and quite likely nervous, impatient and restless. Ideas will flow freely. Any kind of writing project is favored with the Moon-Mercury contact. Uranus brings originality, and a distinctly unconventional style to whatever we're thinking, communicating or writing. As long as we don't let our need for freedom from all restrictions go overboard, this could be an exciting, breakthrough day. For those who are up late, the Moon square Pluto at 11:38 can spark jealousy, covert activities, or a bid for power stemming from emotional insecurities.


Other than Sun trine Moon, there are no major aspects today. Moon enters Aries this morning at 1:22. The more self-centered people among us will be making themselves heard and be going full steam ahead in pursuit of their personal aims. Those of us who are more shy and retiring may find it easier to assert our own desires and stand up for ourselves, so we all need to remember that, though we may feel like it, it's really not "all about me." We need to think about what Libra, Aries' opposite, knows so well: that being charming and taking others into consideration, instead of being headstrong in our pursuit of our self-interest, often gets us what we want without all the competition and conflict. For all of us, Moon in Aries is a good time to try something new that we've been thinking about or considering, since we'll feel more pioneering.


The early morning hours have a very pleasant moment for those who are up and about. Moon trines Venus at 2:52 am, bringing harmony within ourselves and in our interactions with others. A little later, Moon squares Jupiter, which can make some a bit manic—overly enthusiastic, over-indulgent in a big breakfast, overly confident in many ways. This isn't a good time to call the broker and invest in the latest tip, since our judgment isn't at its best. The rest of the day is free of major aspects until Moon sextiles Neptune at 6:50 pm, stimulating our imagination and tendency to be more receptive to the intangible realm of existence. It's a good evening to go to a gallery opening, a movie, a dance performance, or pick up a pencil or paintbrush and express our own artistic streak.


Third quarter Moon is at 3°11' Taurus, at 11:41:26 am PDT. For those who are active in the pre-dawn hours, Moon interferes with rational communication when she squares Mercury at 2:10 am, and can bring up buried issues when she trines Pluto at 4:30. She goes Void of Course and enters Taurus early this morning, stimulating our more cautious and pleasure-oriented, and maybe even stubborn, tendencies. This evening Moon trines Saturn, and we'll once again be more comfortable with our responsibilities and duties.

The Sabian symbol for moon at 4° Taurus: The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature. "In all mythologies," Rudhyar says, "it (the rainbow) expresses, in one way or another, a linking process...." What it brings to an individual "is elusive, as the rainbow never ends where you are, yet it is the source of symbolic, universally valid wealth."

For the Sun at 4° Leo: A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition; the masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals. Rudhyar sees "man's capacity to overcome the animalistic tendencies of his bio-physic nature ... the implication of being 'formally dressed' is that an important, if not the most important, goal the individual had in developing this capacity has been to 'prove himself'—to others, as well as perhaps to himself."


Today, whatever we do in pursuit of our long-term goals is blessed by the Mars-Jupiter trine, exact at 3:03 pm. The Moon adds to the upbeat quality of the day by making a trine to Mars at 7:59 am and to Jupiter at 8:21 am. If ever there were a day to get an early start and seize the day, this is it. Positive, confident action is the keynote of this aspect, and as we know, positive, confident approaches lead to success. This is an excellent day to make tremendous progress on our projects, to go camping with our kids, or to work toward long-term goals. Mercury enters Leo at 4:45 am, where Venus has been since the twelfth, and the more social, less work-oriented trend is strengthened. Later tonight, we may feel like being in our own space after a busy day.


Moon sextiles Mercury at 1:43 am, a marker for practical dreams or for pleasant conversation for those who are awake. Insomniacs or early risers on the East coast might put pen to paper with satisfactory results. Moon enters Gemini at 6:55, ending the VC period. The planets give each other a little space for the rest of the day until Sun and Moon briefly interact in a sextile at 5:44 pm, and we should feel harmony within ourselves and with others, unless we are individually experiencing a harsh contact, of course. Tonight is a good time to practice positive thinking or gratitude recitation, since a Moon-Saturn square will cast a shadow of doubt and possibly gloom, making us think that times are worse than they are.


Co-workers and commuters will feel like talking and sharing ideas this morning. We'll even feel more like listening to each other—really communicating. Conversations could center around weekend activities, but it's a good time to let others know what we're thinking about in business and personal matters. Moon squares Mars as the clock strikes twelve, and our actions will be prone to impulsivity and self-centeredness. Restraint and patience are best now if we want to avoid conflict and accidents. By day's end, our outlook will change as Moon sextiles Venus and we feel more receptive to the beautiful and pleasant things in our lives. It's a good time to have dinner with family or friends and enjoy one another. It's best not to make it a late night, though, since Moon will square Uranus at 9:30 and those old feelings of restlessness and dissatisfaction could sneak up on us, making us tense and irritable. A good Monday night soak in a hot tub will make us receptive to the inner voice as Moon trines Neptune at 11:16. Sweet dreams.


Moon opposes Pluto this morning (8:25 am), setting us up for feeling suspicious, jealous, and secretive, if not downright hungry for power. This is not a good morning to schedule meetings or expect cooperation. Working on our own is a good plan. Prospects for interacting improve around 11:00 o'clock, especially for those whose personal planets are in the early degrees of the fire signs Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. The rest of the day is open and free of major astrological blasts, so unless we're nursing wounds from a less than desirable response to the morning's stresses, we'll feel an easy acceptance of whatever challenges the evening brings as Moon sextiles Saturn at 10:29 pm.


We need to avoid excess and indulgence this morning, which could prove costly in the short, or even long term. Epansiveness and confidence are overblown and judgment is poor. We should be cautious in matters of money and the heart both today and tomorrow. Venus makes a stressful contact with Uranus today (1:20 pm), with unpredictable and unexpected results in both finance and romance. We might learn that a partner isn't feeling as committed as we had thought, or an exciting person we meet, or stock tip we hear about, is something less than we expected. Mid to late afternoon gives us a burst of energy as Moon sextiles Mars (3:13 pm). We'd best apply it to working on one of our projects, especially around the home, since Moon's in Cancer. Moon's last aspect before going VC is a trine with Uranus at 10:30 pm. Those who are up late working on a complex problem will have the benefit now of flashes of insight that may provide the answer. It's a good time for all of us to listen to our intuitions, and maybe even write them down, but even though we may feel energetic and restless, it's not the best time for action. The Venus-Uranus influence has not completely faded and there are other influences that indicate this period is best used to receive information rather than act on it.


The is the Moon's last day in Virgo this month, the last day of the lunar cycle, and Moon is Void of Course during the morning while. Venus opposes Neptune at 9:29 am, bringing out some of the least trustworthy behavior in some of us, and the most gullible and/or self-indulgent behavior in some others. All of this makes today a good time to look over what's been accomplished this month and make plans for what we want to initiate during the New Moon phase that begins tomorrow. Avoid making any important purchases or decision until Moon enters Leo at 11:21 am on the West coast (2:21 pm EDT). Overall, a good day for introspection and keeping a tight lid on the cookie jar!



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