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Daykeeper's June 2008 Daily Success Guide Daily Astrological Forecast
by Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together nearly 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since.

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Retrograde motion is the hallmark of underlying planetary influences this month, with all of the outer planets as well as Mercury and Jupiter seeming to be moving backward. Unless their transiting position directly aspects our natal charts, few of us are overtly affected by the retrogrades of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. But they do seem to affect conditions in society at large that support or dissuade what we are trying to do.

We are more directly affected by Mercury, who will be retrograde until the 19th, and whose “shadow period” persists through the remainder of the month. “Full speed ahead” is not yet in the cards. The New Moon in Gemini emphasizes Mercury’s hold on mobility and interactions in our lives, so expect even greater discombobulation than usual in the areas of travel and communication.

Saturn and Pluto maintain a stabilizing trine, although it is becoming looser and fading in power as Saturn has regained forward motion while Pluto continues its retrograde period. Pluto is in Saturn’s sign, so organizational abilities and focused will-power directed toward furthering ongoing objectives can achieve solid results now.

Pluto backs into the last degrees of Sagittarius and will not re-enter Capricorn until November, after stationing and turning direct September 8. The drive toward change, and and/or a return to traditional modes of behavior, has slowed while we regroup, reorient and conduct more intensive research.

Uranus slows down, stations and turns retrograde on the 26th. A planet’s influence is said to be strongest when it is stationary. If 23° is featured anywhere in your chart, keep a watch on your personal life as well as the news for unbelievable occurrences. It's times like these that produced the saying “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

Chiron and the North Node are playing footsies these days, which could mean an ouchy that hurts in the immediacy but brings healing in the long run. It redoubles the impetus to revise the course of our lives to be more in line with the path the Universe outlined for us when we disembarked on Planet Earth. With luck, we’ll be able to see the way more clearly now.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


What we intend to say and what we actually say may not be the same thing, with Mercury influenced by both Uranus and Neptune today. Moon hooks arms with nitpicking Pallas in the predawn hours, to form a grand trine with Saturn and Pluto: long forgotten strictures may hamper our tongues and overlay a moralistic cast on what was intended as a compliment. Don’t take anybody’s opinion, or your own, too seriously. It’s all too easy for someone’s feelings to get trampled, especially around noon.


Moon trines Jupiter while we’re sleeping, and sextiles Uranus before going void on a square to Neptune at 6:03 am PDT. It leaves us feeling a bit spacey, and unsure of our best course of action, until she goes into Gemini at 3:06 this afternoon. There’s a nagging something we’d like to know more about.


Moon’s conjunction with Venus first thing this morning heads us into a better day. By 23 minutes after noon, Pacific time, it’s a New Moon in Gemini and we’re ready to embark on a new path with a renewed sense of energy and commitment, particularly in directions that could shore up our egos.

This New Moon is especially strong because it is at its perigee position—closest to Earth—and its gravitational pull is enhanced. Such a coincidence is now known as a Super Moon, and this is the second of five such occurrences this year. A Super Moon not only has more effect on tides, weather patterns and tectonic plates, it makes it easier for us as individuals to break away from old habit patterns and initiate new ways of living our lives. This an appropriate time to definitively start moving forward on one or two of those “someday” projects we’ve been cradling.

The personal planets now kindle our resolve and we can lay out a program for the coming month with confidence. Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus huddle in Gemini, buoyantly sextile Mars in Leo, shepherded by caring Ceres and monitored by the persistent paternalistic trine between Saturn and Pluto. It’s a picture of progress—slow and steady, productive but not obvious. There may be some messy puddles ahead, marked by the teaming of Lilith and Pholus directly across the chart, but they’re not yet troublesome. Move into your plans with a sprightly step, but keep an eye peeled for what’s coming up.

In the chart set for Washington DC, at 3:23 pm, Libra rises and the Gemini stellium is in the ninth house of ethics and understanding. It suggests a focus on justice and the courts, as well as on foreign affairs and international concerns apart from our ongoing involvement in the Middle East.

Concern for stability and security at home and attention to maintaining our own infrastructure is shown by Jupiter in Capricorn at the base of the chart, the most powerful planet in this chart because it is closest to an angle. It’s quincunx Sun, suggesting further assaults on our president’s self-confidence; we may even see surprising concessions.

Our congressional representatives appear to be recognizing the need to dig deeper to get the information they need in order to act wisely, as more examples of their voting on bills they haven’t read are made public. Pluto, still rustling the status quo in the critical first degree of Capricorn, is already starting to make good on its threat of exposing the seediness of established authority—a challenge it will pursue for the coming 16 years. Here, it is in the third house, upending much that sauntered by unnoticed for the past several decades.

Neptune, Chiron and the North Node snuggle in the fifth house, indicating continued volatility for the stock market. And, of course, no letup of our fixation on the deeds and misdeeds of celebrities.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon conjunction at 14° Gemini: Bridging physical space and social distinctions, two men communicate telepathically; the capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence. “A time comes,” Rudhyar says, “when the individual can transcend the limiting boundaries of culture and ego.” By breaking with conditioned behavior, a person can develop new ways of using talents and abilities.


Moon is Void of Course from 5:09 am until 2:16 this afternoon, so this is a day for tying up loose ends on projects already started. She’s trine Chiron and the Node, which could mean at last finding the key-string that makes a task easier. Her quincunx to Jupiter suggests we may have been overlooking traditional methodologies and will have to get back to those. She opposes Pluto once she moves into Capricorn mid-afternoon and we’re in control again.


No exact aspects occur today, so Moon carries the stolid “just get it done” oversight of Saturn and Pluto through the day. Sun is still sextile Mars, who is moving into orb of opposition to Chiron, so a keep-on-keeping-on approach should bring a rewarding harvest.


Another day with a Void of Course Moon until late afternoon, and no classic aspects. Moon opposed Jupiter just after midnight, before going void on a trine to Uranus at 2:32 am, so we carry those self-serving vibes into a relatively upbeat, high-energy day with few memorable moments. Moon enters Leo at 3:00 pm.


Busier today. There seems to be lots of catch-up hounding us. Sun conjuncts Mercury early this morning, and our minds are spinning, filled with questions and improbable answers. By mid-afternoon, Mercury joins up with Venus and we can feel pretty satisfied with the goings-on. Moon occults Mars at 6:38 pm, leading into a low-key but highly enjoyable evening.


Moon is void most of the day, from 8:41 am when she opposes Neptune until her entrance into Virgo at 7:01 this evening. We can go with the flow, and may encounter some invigorating conversations mid-day when Mercury sextiles Mars. Moon’s trine to Pluto this evening discloses some needed information or insights, probably pleasantly since Sun is conjuncting Venus now.


A quiet day, with responsibilities absorbing our attention as Moon’s conjunction with Saturn rides through the entire day. We seem to sincerely want the expected end results though, so the duties don’t seem so onerous as they might. We’re digging in to get to the bottom of things.


It’s the First Quarter Moon first thing today, as Moon in Virgo squares Sun at 8:04 am, then promptly squares Venus also. The morning is busy, and we’re so engrossed in our tasks that time goes by quickly. Our efforts seem to be going well, and progress is easy to see. Especially shortly after noon, when Moon’s opposition to Uranus could bring an “Aha moment.”

A Grand Cross is created when we consider the asteroids. Uranus and Moon both square Juno now, tightening the odds that relationships are in high focus and our newly acquired insights relate to improving conditions in that realm. If money squabbles appear to be a primary irritant, it would be wise to look into the situation more deeply. Chances are good that finances are really just serving as a scapegoat for issues around commitment and the sharing of responsibilities.

Moon is quincunx the North Node and Chiron; we get good results now by doing what we’re “supposed” to do. Sun and Venus are quincunx Jupiter; we could profit by subjugating the immediacy of our ego and our heartfelt desires to the long-term needs of a secure future.

In our nation’s chart, set for 11:04 in Washington DC, late Leo rises so the cross strings together the cusps of the fixed houses: second, fifth, eighth, eleventh. Stubbornness is shown by that—where those quincunxes call for adaptability and adjustment.

Neptune is highlighted as closest planet to a cusp, located only two degrees past the descendant. There’s something about what others are telling us that should not be taken at face value—or vice versa. It’s loosely opposing Mars in the twelfth house, which makes one wonder if there’s still covert saber-rattling, around Iran or elsewhere.

Moon’s position, exactly on the cusp of the second house, and as the driving force of the cross, calls on each of us to hold tight to our value systems and husband our resources, and to work together on common interests. Collectively, we can force the changes that are necessary to create a more promising outlook for our children.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 21° Virgo: A girl’s basketball team; physical training as a means to inculcate the feeling of participation in a collective culture. The ball “must be driven upward to a focal point or circle that is ready to receive it,” writes Rudhyar. “What should be stressed here is the formation of a group acting as an organic whole and training itself to operate in a social context.”

The symbol for the Sun at 21° Gemini: A tumultuous labor demonstration; the revolutionary impact of mental concepts upon the collective emotions and desires of man. Rudhyar says this “sets the stage for a tumultuous process which may lead to a new approach” to solving problems, with repressed or oppressed instincts finally claiming their due.


Moon goes into Libra at 2:55 am, and this sign of harmony and balance denotes a relatively uneventful day. Moon’s square to Pluto before sunrise may bring a bit of emotional brooding. Jupiter makes twin quincunxes to Sun and Mars, nudging us to make allowances in our “druthers” to accommodate the demands of family members and home maintenance.


A square of Venus to Uranus in the wee hours could set us up for some quixotic aspirations, but Moon’s trine to Mercury as the day begins brings a note of rationality. Home and family interests are still emphasized and someone’s offbeat behavior or idiosyncratic wishes may add a bit of worry. Decisions don’t come easily today.


A Friday the 13th chart if ever I saw one, filled with challenging and flowing and adaptive aspects, not easy to get a fix on. Moon is Void of Course, laden with vaulting desires, from 2:16 am to 1:53 pm when she slides into Scorpio and picks up the restraining influences of Pluto and Saturn. The hassles are more likely those of a family member rather than our own, but we’re deeply involved.

Pluto makes its significant pass back into Sagittarius at 8:46 this evening to put the final touches on its exposés and reorganizations of ethics and morals, religion, education, publishing law, travel and adventure-in-general.


Not much new today. We’re grappling with the challenges of the past few days and getting more assertive about it. Mars is moving into a pair of quincunxes with Jupiter and Uranus, so we’re looking for alternative ways to meld individuality and conformity without stifling either. Sun’s trine to Neptune midafternoon can bring either inspiration or delusion, so careful consideration is advised.


It’s Father’s Day, though someone may find it unreasonable to accept that “father knows best.” Moon in Scorpio’s square to Mars and trine to Uranus makes a morning full of testy attitudes, complaints that “times have changed,” and hurt feelings resulting from misinterpretations. It smoothes after 2:30 pm when Moon goes void for the rest of the day, on a square to Neptune, determined to put a pretty face on the situation.


Moon treks into Sagittarius at 2:19 am, and her square to Saturn at 9:06 is the only classic aspect of the day. Her middle-of-the-night quincunxes to Sun and Venus should have helped pave the way for some attitudinal adjustments, on everyone’s part, so putting things aright can move forward today. Mars is exactly opposite Chiron now, and healing vibes prevail.


It is important to remember now that times have changed, and that a great deal of stress and strife is the result of not keeping up with altered circumstances and modified conditions. For the remainder of the month, the conjunta of North Node, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius will be spotlighted by bracketing quincunxes from Mars to Jupiter and Uranus. Each of us has to recognize that our path to wholeness is found by working to meet ever-changing needs, in order to insure our own comfort and also the well-being of others.


It’s a busy chart for the day of the Full Moon (in Sagittarius, at 10:30 am PDT). At one minute past midnight, Moon squares Uranus to start us off on a restless quest for newness. Venus saunters into Cancer at 1:49 to plump our longings for nurturance and strong support, then Moon sextiles Neptune to make us wistful and wishful.

Mid-morning, Moon opposes Sun, and this Full Moon chart reflects a peak for the aspirations we’ve been aiming at the past two weeks. It looks promising. Two sets of oppositions—between Sun/Moon and Venus/Pluto, and between Mars and Neptune/Chiron/Node—are tied into a Mystic Rectangle by being sextile to each other. The friction and discomfort typical of oppositions is modified, overlaid with a strong sense of balance and structure.

This is a yang formation, in fire and air, a hint that productive action is underway. And it’s nudged into alacrity by squares that ricochet from Saturn to Mercury to Uranus (which loosely forms a t-square) and back to Moon to rev up our motivation. If we can’t get ourselves going with this kind of planetary backup, heaven knows what we’re waiting for!

Moon is just four hours away from its conjunction to Pluto, which sends it briefly Void of Course at 2:37 this afternoon, in the west. In our nation’s chart, these two sit at the base of the chart, which could make us pretty emotional about family values and our overall comfort level. Pluto commands the chart with its angular position, less than two degrees past the IC (Ceres is actually closer, a mere 29 minutes away from reaching the midheaven; but with all the aspects to Pluto I’m handing off the power to him). The housing crisis is not over; our infrastructure is decaying; the threats to our security are more internal than external. There is no room for complacence, on any level, about our country’s stability.

Sun, Venus and Ceres are at the top of the chart, Venus slightly more than two degrees past the Midheaven. Whatever we’re doing is eminently apparent to the world at large and we’re anxious about getting the approval we want. With Ceres opposing Pluto, we’ll likely see more crises around our food supply, mostly caused by our dependence on Plutonian oil for transporting it.

That persistent yod from Mars calls us to expend greater humanitarian efforts, both overseas and at home.

Moon goes into Capricorn at 2:52 pm PDT.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 28° Sagittarius: An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use; the enduring elements in a society which reveal its ability to significantly link the genius of its individuals to the everyday needs of its collectivity. Rudhyar credits “a few imaginative and trained individuals” can enable their community to function in the best possible environment.

The symbol for Sun at 28° Gemini: Through bankruptcy, society gives to an overburdened individual the opportunity to begin again; a release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks. “Bankruptcy does not imply a moral condemnation; rather it means that individual failure cannot be separated from the health of the community,” Rudhyar writes. “A society which enthrones the principle of ruthless competition must also develop mechanisms to exteriorize the principle of compassion.” Hear, hear!!


Yesterday’s potent patterns linger, giving us space to refine and solidify our plans of action. As the final, imperative go-ahead signal, Mercury resumes its direct motion at 7:31 am this morning. We’ve no excuse for dawdling now.


Spring ends at 4:20 pm, at the Summer Solstice, when Sun moves into Cancer. In its final hours, Moon conjuncts Jupiter to set an upbeat tone for Solstice celebrations, and Moon goes void at 12:40 pm, opposing Pluto—which may bring a bit of unease or tension and/or displays of one-upmanship during the remainder of the day. This is “the fullness of the year,” when the Sun is at its most northerly latitude, bestowing its maximum light and heat on us during the longest day of the year in northern latitudes. In southern latitudes, it’s just the opposite—the height of winter and the beginning of another death and rebirth cycle.

The chart for this event is little changed from that for the Full Moon, the exception being that Moon is more benignly allied with Jupiter, both in realistically oriented Capricorn, rather than muckraking about in concert with Pluto’s investigative fervor. Now we have opportunity to consider a rational look at the big picture and long-range goals.

There are echoes of late January here, when Venus was conjunct Pluto. A relationship started then, or merely a compulsive wish held since then, could play itself out now, to fade away or become concrete.

This chart can be considered the full moon phase of the Winter Solstice, a time when we were goaded to look hard at the significant, perhaps life-changing, choices, options and possibilities before us. By now, we should have initiated action on some of the conclusions we’ve reached since then. As said before, the aspects are now good for moving ahead with confidence. Mercury is moving into a square with Neptune, to foment some inventive concepts to work with.

With Sun opposing Pluto, we are becoming increasingly aware of how much needs to be changed, in our society, in our government, in our personal lives. On the bright side, there is a glimmer of hope that we might be able to do something to bring about at least some of those changes.

In the national chart, Aries rises. Moon sits near the midheaven; our leaders’ growing needs for approbation could lead to more benefic approaches than we’ve seen in recent years. At the very least, the presidential hopefuls will be making encouraging promises.


Moon moves into Aquarius at 2:33 am PDT. Venus is sextile Saturn; Mars opposes Neptune. Our energy may be low, partly because we are mentally wrestling the differences between what we see and what we have always taken for granted. In some not-yet-defined manner, it seems our world-view and our ethical pride is shifting.


A quiet day, with the only classic aspect Moon’s trine to Mercury around dawn, which augurs well for blending consciously recognized needs with heartfelt desires—though probably not with immediate results. This is a time to declare a day off, really. Don’t try to accomplish anything. Relax and enjoy.


Moon moves into the conclave of Node/Chiron/Neptune, activating their opposition to Mars, with Mars now moving into a trine with Pluto. Over the next few days, our energy levels may swing from powerful to apathetic; we can aim to achieve our most lofty dreams or underestimate our own abilities. Passive-aggressive behavior is likely; be flexible if you meet it, monitor your own tendency to exhibit it.

Moon goes Void of Course at 12:04 and enters Pisces at 12:32 pm.


Moon is trine Sun, Ceres and Venus today, putting a much happier face on almost everyone. Sun moves into a sextile to Saturn, so we can apply ourselves assiduously to the tasks at hand and accomplish much. Chiron and the Node are sextile Juno, so sharing of theories on improving relationships is prevalent now.


Something or someone unexpected brings a revelation today, minor to be sure, but helpful. Perhaps a visit or communication from a “long-lost” friend or associate, or unanticipated proof that someone cares more than you thought. It could even be that you extend a much-deserved compliment that is surprisingly well-received.

Moon goes void at 7:16 pm and enters Aries at 7:49.


Our Last Quarter Moon in Taurus, exact at 5:10 am, is square Ceres and Venus as well as Sun, so a sociability factor rates high among our inclinations today. We may be planning events that are, in essence, rewarding past labors—a Ceres-oriented “harvest” in effect. Or we could be putting together a long-range program to promote a new interest or ambition.

This marks a consolidation time for the activities of the past few weeks and, while Sun still opposes Pluto to facilitate a smooth wrap-up, there are restraining factors on calling the work complete.

Uranus turns retrograde at 5:01 pm, toning down some rebellious overtones that have been bugging us, or our associates, for some months now. Our more outrageously individualistic inclinations may be less evident, though for some who are normally rather repressed, this period could incite throwing aside inhibitions to allow a freer self to emerge.

For most of us, Uranus retrograde simply hides its independence and generally appears to go along with the majority. We may not actually agree, but simply nod assent while we go right on doing our own thing—just more quietly and unobtrusively than usual.

The next five months are a time to tap into our innermost creative thoughts, conceive experimental ideas and find new methods. If you’ve been working on breaking away from something—a relationship, a job, an undesirable habit—Uranus retrograde can make you feel anxious and uneasy. Don’t abandon a personal quest for freedom and independence now, but stick with the inner work for the time-being.

Depend on tested concepts and methods; reconsider previous attempts at separation, individuality, and invention, and refine approaches that haven’t worked as well as you’d like. On the whole, during a Uranus retrograde period, we view life in a more detached way, less motivated by sentiment, yet function well in our day-to-day worlds.

The national chart has early Aries rising, with no planets near the angles. Troublemaker Eris, however, is almost exactly on the midheaven, so we may find our stature in the world challenged, by others or by our own inept handling of critical concerns.

Moon in the ninth is quincunx Saturn in the second, suggesting legislative action around our growing financial crises.

The Sabian symbol for Moon at 6° Aries: A square, with one of its sides brightly illuminated; the emotional desire for concrete and stabilized existence as a person. “This desire for individualization operates at first as a one-pointed or one-sided drive,” Rudhyar says, noting it as a necessary drive that must also encompass maintaining a place within its culture.

The symbol for the Sun at 6° Cancer: Game birds feathering their nests; an instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life. “We see here,” Rudhyar says, “action definitely oriented toward the future... and concrete, no longer symbolical, preparation.”


Moon in Aries is further energized by and early-morning square to Jupiter and a sesquiquadrate to Mars. We’re eager to get on with it, dispatching our chores with aplomb and, by shortly after lunch, getting caught up in Neptunian daydreaming about a weekend that promises sensory pleasures. Tonight is pretty lively too, and for the most part enjoyable, despite a small riffle here and there.

Moon, Mars and Pluto form a grand trine, linking the fire signs, just before she goes at 11:13, setting us up for some arousing dreams. She moves into Taurus at 11:50 pm.


Things can get intense today, but for most of us it’s fun. That grand trine holds through most of the day, pulling in Saturn to steady things. Sun and Venus in Cancer join the picture to make spending time with family especially enjoyable, even when it’s adopted “extended family” comprised of friends. We can be childlike or motherly as the situation demands and get a real boot out of it either way.


There’s a bit more complex but gregarious outlook today. Some scheming may be going on early in the day as Moon confabs with Pallas and the gathering alliance of Mars and Saturn sends conflicting stop and go signals. Overall, nonetheless, there’s a lot of good humor and laughter, and a chance for everybody to grab the spotlight and shine.

Moon goes void on a square to Mars at 11:43 pm.


Moon enters Gemini at 1:13 am on the west coast, so we awaken prepped to consider all options and, if necessary, explain the pros and cons of each. Mars perfects his trine with Pluto this afternoon, and Moon is still within orb of a square—so some feisty inclinations may appear mid-day; with quincunxes from Mercury to Jupiter and from Moon to Pluto, it’s probably a result of misinterpreted communication and overly sensitive receptivity and insecurity. It passes quickly.



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