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Daykeeper's April 2008 Daily Success Guide Daily Astrological Forecast
by Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together nearly 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since.

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This is not a month to expect great forward progress on ongoing projects. It is a month to be extraordinarily cautious about starting new ones.

Jupiter turns retrograde May 9. By mid-month, we’re in the shadow of another Mercury retrograde period. And of another Neptune retrograde. Saturn and Pluto, in a long-lasting cooperative but restraining trine, are both retrograde. So, by the end of the month, we have five planets and two asteroids (Juno and Chiron) exercising aberrational influences, directing our thoughts inward, urging us to seek deeper meaning rather than lusting for change as we had been before Pluto initiated the planetary trend toward reverse motion.

It’s a good time for contemplating our belief systems to look for places where they may need shoring up or revision. We need to be extra careful to be ahead of schedule with important mail, such as bill payments, and critical phone calls—and diligent about precise wording. Try to have necessary repairs completed before mid-month and be especially conscientious about the disposal of waste.

With those caveats, we can look forward to a pretty pleasant month.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


A tight grand trine linking Venus with Saturn and Pluto should make this a pleasant and productive day. Moon moves in on Uranus this afternoon, and we’re hot to trot. But moments later she trines Mars, activating his quincunx to Neptune; idealism and assumptions can be frustrating and it’s hard to set realistic parameters. You may be particularly tempted to expect too much from yourself.


We have today pretty much the same dynamic as yesterday’s, but now a Mercury-Pluto quincunx adds its noise to the din. Draw a deep breath, better yet … several, before you voice your displeasure. You do indeed have some good ideas and a valuable perspective on the issues at hand, but you may be a bit “tetchy” and everybody else surely is.


Friday’s reading hold true in spades right through the weekend. But Moon’s conjunction with Eris and then Pallas suggests an interesting insight: Moon in Aries can act on one of the fascinating characteristics of so many Aries natives, those who seem to “do first and learn how later,” especially in regard to creative or artistic endeavors. Maybe you should try getting pragmatic today about one of your bright ideas.


Moon is void from just after midnight Pacific time (12:16 am) until she enters Taurus at 4:58 this morning. The tension is still around, but this is a good day to give yourself a break; take time to do some of the more delightful kinds of body work—a spa, a soaky bath, a walk in the woods, or just a nap—whatever you can manage to work loose a few kinks and make yourself feel good. Meditate a bit on what you’re going to set up for yourself as tomorrow’s New Moon objectives.


A New Moon is said to initiate new ways of thinking and feeling and growing. It’s a New Moon in Taurus at 5:16 a.m (PDT) for Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates Mexico's defeat of France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. There were undoubtedly celebrations over the weekend in every major city across both Mexico and the U.S., and they continue today. It’s an appropriate time for all of us to pay attention, in the midst of the hysterical hype about illegal immigration, to how much our Latino neighbors have contributed toward the good of our nation.

It might be more important than we could ever know that the Mexican army in 1862 defeated an invasion by French forces, who were reported to be intent on marching on northward into the United States. It is acknowledged by most that our agricultural industry has been dependent on Latino labor for a long, long time. It is less often recognized that many of our most successful leaders in industry and government, education and philanthropy, medicine and social services … the list goes on, are of Hispanic heritage.

My email is frequented by distasteful, occasionally disgusting, lamentations about the number of Hispanic immigrants in our country, legally and illegally. These naysayers seem to overlook some important facts in our history. Many of their own vaunted ancestors came here as illegal immigrants. At least one source reports that the British government participated in setting up passage by ship into Canadian ports to help its émigrés arrive in Canada and cross the border without having to suffer questioning at seaports or, later, risk the inequities of Ellis Island’s quota system.

In truth, the percentage of immigrants today in terms of current population figures is no larger than it was in the late 1800s and early 1900s—they may simply be more visible. Ellis Island was established in 1892, largely to calm those who thought our country was being overrun by dangerous and costly immigrants. Well over half of those who arrived here before we had an official entry point never bothered to acquire citizenship, leaving that nicety to their offspring who acquired it at birth.

In the 1850s and ‘60s, bilingual education—English and German—was proposed, and occasionally implemented, in school districts across the nation because of the burgeoning German, Irish, French, Italian and other populations that couldn’t read, write or speak English. (A friend who attended public schools in Missouri in the 1940s reports that both English and German were in common usage in those schools.) And, in every instance, the one-time-immigrants already here were protesting then as vehemently as today’s dissidents.

Anyone who cares to research the matter can find far, far more fascinating revelations about the polyglot population of our “melting pot.” The enlightened ones among us know that vilifying anyone because their ethnicity differs from your own is a karmic no-no.

Late today, Moon squares the Nodes, those “destiny points” that limn the difference between what we came here with and what we came here to do. When Moon rouses them, twice a month, it’s a signal to again assess whether we’re conscientiously moving toward who and how we are supposed to be or falling back on the easy way out. This time, the Nodes are conjunct Neptune, so our assessment may not be all that reliable. It will be easy to overstate or underestimate our progress, whether as individuals or as a nation.

With the North Node in Aquarius and the South Node in Leo (as they will be all of this year and most of next) we are prone to adding overly dramatic notes to our own interests, when we need to be more willing to see and accept the needs of others. Our to-do list for the coming month should include reassessing the objectivity of our own points of view and unbiased consideration of the opinions of others.

Moon’s t-squares to the Nodes now emphasize our need to recognize, individually and collectively, our dependence on the resources of others and the importance of knowing that we—all of the inhabitants of the universe—are all connected, even when it’s hard to see the bonds. Evolving parity among people of all backgrounds will eventuate in a much better world for all of us, although the “haves” may well think they are suffering (when they’re probably still better off than most) as the “have nots” gain ground. Saddest of all, the haves and have-nots go on squabbling with each other over crumbs when they could more profitably unite to combat the far fewer have-a-lots at the top who have already taken most of the pie.

And, in a continually shrinking world, there is ever more need to look beyond our immediate desires. The UN Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food attributed mass riots in several countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to “revolts of the hungry,” noting that within the past two months prices on rice increased by 52 percent, while grain prices soared by 84 percent. Much of the increase is blamed on the use of grains for producing biofuels.

Moon’s exact conjunction with Sun occurs at 5:18 am PDT, 8:18 in Washington DC. In the nation’s chart, Gemini rises and the New Moon sits just past the 12th house cusp, clouding our view of what’s going on with our country and its people. Other than the ongoing trine between Saturn and Pluto, both retrograde and therefore pulling the punches of their authoritarian clout a little bit, there are few close aspects to define the outlook.

Saturn is emphasized by position, just a degree ahead of the nadir at the base of the chart. The denizens of government are leaning heavily on the importance of homeland security. Don’t be surprised to see the security index escalated now, again, with scant justification. Pluto is flaunting the flags of power in the seventh house of “others” while standing tight, and the beat goes on.

The Moon-activated Nodes and Neptune are situated in the second-eighth axis. In a best case scenario, Neptune brings out Moon’s (the public’s) idealism; the Nodes remind us that the “me-mine” stance expected in two-year-olds is inappropriate to grownups (or a mature nation) and that we can enrich our lives by sharing, in the truest sense of the word. It also tells us that sometimes, often in fact, we have to simply believe in the best of possible outcomes, even when tangible evidence to support the belief is flimsy. 

The Sabian symbol for 16° Taurus: An old teacher fails to interest his pupils in traditional knowledge; the inadequacy of past knowledge in times of crisis. “Wisdom learned from the past remains in the background to be revived later in new forms,” Rudhyar propounds. “What is emphasized is change.” Tellingly he adds, “Traditional concepts are not adequate to confirm new conditions of existence.”


Moon is void again early this morning, from 1:22 am until she moves into Gemini at 4:17 PDT. Her exact sextile to Mars sets off the void period, and pulls the feisty energies of Juno, via a Finger of God yod, across to the cusp of Cancer to make us uncertain about our own comfort level and our ability to care for our own home and family. Moon squares Saturn first thing, so we may start the day a bit grumpy. But the mind starts pumping to ease concerns when she contacts Mercury this afternoon.


Moon and Ceres do a lock-step for awhile this morning, so nurturing and caring for ourselves and others is the key assignment today. There may be health issues to look into, but it’s more likely matters of the psyche that need attention. A quincunx of Mars-Pluto suggests that we may be pushing too hard, and need to back off and simply “be there” to listen and succor. Moon squares Uranus to bring a flash of insight mid-afternoon and goes void at 6:37 pm.


Moon slides into Cancer at 4:02 am, initiating a 2-½ day period good for recognizing the importance of our heritage, from our immediate familial ancestors to the mysteries of our most ancient antiquity (To those intrigued by the latter, visit Take a few minutes today as Moon opposes Pluto to reflect deeply and intensely on your childhood and consider how well you have carried forward what you learned then, and try to determine in which areas of your life that indoctrination is helpful or hurtful to your efforts now. 


Jupiter makes its station to turn retrograde at 5:11 am, and an underlying note of unease becomes more conscious. A retrograde planet is at is furthest distance from Earth, so its influence is modified. Over the coming four months, we can no longer be so sure of things that had seemed certain. An antidote is to recognize that in many ways fear is the negative flip side of awe, and there is strength in the ability to marvel at the wonders about us.

Mars moves into Leo at 1:20 pm, reviving both our energy levels and our can-do ego and competitive spirit. He also perfects his quincunx to Pluto, making us acutely aware of just how much needs to be done. Moon squares Uranus to help each of us capitalize on our own unique individuality.   

Moon goes void at 5:06 pm, opposing Jupiter. Take care that someone doesn’t take undue advantage of your generosity.


Moon goes into Leo at 6:10 am and occults Mars 40 minutes later, shielding us from the red planet’s renewed energy and exuberance. It seems to be a consuming task; that’s the only classic aspect she makes all day. Her quincunx to Pluto, however, can promote emotional intensity.


We can be fairly placid about almost everything today, as Moon makes her way to the First Quarter phase—at 8:47 pm PDT, just before midnight on the east coast. Along the way, she heads up a yod linking Jupiter and Uranus, which outlets exactly on Chiron. An opportunity to choose a healing direction for overcoming counterproductive old habit patterns may rear its head today. Do we, for example, habitually see criticism where none is intended? Disempower our optimism by letting it drift aimlessly here and there, thus failing to focus its beneficence? Exercise our minds with ingenuity yet fail to follow through with action? Continually feel guilt without cause or without reparation? Slide into escapism when we need to be forging ahead? Time to turn those tendencies around.

Capricorn is rising in the national chart, a serious sign that symbolizes staying power. Capricorn is responsible, hard-working, competent, and dependable. Is this a picture of our nation, or merely the self-images being promoted to us in the ongoing spotlights on those who seek to become its leader? Its ruler, Saturn, sits in the eighth house of change, now a big word in all of the current campaigns. The eighth is also the house of other people’s resources, the national debt, loans, credit and return on investment—all of which have been taking some body blows of Saturnian hits and probably can expect more.

Sun in the fourth, the foundations of a society, balances a t-square of Moon opposing Chiron, the North Node and Neptune. There is an impulse here that would support our citizenry as a whole should they insist on deflecting the course we’ve been following and aim for more humanitarian all-inclusive policies.  But, they’ll have to insist, long and loudly.

Mars, the militant one, newly invigorated, is once again in the seventh, the house of enemies and allies—but likewise the house of diplomacy and treaties, pulling away from its irksome tie to Pluto. Pluto is closeted in the twelfth, still retrograde, denying the need for change, posturing its power, masquerading decisiveness.

In some perverse sense, we should all be a bit grateful to the current administration. It has made the inequities and injustices of political manipulation and special interest control so painfully obvious that millions of people who have never before paid attention to politics are now actively involved. The only way to make our nation stronger and better is for the vast majority of us to be involved and committed to the goal.

The Sabian symbol for Moon at 22° Leo: A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission; spirituality, in terms of training for service to mankind. “Individual realizations acquire their true meaning only as they fulfill a collective function,” writes Rudhyar.

For Sun at 22° Taurus: An Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt; the aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation. Rudhyar’s assessment: “So-called civilized man is capable of far more cruel tortures and extermination,” [than savages led by primordial instinct]. This “seems to imply that violence and aggressiveness are basic components of human nature at the level of the emotions and of a deep-seated identification with a particular culture which insists on regarding men of other cultures as potential enemies.”

Rudhyar was writing in 1973. The burgeoning of global communication and interaction made possible since then has surely created a platform for moderating mindless emotional gut-reactions by using the intelligence and knowledge we have gained.


Moon goes Void of Course at 1:09 am, carrying her dreamy glance across at Neptune to her entry into Virgo at 11:49 this morning. Trines to Jupiter and Pluto leave us feeling expansive and capable, and our fine sense of humor today is scarcely ruffled by Moon’s late afternoon meeting with Saturn. Spending the evening with parents or older friends is a good idea.


With Moon in Virgo and still holding hands with Saturn, we may see flaws where none exist. Even if they are there, they’re not all that important. Don’t “let the pimple on your nose spoil the party.” Call on Sun’s trine to Jupiter to help you put a more gregarious spin on things.


Moon is void essentially all day, from 9:36 am until she goes into Libra at 8:46 this evening. But she carries her early morning contacts through the void. Is this a PMS day for everybody? Volatile emotions can make it seem so, as emotions ricochet from the ceiling to the basement or vice versa. Moon’s early opposition to Uranus is framed in an effusive grand trine with Jupiter and Sun, whose sextile to the rebellious antics of Uranus adds its own sotto voce flavor to the day.


We awaken churned up by restless dreams triggered by Moon’s probing square to Pluto, and our unsettled psyches are overly sensitive. Watch your tongue. Don’t give too much credence to first impressions. Sun’s square to Neptune may not mean deliberate subterfuge, but what you see or feel is certainly not reliable without second-guessing.


Mercury is joining up with Ceres for the next few days (an aspect that’s been in orb for a week or so), to underwrite a period of rites of passage of one sort or another. Graduations, in their many manifestations, are common at this time of year. Something you read may trigger realizations that loosen misguided precepts you’ve clung to for years. Today especially, as Moon squares Jupiter, a silly situation or saying may tickle your funny bone enough to release pent-up tensions.

Moon goes void at 8:29 pm.


Moon goes into impassioned Scorpio at 7:59 this morning, and that Mercury-Ceres combo is nagging us to do something more about “going green.” Our environment needs us. Ceres is the goddess of harvests, and she wants them to keep coming. Moon is calling in the commitment and persistence of Saturn and Pluto and the muscle of Mars—so let’s get to it. All weekend. Don’t let the Sun-Moon quincunx leave you hung up in indecisiveness. Venus is making eyes at both Uranus and Jupiter, a setup that should bring a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Moon gets us moving with alacrity as she trines Uranus early this morning and promptly sextiles Jupiter. We have robust opinions of our own capabilities and an optimistic outlook on our abilities to use them. Her opposition to Venus a bit later brings positive feedback from others; a square to Neptune is more apt to bring out idealistic tendencies than foggy aberrations.

This happy outlook carries us through the day to the Full Moon at 7:11 pm PDT, when Moon goes void.  The Sun-Moon opposition, in the last degrees of Taurus and Scorpio, forms and out-of-sign t-square with Saturn. While this could put a damper on our enthusiasm, it could alternatively bring steadfast resolve. All in all, it looks like a pretty good day. We should be able to put some stars on the to-do list we set up two weeks ago.

In Washington DC, the exact opposition occurs at 10:11 pm, so the national chart shows Sagittarius rising, although ten degrees later than the Sibly U.S. chart, and the MC in mid-Libra.

Saturn is again in the eighth, showing no let-up in our financial woes. It squares Moon in the eleventh, bringing the citizenry’s mood and desire for change to focus on political ideologies and the people’s representatives. Saturn also squares Sun in the fifth. In this case, Saturn’s square to the fifth most likely represents restraint on the stock market and financial speculation, although this house is also associated with children’s issues, as well as recreation and entertainment. Our daily dose of political posturing and debating goes on.

No planets are emphasized by being placed near an angle, however Vesta is about one degree past the IC. Vesta is associated with what provides inner sustenance and meets our core needs—family, food, shelter, security; opposing the midheaven it redoubles the conflict between maintaining those and furthering our position in the world at large. It reiterates the current deluge of commentary about the need for investing in our own infrastructure rather than expending our resources on ill-conceived exploits in the Middle East. 

Pluto is four degrees behind Juno, who is but two degrees away from the ascendant, and both are quincunx Sun. When one has a Sun-Pluto quincunx in a natal chart, we advise them to create as few conflicts with others as is possible and to work on revving up their self-esteem. It’s not hard to see how that relates to current situations affecting our country.

Juno represents, in the words of astrologer Mark Hussen, “the transition state between old and new ways of being, where the old fails to meet the needs of the times and the new is not yet manifest. She describes the need for a kind of spiritual self-rejuvenation that is essential in order to see oneself through times of utter disintegration into the future that awaits.” The quincunx, linking the first and fifth houses, suggests that each of us will need to make adjustments in what we believe to be most important to our self-interest in order to be prepared for the changes that are bound to come.

Moon moves into Sagittarius at 8:18 pm PDT.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 30° (29:27): Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks; the periodic outlets society furnishes within traditional limits to still-immature energies. Tensions must be released and rebellious instincts “in most cases cannot be overcome,” Rudhyar writes, “but society has built in several ways for them to operate … that are sufficiently safe.” But, he cautions, “The rules of the game have to be obeyed.”

For the Sun at 30° Taurus: A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle; the personal display of inherited gifts. “A great person able to display a multitude of gifts,” Rudhyar opines, “is always, at one level or another, the consummation of a long past of efforts and victories.” He adds, “Adepts are the flowering of their race and their culture.


Sun moves into the twins’ sign, Gemini, at 9:01 am. A Sagittarian Moon can find adventure in almost anything; likewise an opportunity to teach. Her square to Saturn today makes it easy to deal with being cooped up and/or caught up in routine. Take the reins today and share some helpful tips with a friend or co-worker, especially someone younger. Or work out an enjoyable means of cooperative task-sharing.


Jupiter has perfected its sextile to Uranus today, and Moon opposes Mercury. Communication is the order of the day, and it could lead to an unexpected bit of good luck. But be careful not to blow it—a strain of impetuosity may need to be held in check, especially as Moon creeps up on Uranus this afternoon.

Moon goes void at 8:29 pm.


Moon goes into Capricorn at 8:55 am and conjuncts Pluto at 10:01. At the same time, Sun is now square Saturn and quincunx Pluto, putting a lot of emphasis on Capricorn and particularly that cardinal first degree where the big guy is hanging around all year. It’s a time for being realistic, and looking beneath the surface of what’s going on around us. Today of all days, “never assume.”


No classic aspects are completed today, so yesterday’s continue to hold sway. A second quincunx appears here, between Moon and Mars, not quite creating a yod but throwing weight across the chart to pull the early degrees of Cancer and our self-protective cloaks into the arenas that need close and careful observation. Don’t fool yourself, or let others pull the wool over your eyes.


Moon catches up with Jupiter at 5:03 am and goes Void of Course at 5:26, carrying a heightened ability to look into alternative paths through the day. Venus slides into Gemini at 3:52 this afternoon, piquing our curiosity about things we’ve recently noticed. The evening should be pleasingly sociable, as Moon goes into Aquarius at 8:52 and trines Venus a half-hour later.

Chiron turns retrograde today, moving back to touch base again, hopefully with healing intentions, to Neptune in the chart for the last winter solstice, which I consider to be the birth chart of a new year.


Physical energies are high today, as Moon trines Sun early this morning. But impatience is apt to set in this afternoon as she opposes Mars, who—situated as he is in Leo—can bring about an excessive degree of self-absorption. Or, with Venus quincunx Pluto today, one could fall in the opposite direction and relinquish too much personal decisiveness to others. Aim for objectivity in relationship matters.


Two planets go retrograde today! Mercury begins its apparent backward motion at 8:48 am at 21° Gemini, shying away from his approaching conjunction with Ceres. Neptune at 24° Aquarius reverses at 9:15 am, giving us good opportunity to separate fanciful notions from realistic appraisals.

We are all pretty well aware by now that when Mercury is retrograde we are advised to review, reconsider, reevaluate … and postpone binding commitments. With Mercury in his own sign this is doubly true. We’ve learned that we cannot take for granted all that we see or hear, and need to bring our own experience and common sense into shaping our beliefs. When Mercury moves forward again and sidles alongside Ceres for awhile, in mid-to-late July, it could mean major transformation in our thinking patterns. We need to use this retro time to make sure we have all our data in good order, analyzed, pruned, catalogued, made eminently viable. If we’re soon up for making life-changing decisions, we want to be bloody certain our facts are dependable.

Neptune’s retrograde periods allow its illusory, intuitive and inspirational vibrations to go inward, making this an especially creative window for those in the arts, particularly music. It allows all of us to reach new insights from our inner being, from dreams, recovered memories from years past, and spiritual input. These are strong times for those of us battling obsessive-compulsive behavior of any kind, as the foggy planet’s nudging toward grasping delusional justifications are weakened.

Tonight is an especially potent time for adopting reality-based objectives, as Moon again occults Neptune and goes void at 7:50 pm, carrying this clear-eyed viewpoint (that still honors feeling) into the morrow.


A pair of quincunxes, Moon to Mars and Mercury to Jupiter makes this a back-and-fill kind of day, particularly so since four of the five outermost planets as well as Mercury, Chiron and Juno are retrograde now. It’s unquestionably time to call all of those “re” word efforts into play, and “readjust,” “rearrange” and “reprioritize” may be foremost among them.

Moon sextiles Pluto and trines Saturn this morning, urging us to look at the underlying structure and organization of whatever plans we are laying. Shortly thereafter she squares Venus, which could make us a bit fearful of commitment; hold off on making any new vows to others but be firm about promises to yourself.

At 7:57 pm PDT, Moon squares Sun. This Last Quarter Moon phase is the time to take stock of your progress since the New Moon—you’ve got one week left to mark “done” to the items on your list so you don’t have too many things to carry over to your next list. Mercury and Ceres are square Uranus; a prompt to think inventively about how to nurture your own unique needs. You may find that you crave something “really different” for dinner tonight.

In the national chart, set for 10:57 pm in Washington DC, mid-Capricorn is rising and the U.S. Sun sits on the descendant, as does the Sun of President Bush. Could this possibly indicate, at long last, a consideration of others’ viewpoints? On the other hand, that was Hitler’s natal Sun position.

The Mercury-Ceres conjunction sits on the U.S. Mars. Here again we could hope for progressive action motivated by growth-oriented rational thinking, rather than aggressive offense. It’s more likely to call to our attention the increasing number of families separated from their children, by law and governmental policies regulating immigration, military service, and societal mores, and by economic necessity. We will undoubtedly also see increasing proportions of grains directed into the new technologies for creating energy, and prices for them continuing to escalate.

All of the other planets are contained within the trine between Saturn and Pluto, subsumed by the arms of power and authority. Only Black Moon Lilith and Pholus, still little used and only beginning to be understood by astrologers, sit away from the crowd. They are conjunct in the eleventh house, squaring Mars in the eighth, which could suggest some back-room investigation by congress into matters heretofore overlooked that bear the potential to instill in more of our representatives a drive toward change.

Chiron and Neptune are but 24 minutes away from exact conjunction at 21° Aquarius. That 21st degree is sensitized by Eris at 21° Aries, Mercury at 21° Gemini, and Jupiter at 21° Capricorn (and even Uranus at 22° Pisces, Ceres at 23° Gemini and Neptune at 24° Aquarius). Let’s if anything noteworthy happens when Moon reaches 21° Pisces tomorrow night.

The Sabian symbol for Moon at 8° Pisces: A girl blowing a bugle; a call to participation in the service of the race, as an evolutionary crisis approaches. Rudhyar’s interpretation is provocative. After relating it to the then-current women’s liberation movement, he continues: “A new race of human beings may well be unfolding some of its potential of consciousness and fulfillment. The individual who envisions this evolutionary development ‘sounds the call.’ He or she is both seer-herald and mutant. In that sense, such a human being is both an individual true to his original nature and a dedicated person”  holding the future as does a seed in mutation.

The symbol for the Sun at 8° Gemini: Aroused strikers surround a factory; the disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationship. Rudhyar summons “man’s discovery of the new powers residing in his special contribution to the total organism of this planet Earth … conflicts and disruptive processes are inevitably initiated.”


We may feel a bit defensive and out-of-sorts today as Moon starts the day quincunx Mars. A brisk walk may help, especially if we try to sort out our thoughts while walking. Or, if we’re careful about how we phrase our thoughts, some good ideas could emerge from discussions with friends or colleagues today as Mercury is quincunx Jupiter. Some ideas may need clarification.

Moon goes void on her conjunction to Uranus at 11:22 pm.


Moon remains conjunct Uranus all morning, and moves on into Aries after lunch, 12:52 pm PDT. It can make for moodiness, as the reins of habit and convention seem just too confining and we long for something—anything—to break the routine. Well, to quote a cliché, be careful what you wish for—only a few minutes later Moon squares Pluto, and emotions could go intense or even extreme. Be careful not to sense a “threat” where none exists.


Moon in Aries can sometimes seem arrogant and self-absorbed, and with her connections today to Sun-Venus and Mars, that could be undeniably true. Sun is opposing Pholus, Venus opposing Lilith and Moon squaring both those minor bodies; there may seem to be lots of digging and snooping, ostensibly based on worthy motives but discomfiting nonetheless. Try to take it in stride, it’s harmless.


Moon glances past aspects to Vesta, Mercury and Jupiter while we’re sleeping (could bring good dreams), then goes void of course on a sextile to Neptune at 5:54 am. The interesting thing is that she’s conjunct Eris at the same time and still squaring Jupiter. Ambition shows up in spades, on your part or someone else’s, and it looks like a good time to give it all the support you can muster. Even the challenging aspects look helpful today.

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