Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

JUNE 2007

The Path of Empowerment, Barbara Marciniak
by Sue Taylor

Path of Empowerment: New Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos, by Barbara Marciniak. Inner Ocean Publishing, November 2004. Paperback, 256 pp.

Last month I wrote about Barbara Hand Clow’s work with the extraterrestrials from the Pleiades. This month we will explore the work of Barbara Marciniak, who has been channeling messages from the Pleiades since May of 1988.

This book is very special to me because Maya introduced me to Ms. Marciniak’s work. Many years ago we attended some of Marciniak's lectures on the Pleiadians. And at Christmas time in 2005, Maya gave me this book as a gift. It feels as though, as Ms. Marciniak passes on the wisdom of the Pleiadians , Maya passed the wisdom on to me.

The Pleiadians are focused on the time period from 1987 through the winter solstice of 2012. According to Marciniak, they state that Earth and humanity are going through enormous changes during these years that will determine our future evolutionary course. At the solstice of 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar, we will have moved into a new era, and it is critical that we properly prepare for this in order to maximize our gain in consciousness and realization of ourselves as multidimensional beings.

The Pleiadians share many ideas and much advice on how we can best approach this change, and they are communicating to us through many different methods including crop circles (Barbara Hand Clow), and channeling, such as Ms. Marciniak does. They have expressed the wish to support us through our changes, and in doing so, improve their own condition.

The Pleiadians feel we have unlimited “opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth” now. They state that we are being stimulated on a cellular level in order to make this leap in consciousness. It is important for us to stay aware on every level—we will become increasingly telepathic during this time period, and open to a greater spiritual purpose.

The Pleiadians suggest that we build our reality in our minds, and that those in positions of power and control who would steal or seal off our minds in order to keep us in a position of powerlessness where we can be easily manipulated for their purposes, have hoarded these secrets for a long time.

In order to flourish, they say, we must accept the idea that our physical body is of “ inestimable value”. They feel we have been trained to ignore our true identity as multidimensional beings.

They believe that the old order is coming to an end and the "power pilferers" are desperate because they are losing control over humanity. One of the means of maintaining control is to refocus our attention by managed chaos that is broadly and repeatedly reported as seemingly random and meaningless acts.

The Pleiadians say that we have the right and duty to design and create our lives, and that accepting responsibility for this and changing negative traits is our main task during this period before we are reconnected to the Galactic Center in 2012. They feel that manipulation of the truth is only possible when we are afraid of our own power. Once we are tuned in to our power, we will be able to focus our attention—and intentions—for how we would like our lives and events around us to unfold. They feel say that our “power ends when our fear begins”.

“Developing emotional intelligence is one of the keys for learning how to manage energy in 3-D reality,” say the Pleiadians. Healing oneself emotionally is the key to true health in this new era according to the Pleiadians, and our bodies are self-healing systems. They suggest that we eat for health and let our food be our medicine. They also give some suggestions and recipes for specific physical complaints.

Sexual energy is especially important and how we use it can “contribute to restoration of all that is sacred and missing in your life.” They feel that it is important to attract a partner who will work with you on specific issues that are important for your own growth and development. They state that the orgasmic experience connects us with our spirit and revitalizes our cells.

The Plieadians believe that it is important to recognize the significance of cycles and patterns, and astrologers would agree with them on this. This knowledge, along with the ability to read and discern symbols, enhances our awareness. And writing, which is a manipulating of symbols is a form of magic and can affect reality.

The courage to ask questions, they state, is at the core of our spiritual awakening. And “ a well balanced mind vibrates at a frequency that is immune to negative influences.” It would be worthwhile for all of us to take very seriously the final admonition of the Ps that “accepting responsibility for your life is your first and most essential act of empowerment.”

Magic was always present with Maya, and she passed along the magical knowledge to me of how to live a life worthwhile by following the rules of the Pleiadians. Thank you, Maya.