Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

JANUARY 2007   

Readers write about maya

Editor's note: we want to share just a few of the lovely tributes we've received from Daykeeper readers since Maya's unexpected passing last November.

I met Maya on our first trip to Iceland. I love her passion, enthusiasm,intelligence, warmth, that beautiful voice and her laughter. I see her laughing and dancing. She had many things she would have loved to do in life, because she embraced life but she was complete so it was also as easy to pass over. She's made the life change we call death with ease. When I think of her, I remember her most clearly making a snow angel at the top of the glacier Snaefellsnes. She is truly a gift to this world, which will continue giving through all those she touched. I speak in the present because she is here with us.


I am a friend of Maya's here in Sausalito.  I worked closely with Maya on a political campaign here 5 years ago, lived only two blocks from her at the time and saw her often around town and at gatherings. Life changes for me over the last few months have made my contact with Maya less frequent and I did not know she was not well. She was a wonderful, warm and delightfully spirited person who was one of the special souls I was fortunate to meet and get to know during my many years living in this town. I have always valued her special mix of insight, intelligence and intuition along with her incredible store of scientific knowledge and command of world news and events. She had an amazing mind.  Last January I had a reading with her as I was about to undergo a huge change in my life. Her interpretation was invaluable to me and continues to help me make sense of the ongoing challenges in my life.

Mary Lou

My husband Ken and I are friends of Maya's here in Sausalito, part of the group of political folks active on the Police and Fire building election some years ago. She was a very good friend to us and an important member of our team when Ken ran for City Council. Maya has been such an important person in bringing all of us together and achieving our vision for our community. Her spirit has been a loving and caring force uniting us. Her ability to see beyond the everyday and understand the context of world events was a wonderful gift to us all.


Please accept my profound condolences for Maya, who is surely a remarkable soul and warrior.  I am certain she is continuing her sage instruction and continued journey to Light on the inner planes even now.  I had deep respect for Maya and have drawn upon her wisdom in very personal ways in my daily life.

Your mother impressed me immensely with her insight, honesty, unflagging social conscience and discerning political savvy. I honestly believe—can't get much past us double Cancers with Scorpio moon—that hers was the purest astrological voice on the Web. By that I mean that she shone forth as authentically committed to serving humanity. I could  find not a single note of hubris, personal agenda or (that great American blight) cult of personality in her analysis or predictions. This is remarkably rare in astrologers, as I'm sure you've noted.

She will be dearly missed and I shall continue to honor her in my silent moments as a true healer who advanced my own evolution and faith. Somehow I'm certain that's exactly as she'd like to be remembered.


Every morning for , well I can't remember when I started reading Maya's horoscopes, but every morning the first thing I do is open Maya's daily forecast.

My prayers are with you and all of us who received so much wisdom, humor and delight from Maya's gift.

The loss is huge. The comfort comes in knowing that she is among the stars that she understood so well. She will be missed, but certainly not forgotten. Her star will  always shine brightly!

With much love, light and gratitude


What a beautiful and poignant last message from Maya "December is bittersweet" ... bittersweet I'll say to lose her.  I never got to meet her though we communicated often.  I knew something was going on with her when I did not hear from her because she always would write back to me.  Then just today (before I logged onto her site) the Angels told me she had passed over.  (I have done readings in Sedona for many years, touching into those that have passed into the spirit world.)  I wasn't even thinking about her and this warm beautiful feeling came over me this afternoon and I knew she was gone from this plane.  She was and is such a beautiful lovely spirit who warms my heart and my life just thinking about her.  I have never met such a loving wise woman who has touched me so deeply through her beautifully written words.  


Maya has been an almost daily constant presence in my life since I first discovered her years ago through the Celestine Journal.  Hard copies of her daily energies have accompanied me on trips all over the world over the years, whenever I planned on being a way from a computer.  Quite honestly, I surprised myself by paying monthly subscription money to an astrologer when I have local friends who would give me their interpretations for free.  But something about Maya’s thoughts hooked me.  She never failed to astutely intrigue and guide me.  She will be sorely missed by me (and my husband) as I am quite sure she will be many, many people around the globe.


Planet Waves is saddened to note the passing of MAYA DEL MAR (1928-2006), astrologer and editor of Daykeeper Journal. Maya, as you will see from her face, was a compassionate, straightforward and no-nonsense astrologer. She was perhaps the best among us at keeping astrology out of the realm of superstition and placing it squarely in the realm of a practical tool for surviving and thriving. Among her many contributions to astrology was her acknowledgement of the Galactic Core as a necessary and useful point to work with, and it is perhaps appropriate that she chose to depart as the Sun is approaching the Core, in this season of Sagittarius, the season of so many roads. To read more about Maya's life and unexpected passing, please visit her homepage, which is currently being updated by her daughters Susan and Crystal. Further contact information is on the Web site.

Eric Francis,

Forgive me: I am moved by the news of Maya Del Mar's passing to say how much Maya Del Mar affected my life over many years:  I would not have survived quite so well without her Daily Astrological Forecast; Crystal's Meditations, and Susan's commitment.
I was able to achieve a greater knowledge of myself and my own path through daily meditation on each day's description.  Maya Del Mar was, in my opinion, one of the most luminescent astrologers on the Internet, and certainly in America.  Her insight was shocking in accuracy, and so helpful.  It was the first and only page to wake up to each morning, and will remain so for as long as it is available. 
It is with deepest regret that I missed the chance to meet such a woman, in person. I shall always remember what a help Maya was to me and so many of my friends, simply by having a page on the Internet to read and learn from.  She brought one into a relationship with the Planets as if they were close kin. 
May her family know tremendous peace as it was plainly obvious what talent, vision and compassion Maya demonstrated, day after day—to bring the message of the Music of the Spheres, to all.  And in such vivid detail.  Deepest condolences to her family, friends and associates.  She has become a new force for change in the Universe, and will in no wise be forgotten.  There will never be another site quite like Daykeeper Journal. 
Heartiest congratulations to the entire staff.  What an awesome service you render!  You also seem to have had such fun doing it.  It sure has been a big blessing.  My deepest gratitude.


A light passes. I opened the day keeper journal to have my daily visit with Maya and my heart fell with sadness at our loss. Maya gave me personal readings and although we never met, I felt much affection for her. She always mentioned her children and spoke with such love in her voice. The charming Pisces son she has, her beautiful daughters—and we would laugh together when she would try to counsel me gently about my vulnerablities. Gentle and joyful and deeply loving of her family  And her family  extended to the world.

Her death is a loss and her life was a gift to us all.


I ain't going to die... I'm going home just like a shooting star!
—Sojourner Truth.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you as our beautiful Maya continues her soul journey to commune with the stars and planets she loved so much. 

Just as Maya's life was a tremendously precious gift to all of us...her sudden passing leaves such a void.  Her insightful and visionary work was a part of my daily life.  So many times, during these past few years I would derive comfort and inspiration from Maya's wise interpretation of the dance of the planets, her love for the Earth and her focus on Social Justice. I am so grateful for Maya's life and will deeply miss her beautiful spirit-filled writing.
She has offered all of us the lasting gifts of knowledge and hopefully a reverence for a Mystery greater than all of us.  Each time we connect with this beautiful Universe, we connect with Maya's essence. 

I will keep all of you in my prayers in the coming days—and I will chant the Heart Sutra for Maya as she makes her soul journey through the Bardo stages...

Many blessings to all of you during these difficult days.


Although I never had the opportunity to meet Maya in person, I looked forward to receiving her Daykeeper journal each month.  Additionally, I had an absolutely delightful conversation with her on the day that I received a reading from her over the phone.  She had a special gift for explaining the astrological influences and how they might manifest in a way that I could clearly understand them.  As someone living in Washington DC amidst the political, emotional, and other 'noise' that is so deafening in this area, I found that her insights helped me better to cope with cacophony here.
I shall miss her journals and pray that she is enjoying whatever new dimension that she finds herself in.


Such a remarkable woman we had the gift of for awhile.  For me, she continues in her spirited writings!  Interesting how she described the bittersweet time of deepening darkness and saying goodbye.  I am pleased her leavetaking was quick and painless. Knowing energy is never lost, I'm sure she's embarked on another adventure!

I've been guided and stimulated by Maya for about 10 years, commencing with her articles in The Mountain Astrologer and further through The Daykeeper Journals.  I hope you will keep her archives available for all of us.

I already miss her, even knowing she has not really gone.


I was so sorry to learn of the passing of Maya.  I felt like a member of my family had departed even though I had never met her or spoken to her.  I simply visited the web site often, reading and enjoying the free services offered there. 
I always loved seeing Maya`s picture on the home page.  I often thought that she looked like a warm and friendly person with whom I would love to have a cup of tea.  In addition, because she was in California and I am from California (I now live in Montreal, Canada), I felt like I was visiting "home," in a way.
I had an interesting experience about a month or so ago. I was visiting a web site of an astrologer who is based out of Mount Shasta, California. I was born in McCloud, California, so I was interested in this person who was so close to where my grandparents lived and my parents grew to adulthood.  While viewing the web site, I saw a note from Maya to this astrologer.  She was so thoughtful to write in this person's guest book.  I remember thinking to myself:  "I know that name!"  :o)
In this age of speedy information and even more speedy living, people use the Internet to stay in touch, to stay close.  Sometimes, when a person (like me) has moved and no longer lives in "familiar" surroundings, the contacts made on the Internet become a sort of lifeline, an anchor to keep one safe and steady in a sea of newness and change.  Maya was one of those contacts for me.
My thoughts, love, and prayers are with you, Crystal, and all those who loved, worked, and knew Maya.


Dear Maya, Thank you so much for your wonderful light of guidance! It has been a most uplifting experience to follow your wise, visionary and very loving approach to the scene of life through your masterly reading of the celestial energies. You have created new landmarks in the field of communicating astrology—and as a reader I often had the feel of sitting next to you enjoying a friendly conversation, thank you! This week has indeed been a changing point in my life, as I have finally left a stable working situation to follow the inner voice calling for my jet unknown future path. The courage to act my decision was partly due to Maya's ability to bringing the flow of the universe very close to me. Copenhagen is far and autumn usually strikes hard here with long dark months; but this whole week the sunsets have been fabulous—reminding me of the Californian sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, that I was lucky to experience on my first visit to US this October, when I went to San Diego to join training on environmental alignment and healing. My stay was short but the name Sausalito actually often popped up, perhaps because I stayed next to Del Mar, and I knew that if I had had more time I would have had an appointment in Sausalito with a great astrologer. Thankfully sending lots of love and light,


From her Daykeeper forecast for the December 2006 Full Moon:

"The Sabian Symbol for 13 Gemini is

'A FAMOUS PIANIST GIVING A CONCERT PERFORMANCE. Individual fulfillment in the performance of a social function to which some prestige is attached. Having entered the path which brings him in touch with higher realms of inspiration, the individual is able to become a source of inspiration. His role is to mobilize emotions-to experience more intensely and to see farther. This is the role of the true and ideal virtuoso, whose example helps people to leave behind their pasts and to venture forth into new realms of experience. INSPIRATION.'

This time, as we have discussed, is a time of leaving the old behind and starting on new paths. This symbol certainly fits that journey."


Your mom was just a fantastic bundle of energy!! I fell in love with her astrological perspectives while I subscribed to TMA years ago, and looked forward always to her forecasts and insightful dissections of the crazy material world and culture we swim in. In fact, when she left TMA, I followed her.

Over the years, she became an advisor and a fellow ally in the political world, and we often traded emails about the state of politics in the world, which I very much appreciated knowing her busy schedule. She was a wonderful role model for me, having now turned 60, of how I would like to age "gracefully" and still be full of dynamic possibilities. Her Daykeeper Journal was an amazing gift for me each month—full of insightful wisdom, information and thoughts to chew on. She (and you) had assembled a great "cast of characters" bringing astrological perspectives to all of us. And you have designed one of the most beautiful and graphically pleasing web sites I've ever seen. Easy on the eyes and food for the soul.

Lots of love to you both, and love to Maya in her new expansive environment of spirit, which she is of course already absolutely in tune with. She is no doubt making herself at home, up and running and gadding about with everyone there, and visiting us all here as well. I send you all my love. Please do not even consider worrying about what Daykeeper's future will be--it will unfold for you both, as will your lives without your beloved mom "in form." She is with you, right beside you, nonetheless.


I had a dream last night about the owner of a dayminder, that was sitting on a desk, with astronomical information in it.  The owner was needing to be a child again to engage in the right timing for her next expression.  I saw her as a child, hugged her, thanked her for the real value she offered to those remaining. 
...and now today....To discover the synchronicty of my dream and the transition of Maya is deeply felt.  I too will miss her monthly sign review.  It was a flag that I could raise in my mind to see the month ahead with more clarity. 
The universe needs her elsewhere and will provide to those remaining what we need as well.  

A reader

Maya inspired and taught me so much by her insightful and very well written columns on Daykeeper Journal. I've read her for years to get another perspective on american politics. Her writing was no doubt the best available on the web and has been especially interesting the last six years to under the Republican capture of the White House. Millions of thanks to Maya and to you who supported her work. I pray that you will be able to continue the work with DJ.

A reader

I once sent an email to Maya. I had been very ill, and my recuperation seemed to be taking forever. I had heard that Chiron was moving into Aquarius and knew that Chiron was the Wounded Healer. I was curious to know what Maya thought about this big transit, what we, as Aquarians could expect from its' arrival (it's strange now, in retropect it seems it was that very day that I discovered that Maya was an Aquarian too, also with a Virgo moon, like me -- this seemed such a synchronicity at the time that I thought writing to her was somehow fated, which gave me the impetus to follow through).

Well, Maya wrote me back that very day. She told me that, indeed, Chiron's transit would mean that vibrational medicine and other new alternative healing methods would become more and more commonplace in the months to come, and that I would feel a distinct lightening of my load in the coming time ahead. Maya said that everyone would benefit immensely from this transit, in ways that we could not yet perceive, and made some interesting further speculations. 

What a joy it was to hear from her personally. I still think of the particular way she had of making a person feel included in a grand adventure, along with herself and all the other creatures and beings here on planet earth ( and perhaps elsewhere 'out there' as well!), of her way of making a person feel more peaceable and strong through her clear, honest communication. To my mind, in many ways Maya herself represented this new 'vibrational medicine' to which she referred so respectfully in her reply. Her voice itself had the power to heal via a sort of harmony that seemed to emanate through her choice of words. Mayas' particular way of expressing herself -- meticulous, evolutionary, kind -- will resonate for us always. 
 There is above the Celestial LIghts and Incorruptible Flame always sparkling; the spring of life, the formation of all beings, the original of all things. This Flame produceth all things, and nothing perisheth by what it consumeth. It maketh itself known by itself...It encompasseth the heavens. 
The heart should not fear to approach this adorable Fire, or to be touched by it; it will never be consumed by this sweet Fire, whose mild and tranquil heat maketh the binding, the harmony, and the duration of the world. Nothing subsisteth but by this Fire, which is God Himself. All is full of God, and God is in all.
(from "The Chaldean Oracles", in G.R.S. Mead, trans, Echoes from the Gnosis, vol. 8 (which I discovered in David   Goddard's great book "The Tower in Alchemy", p 195).

To have shared the days with Maya -- what a great blessing it has been! But I, for one, remain convinced that we have not lost her thoughtful influence, we have merely gained one more beneficent guide on the other side. Peaceful feelings to all in the coming days, and many thanks for continuing on with the wonderful Daykeeper Journal,


I wish to send my deepest condolences in the passing of your Mother.  I am among the millions world-wide who will miss her unique interpretations and compassion (particularly her Sabian Symbolism).  It is no surprise that she left with light and love.  The visual I got after I read of her passing yesterday was a younger version of her in flowing garments, surrounded by the sun walking upon golden cobbles and turning to wave... letting all know that we only need "dial her up" and she's on "duty" from the other side.  God Bless and God Speed Maya, we will miss you. 


This morning i received the news that Maya del Mar, whom i've considered  a good friend for the several years i've known her, has left this world. Even though she mentioned a health problem earlier this year, and even though i've had the sense she wouldn't be alive much longer, i'm still shocked and saddened.

I often passed her along her astrological insights ...often to at least give us the illusion we have some understanding of what is causing what!

I first met Maya as she was leaving her long time post with The Mountain Astrology. She was all exicited and in the process of creating the website which ultimately became DaykeeperJournal.Com. Maya gave me only 2 personal readings over the years, only because my income didn't match my outflow for several years. Her readings were amazingly in depth and insightful. I remember i received the second reading via telephone in the Guest Services Dept. of the Hotel Marriott in Boulder, CO. I had booked the reading just days before what turned out to be a major life change (i abruptly terminated a relationship that had become destructive), and within a couple of weeks i was off on what became a 9-month journey around the world!!  Maya gave me support along with helping me get a grip on how the energies would be flowing around me and lots of suggestions on how to handle, providing a framework in which i could hold my "structure" - and keep my sanity!

Maya and i never met in the physical. In a partial trade for her first reading i had offered her free stay at the retreat center i was then managing in Sedona, AZ.  She tried to make the drive from her home in Sausalito, CA, a couple of times, but something always came up...a visit with daughter in Mexico, too busy, etc.

I remember that Maya always had a laugh in her throaty voice. I remember that Maya loved the USA and worked countless hours on positive action campaigns and social service projects. She was a champion for the downtrodden and disenfranchised, but always voiced her opinions on politics and injustice with style and compassion.

I will miss Maya.


Maya's passing has deeply touched me! Tears began to flow as I read your email. I feel as though I have 'lost' a personal friend although we never met or exchanged a word... I know that death is but a transition and a beautiful event to be celebrated, however those of us left behind can not help but feel that this reality is somehow less bright without Maya's physical presence in it.

I first 'met' Maya well over 10 years ago in the Mountain Astrologer and always looked for and read her column first before anything else. Then she 'disappeared' from that magazine and I did not find her again until I got my first computer 5 years ago...since then she has been an important part of my daily life.

Maya had a wonderful grasp of world situations and the history of political cycles and events...truly amazing! I wrote her a quick note of appreciation after her accurate predictions surrounding 9/11.

I am planning to continue my subscription at this time. Am looking forward to seeing what you girls come up with ... it feels like Maya's guidance and presence is truly with you! Please accept my condolences and take all the time you need to heal and receive clarity. I for one will be patiently awaiting the next phase in this adventure.

In loving support


I first became aware of Maya through Mountain Astrologer, or was it the James Redfield newsletter? Then I found myself in the SF Bay area and in Maya's backyard. I took the opportunity to contact her directly and had a reading. Then each year or every other year, I met with her or phoned for a reading. Over the years we became friends and often spent more time chatting than going over my chart. I helped her at one point with some feng shui for her apartment. It was a pleasure every single time.

Of course she was most wonderful as an astrologer and what I enjoyed most was her global perspective and how she pointed her readers to the best way to take advantage of the aspects. Her website was a joy and regular resource. I expect you will continue it with your own spin and I look forward to what you create with such a fine foundation.

Much love has been sent to Maya over the years and I continue for you all now.


.... opening the December Daykeeper Journal, forwarded to me again by a loving brother, as he often does—
Gladness for the picture, drawn in powerfully by the eyes, and the intimacy and familiarity of the words in her December message and the wordless unspoken feelings messaged by her face—then ... A strong jolt disappearing thoughts, and rushes, circles, spirals of deep regret and great sadness about so many things, my own, hers, though I think I never knew her, and the ones, big and small that belong to all Humans—I click on, read and SOoo appreciate the courage behind your sweet message about her passage, and, realizing the magnitude of your own grief, briefly hold you, before returning to her face—
regrouping mentally in the rolling emotions, I FEEL, rather than remember that all loss, like all possession is illusion— all we ever really lose are possibilities—and they just become new possibilities, freshening the gift of every moment, every Now, in the moving window of our physicality—finally I can let go of my mind's fearful resistance to her final decision—now, I look in her eyes and can know and hold dear ALL that I see there as my Self—free from judgment or separate thought I can feel merging into The One and somehow touch the hugeness of her contribution as a separate and distinctly defined being, not only to me, but to every person, every moment, every aspect, every detail of her whole life—and clearly in response, from everywhere, in endless waves come overwhelmingly powerful expressions of heart felt Gratitude and Appreciation—all around Now is joyful, streaming, swirling rainbow light, lifting, lifting—O thank you, Maya, thank you for everything ... Godspeed ....
as will sooo many of us left here in physicality, I will miss her and her incredibly concise visits to my psyche (how could she have known all that about my life? ... not only what was there, but what I needed to know?)—but I enjoyed and valued each connection, and thought you should know about this experience—


The news of Maya’s passing is bittersweet indeed. I have been a subscriber for just over a year and on November 16 was fortunate enough to have had my own personal reading with Maya. I just finished listening to the tape of most of our session (the last few minutes weren’t recorded.) What a delight to experience again the love, life, guidance, caring and laughter of this amazing woman. This reading came at a critical point in my own spiritual journey and I am humbled and honored that I was one of Maya’s final sessions. It is something I will always treasure.

She shared with me her own recent experiences of tuning into other lifetimes and gave me much needed perspective and guidance in a number of areas. At one point as we related to each other’s past struggles to break free from the dogma of organized religion Maya had to answer her door and politely refuse the solicitations of just one such group. We both got a kick out out of that “coincidence.”

A special thank you, thoughts and prayers to everyone at DayKeeper Journal.

Blessings and best to you all,

Jim from Illinois

I think I echo the sentiments of many when I say that Maya is irreplaceable. I searched the internet far and wide, for years before finding Daykeeper Journal. When I happened upon the site and read the daily energy reports, I thought to myself, "Now, this is EXACTLY the kind of astrology I've been looking for!"

It never ceased to amaze me how precise her reports were—she always got it right.

Although I didn't personally know her, she helped to guide me through my days. She helped me to make sense of what was happening in the world.

I will miss her very much.

I pray that the two of you and the rest of your family find strength in knowing how much your mother meant to people like me.

Daykeeper Journal is unique, as many people have probably already said before me. I sincerely hope that a way is found to continue this important work.

May the spirit of Maya guide you and show you the way.

God bless you,
God bless Maya,

Pamela in Cannes, France

Maya was one of the stars of the journey I organized to Milina, Greece in 1996.  Her warm spirit will always touch those of us who shared the week-long Chironic Convergence with her—our love of Chiron and life!  She was one of a kind, and I will never forget her, her contributions to the astrological community, and her one-of-a-kind spirit.  We met up at least once afterwards and kept in touch too seldom.  I considered her one of my “models of cool aging,”  because her lust for living only seemed to grow with time … not to mention that she was hit on more by the amorous Greek men in the seaside village than many of us younger women!
I couldn’t agree more about the poignancy of her parting words.  Thank you for anything you do to keep Maya’s work and spirit strong among us.
Love and shared loss,
PS – Maya’s photo on the web site is terrific.  I have seen it before, but it really does capture her essence.

After all of these years... I have counted on being guided by Maya... I had one reading with her and she was such a "human 'mother' ".  I am devastated... and can only imagine how others are feeling... especially her daughters.  So, my blessings, prayers and tears are for you...and for me ...and for all of us who will have to sit in quiet meditation to hear her breath for now.  Her words, now silenced are for us to find in our own hearts.  Farewell our dear  guide ... our Goddess of planet earth...our Queen of our universe...we wish you safe journey.
Love, Judy

I am such a better person for having the influence of your beloved mother in my life these past 15 or so years! Her wisdom, guidance, clairity, vision, scrutiny, and grounded grace were such a gift to us all. I first discovered your mom back in her Celestine Prophesy newsletter days, and was sooo impressed with the beautifully written words she chose. May her soul be shared among us all as we send her our loving prayers of peace and gratitude. What an amazing love she was for her family, both personal and universal. I am sending you my love and light.

Maya is still a light in a dark world . Her spirit continues with us. Thanks Maya—strength and courage to those who walk on .


The news of Maya leaving us unexpectly, hit me straight in the heart. 

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to both of you, your family and friends.

I live in Sausalito and whenever i ran into her, or rode the bus with her, she spoke so lovingly about both of you— every time. She loved you dearly and was proud of you.

It was always a treat, running into her—bus, healthfood store or street and have a short chat. We always talked about the position of the moon or other remarkable constellations of the moment.

I took once a class with her, many years ago and decided i wanted rather continuing studying vedic astrology. She always acknowledged the difference in our observations in a gentle, kind and approving way. 

She always had positive words for difficult situations and put a different slant on traditional interpretations, which i will never forget. 

I remember, meeting her at the peace march several years ago—she was a soulmate, a wonderful, comforting ally in a strange world.

I think, the last time i saw her was in summer, she stood patiently in the chicken line at the farmers market—and we chatted while she was waiting. Little did i know, i wouldnot see her beautiful smile and the blues eyes again. They are etched into my memory forever.

I bought recently cough drops and thought about her, because she introduced them to me—she was fighting a slight cough on the bus and offered one to me—maybe this trivial snippet makes you smile.

A truly comforting thought, that she didnt have to struggle to leave, but while writing such powerful and beautiful last words, nearly knowing that she was ready to go.

We lost the company and presence of a great soul, an utterly wonderful, wise person.

I lit a candle for her, to soothe her griefing family, friends and my deeply aching heart.

Wishing you peace, sending you blessings,
with love,