Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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October 2006 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

ARIES. You are out in the world this month, and all kinds of things are working for you. Especially people; you have the most creative relationships you’ve ever had. Enjoy them! This month you’ll get as good as you give. In fact, you might feel overwhelmed by the crowd. Focus on your business goals. Your strategy is brilliant now.

TAURUS. You have a special relationship this month which both enlarges your horizons, and yet may be restrictive. It could be with a work partner. Your security base has undergone a big shift, and you are still working out a new orientation to your life. Dealing with your work environment, and re-organizing those relationships is part of the process.

GEMINI. Which, and whither? Many directions seem to need your immediate attention. Focus on your foundations. What do you like best to do? Where do you feel secure? You are extremely creative now, and ideas flow copiously. Next month, with Mercury retrograde, you’ll have a chance to review them. Don’t jump to conclusions.

CANCER. Home life is very exciting this month, Cancer. Your relationship with your partner is filled with vitality, and the two of you may establish a new solidity together. Your creativity is strong, and hard work on your part may enable it to pay off. At subtle levels, you’re preparing for a new role in the world.

LEO. Your gregarious nature really shines forth this month. People in your everyday life are attracted to you like bees to honey. Your natural inner authority is paying off now. Home is offering you a new personal security—perhaps a business at home. And yet at the same time you are on the go. You are super creative in regard to communication.

VIRGO. You may feel in touch with all the woes of the world. Don’t let depression and pessimism get you down. Loving relationships are your lifeline, and there are many of them in your life right now. You’re starting a new phase of your life, and preparing for changes to come. Let go of control; it doesn’t work anyway.

LIBRA. This is your kind of month, Libra—a very Libran, very relationship-oriented month. Love lights your way. You’ve got the smarts in regard to establishing some kind of personal security. A special friend may be very helpful. You may put much attention on nurturing your creative outlets, and/or your children. Resources are coming to a resolution.

SCORPIO. You’re doing a lot of thinking, and rethinking. Much is coming to light, and you will spend the next two months pondering the new revelations, and their consequences, both nationally and personally. These next two months are a period of great growth of consciousness for you. Your professional situation comes to some kind of resolution now.

SAGITTARIUS. This is friendship month for you. Are you joining a new group? Resolving a conflicting situation? Travel would be particularly grounding for you now. Those deep urges need an outlet. You are slowly and inexorably changing your life direction, moving more and more in spiritual directions, and having less and less patience for trivialities.

CAPRICORN. Security goals are highlighted for you now. It is time to work with a partner to tie up loose ends, and make necessary changes. This month will bring a culmination of the year’s efforts. Prepare for some big financial shifts next month. You may be re-evaluating the trustworthiness of a friend or business partner.

AQUARIUS. Travel now, Aquarius! Visit old friends, family, and some of those places which you’ve yearned to see. Being on the road will be exciting, pleasant, illuminating, and maybe even profitable... (Check Maya’s Travel Guide for timing.) You may be producing something new for the world to see, perhaps as part of an altruistic group.

PISCES. The ongoing changes in every part of your life solidify into a pattern now. You have many deep connections with others, working together, sharing resources, probably in connection with your evolving power at work. You have many big, good ideas now, and at the same time you’re willing to work to make at least some of them real.