Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


Maya's October Skywatch

by Maya del Mar

Planets are crowded close to the sun now, making the energy intense for us to feel, but not leaving much to view in the night sky.

Saturn, bright in the early morning sky, is lovely. On the morning of October 16, a waning crescent Moon joins Saturn and the bright star, Regulus—the royal star marking the constellation of Leo, the Lion.

On October 21, rise before Saturn, and check the early morning sky—maybe around 2 a.m.—for the Orionid meteor shower. It is timed very nicely for the dark sky of the New Moon. Some years there are meteors a few nights earlier as well. The Orionids are debris left over from Comet Halley.

About Pluto, Alec Wilkinson starts his July 24 New Yorker article with

There are nine planets in our solar system. Or there are eight. Or there are ten, maybe even twenty-three. No one knows. A planet is an arbitrary thing, a notion.

Indeed. The October issue of American Astronomy maps 200 extra-solar planets. And there are more Kuiper Belt solar system objects (planets?) continually being discovered. I don’t know how many at this point.

I’m sure we are influenced by all of them, by everything, in fact. After all, the universe is an interconnected web of energy. Some astrologers do study some of these other bodies. I haven’t, so I can’t comment on their meanings. However, whatever Pluto is called, we astrologers have studied it and know that it correlates with deep and intense power.