Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


October 2
Ceres direct

October 12
Chiron direct

October 28
Mercury retro

October 29
Neptune direct


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

There are four planetary changes in direction in October. Ceres, Chiron, and Neptune turn direct, all in Aquarius, and Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio.

Ceres turns direct at 13 Aquarius on Monday night, October 2. She is exactly conjoined Moon at that time. Ceres was the Roman name for the ancient Goddess of the Harvest. She is a principle of productivity, and connected with all aspects of getting food to the table, including all labor matters. Ceres' beloved daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped by Pluto, and in her grief, Ceres stopped the grains from growing--the first strike. Her grief was great, and thus Ceres is also connected to human suffering. Ceres is a nurturing principle.

Moon is also a nurturing principle. Ceres is more general, and more practical. Moon is more specific and emotional. Together they complete the mothering archetype. In Aquarius, they nurture inventions and ideals. For months, Ceres has been traveling close to Neptune who, in Aquarius, is visionary, idealistic, and progressive. The Neptune-Ceres combo has been connected with the immigrants-for-justice movement. They are also connected with the living wage movement, and the burgeoning international labor movement.

Neptune turns direct later this month. Ceres catches up with Neptune in mid-November. They will both be connected with the instrumental Mercury-Jupiter meeting around election time.

Chiron turns direct at 5 Aquarius on October 12. Chiron in Aquarius is a channel for the future. Right now Chiron trines Vesta in Libra, putting the spotlight on new kinds relationships. Gay marriage, for example, can receive a go-ahead as Chiron moves on its direct journey for the next seven months. Aquarius emphasizes androgyny, so that friendship is more important than sexual roles.

Chiron in Aquarius also promotes alternative healing, especially energy healing, such as acupuncture and electromagnetic healing.

Mercury turns retrograde on October 28 at 3:16 p.m. EDT. He is at 26 Scorpio, and Jupiter is at 25 Scorpio, still square Mercury. Jupiter and Mercury have been hanging out together for a week, with Jupiter conveying its advice to Mercury. Jupiter is far-seeing, and in Scorpio has an excellent business placement. Scorpio is passionate, and Jupiter here is often passionate about acquiring money, possessions, or power, and can see how best to do it. Needs for revenge can also be intense.

Mercury retrograde is about to do much rethinking. Jupiter is a planet of politics, and of important people, such as presidents. During the next week, we develop our voting preferences. Matters now on our minds are crucial in making our decisions.

Mercury turns direct on November 17. At that time he trines Uranus in Pisces, who is about to turn direct as well. A whammy in the water signs!

Planets are unstable while they are making changes in direction. This day is doubly unstable, for within 12 hours, Neptune turns direct.

Neptune makes its turn in the early morning of October 29, just after we have switched to standard time. And Neptune itself seems to us unstable, for it asks us to go with the flow. Neptune is now at 18 Aquarius. Neptune carries us all into the great flow of life, into the infinite mystery. It is the cosmic channel. To us this immensity seems unstable anyway. These two days, then, can bring us surprises. Neptune now direct in Aquarius opens us to beginning to manifest the visions of the future which we have been developing within us. Neptune will move rapidly now, and by February he moves into a brand new degree. There is a special excitement now, for as Neptune turns, he will begin preparing his new message.

Neptune right now is closest to Great Mother Ceres, and her work of making the earth productive will be intrinsic to Neptune’s new vision.

These three direct-turning planets are all in Aquarius, the sign of brotherly and sisterly love. Hopefully we will carry this message of real democracy into the U.S. elections.

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