Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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September 2006 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

ARIES. You’re on a revolving wheel, and right now you’re stuck just before the next turn of the wheel. Lots may be happening, but you’re not there yet. You like to be headed directly for goals, and this month you may feel as though you are spinning your wheels. Equinox, on September 23, will take you on a new turn of the wheel—filled with relating to others.

TAURUS. Let your creative nature loose this month, Taurus. Others may give you some special recognition and appreciation. Ideals will grab you during the next two months, and you may use much energy working on righting injustices. Benefits come from a special partner, perhaps in terms of money or favors. You have lots of irons in the fire.

You, too, might feel a bang from these eclipses, manifested in fast-changing conditions at home and at work. This is a good month to focus on your business, and on public relations. Fun and pleasure come in with Equinox. Young people may be a major source of adventure. Watch your health. You’re not the routine type, but do try to stick to a healthy schedule.

Your partner can be very astute right now, especially about business. You have very busy days, filled with changes and surprises. This is your month to be flexible. If you’re a writer, you may find your creative juices running away with you. Resources are a concern, but you could find them magically increasing, likely due to your own creative efforts.

What are you doing with your resources, Leo? How are you putting your money, supplies, and great talents into use in serving the world? You may not be getting the help from others which you’d like, but go ahead, push them a little, and they’ll come through. Home feels especially good now, and is a nurturing place. Remember to follow your heart.

It feels as though everything is in a state of flux, Virgo. It is, and it won’t settle down for another year. On the one hand, stay alert and ready to turn the corners which life puts in front of you. On the other hand, keep refining every aspect of yourself—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Relationships can give you both special challenges and special satisfactions.

Your dreams may be strange and confusing, Libra, but pay attention to them. They are very powerful now, and have much to reveal to you. Remember that mind and body work together, and imbalances in one or the other are apt to show up now. Re-aligning your overall balance in life is your major task. By midmonth you can be running on all your cylinders.

You have had unusual occurrences in your home space all year. Are your dabbling in real estate? Have you opened up a new age business? Are you learning feng shui? What ever it is, it is peaking this month. Groups of people are part of the scene, and you derive personal satisfaction from the many connections which you are making.

People are listening to you NOW, Sag. And you have a lot of knowledge to transmit! You’re working very hard. Industry is your middle name. And it pays off. This is a good time to establish, or expand, or solidify, a business. You do appreciate the independence of being in charge of yourself. Unseen help is with you. Keep the faith.

CAPRICORN. This is a fine time for you to expand and to grow in innumerable ways. A trip would be exciting, and you would meet many interesting people. Money is a very big issue for you now. You may be tempted to take a big gamble. But this is probably not the time to do it. Use your common sense and natural caution now. They’re in fine order.

Life is a merry-go-round, with other people’s problems and adventures pulling you along. Your unique point of view has much to offer. The rebel part of you is excited now, and you may become involved in a project to promote some social good. An enduring partnership is a special centering force during these crowded days.

There is partnership. And there is work. There is more partnership. And there is work. There are friends. And there is partnership. There are work groups. And there is partnership. There is keeping yourself in shape. And there is partnership. All kinds of relationships will keep you on your toes, and you will learn much about yourself.