Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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August 2006 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

ARIES. Your energy is usually high, but sometimes you could use a little refinement in how you apply it. This is the month to work on your skills, and perfect your delivery. At the same time you’re working on self-discipline, inner focus, and staying with the projects which you, with your enthusiastic ideas, initiate. Your maturity is growing.

TAURUS. You have many options this month. Choose one in which you work with like-minded others towards an altruistic goal which can better living circumstances for many. You can initiate major changes in your social contributions which will bear fruit during the next two years. Communication with family members is especially important now.

GEMINI. You’re going through a deep and slow reevaluation of all your relationships, some of which you have previously taken for granted. Now you’re down to basics: is there mutual support of one another’s interests? If not, they will go. You’re becoming much more professional about your forte—communication. It’s all in a state of flux.

CANCER. After a long Mercury retrograde, during which time you could review your modus operandi, you start off the month in a blaze of glory. Communicate from your deep wells of feeling, and you will have success. Financial maneuverings and deals take much of your attention now. Rely on cooperation, although trusting others is sometimes difficult for you.

LEO. Leo, you and your relationships share center stage (with Aquarius). This month you are taking a new turn on the wheel of growing up. It’s serious business, but still, don’t get too serious about it. Play with your sense of humor. You’re feeling a new faith in life, which you may find tested by unusual circumstances which surround you.

VIRGO. Oh my, but you are changing by leaps and bounds! This process of transformation picks up as the month moves on, and continues into September. You can both face some ghosts of the past, and develop a new self-sufficiency. You, the perfectionist, are re-aligning yourself to become more perfect. Remember you’re human.

LIBRA. Fixing up your nest may occupy you the first half of the month, and re-strategizing your goals is important during the second half. You put out much effort nurturing your creative projects, an always interesting if sometimes erratic process. Details occupy you towards the end of the month. Money flows well all month.

SCORPIO. Faith in yourself is yours this month, Scorpio. You may be doing a lot of care-taking at home, perhaps of a child. At the same time you’re assuming more responsibility at work, and feeling good about it. You’re putting a lot of energy into organizing your life as you’d like it to be, but chaos keeps erupting. Finances are a focus.

SAGITTARIUS. The Sagittarius roller coaster continues. You are spear-heading world transformation during these years, which gives you an awesome responsibility. This month, late Sagittarians, those born after December 13, are featured. A fresh burst of power, along with new challenges, especially in regard to home and career, are spotlighted.

CAPRICORN. The focus is on your finances, which are in a continual state of flux. In many ways, you are dependent on outside circumstances, and that is frustrating for you. This month gives you opportunities to open to the universal flow, and to develop your faith. A loving partner can be of invaluable help. You end the month firmly back in control.

AQUARIUS. Relationships are featured for you, and perhaps one in particular. It can bring out your talent for practical spiritual nurturing. This is also the peak of a several-month healing period for you. The world responds well to you now, which makes it a good time for career moves. New responsibilities are part of this process. Watch out for burnout.

PISCES. As summer winds down, you prepare for big changes in this coming year. For example, you may start a new health routine, put in applications for a new job or a promotion, or re-organize your home life. You get much stimulation and help from others, including that essential—self-discipline. This is a great month for travel.