Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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July 2006 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

ARIES. You are very busy pushing and shaping everything in your world. The “force” is with you now, and you take advantage of it. It will be difficult not to get too pushy with your children, if you have them. Your special focus is on the home. Communication also draws you, and works very well for you now. The world can see where you’re really coming from.

TAURUS. A great restructuring of your life is occurring, Taurus—your home, your family, your work, and your partnerships. Perhaps you are buying a new home, or changing locations. As if you didn’t have enough on your plate, July is excellent for travel for you. Money flows well for all your projects. Information is your greatest resource.

GEMINI. Venus is in your sign, Gemini, and a lot of pleasure comes your way. Venus is a magnet to attract what you value. You do, in fact, try to make a new start in regard to priorities, particularly in family matters. But something remains undone, and you get to go back and pick it up. It could have to do with love or money matters, or both.

CANCER. Financial situations are coming up for you, such as business deals or partnerships. Your financial creativity is excellent now, but you must be attentive, and know what you’re doing. Do not only read, but write, the fine print in any agreements. And do not sign anything until after Mercury has turned direct. July 30 is the first feasible day.

LEO. Do you feel like strutting your stuff, Leo? Or are you lacking confidence? Most likely you are veering from one pole to the other. Maintaining appropriate ego balance is your major challenge right now. Reality has very much of a claim on you right now, but so does your lively creative spirit. Let your partner be a mirror for you.

VIRGO. Friendship never had more value for you. On the one hand, you may place your friends on a pedestal this month. On the other hand, you’re carefully evaluating the qualities of friendship which are important to you. Friendships with an abusive element may go. This is a great month for you to look into your dreams and your unconscious, and listen to these hidden messages.

LIBRA. You are busy juggling finances, perhaps in preparation for a major purchase—which you may be doing some pondering about, and well you should. Check carefully to match your needs and your options, and don’t make important purchases until after Mercury turns direct—after July 30. Things may seem perfect, but things during a Mercury retrograde period are seldom what they seem.

SCORPIO. Jupiter now traveling direct in your sign is working for you, Scorpio. But not without some difficulties—a story you know well. The main problems continue to be in the career sector, which may be running hot and cold. Watch out for sabotage, either through your own illusions or carelessness, or someone else’s deception. Be careful this month!

SAGITTARIUS. This is a month for love, Sagittarius. However, you are asking for trouble if you get tied up with someone new until after you have cleared up old romantic situations. This is also the month to do that. Communication—projecting yourself—draws you now. Necessity may be the mother of invention of a new mode of getting the word out.

CAPRICORN. Your partnership stars for you this month. Restructuring your relationships takes all your attention. Your partner represents security, and yet there is abuse there. You are determined to end the abuse. You are good at problem-solving this month, and you can do it with love. This is a great month for you to start a new health routine.

AQUARIUS. You are taking care of someone—or two or three. Don’t forget to include yourself. Your pressure is to connect with all the people in your life, and still do your work. It may be stressful, but the whole process is a healing one for you. This is a good time for you to take on new self-help disciplines, or to move on a neglected health routine.

PISCES. Your emotions are moving with love, vitality, and pleasure. A special creative endeavor, or perhaps a trip, fills your heart. You work hard building something personal, perhaps a security for the future. You are trying to consolidate some ideals, but watch for undermining from unseen quarters, possibly from your own subconscious.