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July 4
Mercury retro

July 6
Jupiter direct

July 28
Mercury direct


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Two planets change direction three times this month. On July 4, Mercury turns retrograde, and on July 28 it turns direct. Meanwhile, on July 6, Jupiter turns direct, and slowly picks up speed during the month.

There are similarities here. Mercury turns in fire sign Leo, but makes most of its retrograde journey in water sign Cancer. Jupiter is traveling in Scorpio this year, another water sign. Thus emotions, and water itself, are featured.

Uranus is traveling in the third water sign, Pisces, and the Cancer planets and Jupiter have more or less, during the summer, been creating a grand water trine with freedom-loving Uranus as the base. Lots of water!

So we have strong emotional impulses for freedom, which we will be re-evaluating during Mercury’s retrograde time.

Mercury and Jupiter share another quality. They both primarily stimulate the mind. Thus our thinking and communicating will have a strong emotional base. It will be very hard to be objective.

Mercury relates to the everyday mind, to the myriad of life’s details. Jupiter, on the other hand, is concerned with lofty thoughts and visions. Mercury marks the dots; Jupiter connects the dots to form a coherent philosophy or belief system.

Together we have “How do I see the world?” and how “How do I understand the world?” We are now reviewing the facts, but newly moving ahead to express our beliefs.

The U.S. birthday, the Bush birthday, and the Rumsfeld birthday are all caught in this vortex of currents which are mixing, but moving in opposite directions. This will be a confusing week in regard to home, family, nation, and “security” issues.

Adding to the confusion is the very slow retrograde turn of the U.S. progressed Mars, a new historical phenomenon. Mars is at 19 Libra, conjunct the U.S. natal Juno, an energy which refers not only to relationships, but nearly always in mundane charts to the abuse of power, creation of victims, and subsequent fear and terror. E.g., U.S. prisoner torture is shown by Juno.

On the afternoon of The Fourth of July, Mercury stations retrograde at 2 Leo. At this time it is caught in the pressure of the Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron fixed T-square. It is probably close enough to feel a squeeze, but not close enough for a clear consciousness of the meaning of that T-square, And yet it is turning around to help us see another perspective on our current dilemmas. This adds to the confusion of this time.

During August, Mercury will re-travel this territory, and by New Moon on August 23, Mercury will have given new messages to the fixed sign gang. This New Moon introduces the action-filled autumn season. July is the month to review, prioritize, and ponder what actions we want to take after Mercury turns direct at the end of the month.

We can consolidate those plans and actions during August.

As it turns, Mercury sits on the Sun-Mars midpoint. This is a very energetic, dynamic point. Mars at that time opposes Neptune, pushing for action to fulfill a vision. Mars opposite Neptune nearly always leads to confused or deceptive action.

We pile confusion on confusion. Everything occurring or communicated during this next month must be very carefully evaluated.

At the time Mercury stations, Mars sits directly over Washington DC, radiating strong assertive vibes. Mercury is in the ninth house of foreign affairs and law—along with Sun, Saturn, Juno, and Vesta. The whole chart speaks of financial, security, and legal issues.

When Mercury turns direct on the night of July 28, this same gang sits in the sixth and seventh houses in Washington DC., with Neptune on the Ascendant. Partnerships and the military are now emphasized. Mercury forms a yod with Pluto and Ceres, which I think is mostly about new weapons systems promoted by the Administration.

On the plus side for society, which is important to Ceres in Aquarius, we can think about education, sustainability, and social engineering which is beneficial to society. The Moon’s Nodes, now in Virgo and Pisces, can help us move in that direction.

Jupiter turns direct in the early morning of July 6. At that time in Washington DC, Venus is rising, and squaring Uranus. Passionate idealism pervades the air.

Jupiter is in the sixth house in Scorpio, also passionate, but not necessarily idealistic. Scorpio is a survival sign, and Jupiter will be using all its luck and wiles towards that end. Moon conjoins Jupiter, so this whole situation is very emotional and subjective. And Mercury is in no shape now to sort it out with clarity.

Scorpio is a power sign, and Jupiter will give much enthusiasm for powerful big projects, but a Mercury-retrograde is not the time to move out with new endeavors. Plan, prepare, yes—but wait until the end of the month to start those projects.

The most successful type of project to begin now is healing. Also, with the retrograde Mercury, we might heal old wounds.

July is an excellent fix-it month. Jupiter and Mercury can converge successfully with a healing focus.

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