Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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June 2006 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

ARIES. You are on a roll, Aries. Step out this month, and let the world know what you’re doing. You’re strong on principles, and you can remind the world of those timeless principles which serve us all well. This month, the importance of the environment, and of earth herself, can be a focus. You can stir people to take charge of their lives. You also excel in money management now.

TAURUS. With Venus in your sign, you can attract to you whatever you want. This month you especially appreciate beauty, and all the good things of life. Food, too, attracts you, and cravings may surface. However, your conscience in the form of Saturn is right at hand, helping with discipline. And Saturn’s in Leo, the sign of will. You can enjoy yourself, and appreciate life—in moderation.

GEMINI. This can be a month of steady accomplishment for you, Gemini. You can really stick to your goals, and persist in working towards them, sometimes difficult for you. This is the prime month for you to start a new communication project. It’s also an excellent month for travel. Perhaps you can combine the two. The early part of the month works best for you.

CANCER. You are a major force in directing this year’s summer turning point, Cancer. Much of our new direction will be gestating in your subconscious. Keep your focus on healing those disharmonies in your own life, and on helping others to heal. You have a special capacity to understand the human condition, and this month you can personally use that capacity.

LEO. This is a month of fast change and growth for you, Leo. You can become conscious of your worth in new ways. Saturn is giving you the ambition and discipline to accomplish what you want, and Mars is energizing you to actually do it. It’s easier now to get rid of things you don’t really use or need, and to focus on the essentials. At the same time you find healing in relationships.

VIRGO. Your past may be popping up out of the blue, and it may stimulate you to move in new directions. This is a month of big shifts in your whole orientation to life. You can look at where you’re coming from, where you’re going, and what you want with a new perspective. Communication with friends is especially important now. You reach out in new ways.

LIBRA. You have a full plate this summer. Information and communication fill your mind and days. If you’re not traveling, you’re thinking about it. Mental expansion is your framework. Values are on your mind. Part of that is valuing yourself in a new way, and opening to others’ value of you. In addition, this is a very creative month. Your feeling of personal power is growing, and it shows in whatever you do.

SCORPIO. You are ready to discard outworn self-images, and emerge from your chrysalis. Perhaps a new partner in your life is giving you increased pizzazz. You can remodel your health and work routines. Search out information on what will support you. This month you can get good advice. With new job responsibilities, you may be finding a hornet’s nest of problems and conflicts. Keep the faith in yourself.

SAGITTARIUS. You’re taking a new look at partnership—as usual. But this month it could be for keeps. Your basic work is promotion and inspiration. You’re also taking a fresh look at what you’re conveying, how you’re doing it, and the character of your audience. Travel to far places could be a good investment. Good fortune may come out of the blue.

CAPRICORN. Money is your big thing this month. You are refining your investment portfolio, and you may have some financial shocks. On the other hand, you can be doing some excellent productive work with money. Communicating with family has extra meaning this month. Health may be an issue. Your healing power is high now.

AQUARIUS. Oh boy. The entanglement of relationships this month is complicated, and keeps you running. Part of it is family, from whom you are receiving a lot of help. You’re doing some really good work in moving towards your ideals, and that work includes the eliminating of excess baggage which is so important for all of us these days.

PISCES. This month really flows for you—just your style. You can accomplish wonders, and enjoy doing it. You make some big changes in both work and home. You’re learning to do things much differently. Travel would be satisfying, especially travel related to your family. Your long-standing personal transformation process speeds up.