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June 19
Uranus retro

June 20
Ceres retro


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

During June, two planets turn retrograde—freedom-loving Uranus and Great Mother Ceres. They both turn about the same time, mid-June, and they are closely associated in the heavens at that time.

Both Ceres and Uranus station just after the Last Quarter Moon, which occurs on June 18. Uranus stations on June 19, and Ceres stations on June 20. They are both essentially stationary at that final Quarter Moon at 28 Pisces. Read the June 18 entry to get a feeling for the complicated energies inundating us then. Both Uranus and Ceres will turn those energies inward for the next several months.

In general, this Uranus-Ceres station process is connected with the 2006-2007 Virgo-Pisces Eclipses, with Pluto in Sagittarius, with Neptune in Aquarius, and with Saturn in Leo.

The eclipses are helping us to re-align in healthier ways, particularly in regard to work and health. Pluto says it’s time for rejuvenation and rebirth, Neptune lends us a visionary outlook, and Saturn wants us to open to our own inner authority, take charge of our destinies, and be creative and disciplined about it. It’s a tall order.

The Uranus-Ceres combination is about encouraging equal rights, and recognition of the dignity and value of each person.

What were your involvements in March, when the first of the eclipses began? Nationally, and internationally as well, workers’ rights and immigrants’ rights dominated the action.

Now we know what’s on the table. We know what needs healing. During the retrograde months, we can absorb these issues of human rights, and we can organize, plan, and make preparations to actively work with them. When these energies turn direct again in the autumn, we can express them in a more effective, knowledgeable manner.

Ceres turns direct again on October 2, and Uranus turns direct on November 18-19.

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