Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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April 2006 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

ARIES. A Solar Eclipse in your sign means a major identity change for you. This is the culmination of a two-year process of developing a new approach to life, and learning to see yourself in a new way. Others respond differently to you. Perhaps you are more able to tune into people, which certainly helps your diplomatic skills. April is rebirth for you.

TAURUS. You may be spending a lot of money for something you really, really want, perhaps for an ideal which you have cherished for your whole life. The vision is clear now, the money is there, and you are able to release it for the purpose of enhancing your foundations. A partner is your angel. Political activism may also attract you now.

GEMINI. It’s acting-out time, Gemini, but you might get a come-uppance from others which surprises you. Your world may be taking some major new turns this month. Friends will be a big part of the picture, for better or worse. Do you have a new love interest in your life? Are you letting go of an old one? As usual for you, life will be very interesting!

CANCER. A long process of goal-changing is completing. Are you getting that book published? That lawsuit settled? That worldwide web presence solidified? This is a big turnaround month for you, and you are definitely turned toward a brighter future. Financial arrangements will be lively, and will help you build those solid foundations which are so important.

LEO. You are always your own guiding star, but this month others help navigate your ship. They may steer you in surprising directions, but you’ll be pleased with your journey. Travel may open up for you, in connection with your work. A financial windfall may also come your way—a bonus, an inheritance, a big dividend? For better or worse, a partner is involved.

VIRGO. It’s time for some action, after your long period of soul-searching. All the major areas of your life are up for revision, and now you are up to it. You have a rebirth in partnership, a sudden change in work status, transformation of your home life, and growth in your identity and consciousness. Renovation is your keyword this month.

LIBRA. Your old partnership scenario is out, and a new one is in. You can broaden your horizons in a big way this month. Your energy takes off, and this is an exciting month for you, with pleasures and surprises. Creativity is high, but do be careful of burnout and stress. You are beginning to reorient yourself to a new vision of life’s possibilities.

SCORPIO. You have been dreaming your dreams, creating your pictures of an ideal world. You are still centered on your inner life, but this month you make reality checks: what is possible? How can you put a dream into manifestation? Or in fact, can you? Perhaps something has come into your life to open a new door, to make possible more options.

SAGITTARIUS. Hold your fire. Making enemies cannot help you. You are indeed filled with obvious power now. Use it to renovate yourself. You have the power to create a new and better you, and to grow it during the next year. Communication is your forte this month. You can be a magician with words, and at the same time have fun with sharing.

CAPRICORN. This month partnership is your resource, your investment, and your joy, and you know exactly how to handle it. Friends, associates, and siblings are resources, and you value them. Firm foundations are essential to you, and the Solar Eclipse at the end of March set in motion a big change in your base of operations. Don’t overdo.

AQUARIUS. You are undergoing some strange and wonderful personal changes. They include increased magnetism, a new mothering urge, and a need to heal, especially yourself, and perhaps family relationships. Health is an important focus. Saturn may induce a blockage, or slowdown, and your energy may be low. Intuition, however, is especially keen.

PISCES. This month you are especially conscious of the 7-year change process which envelops you. And right now it’s fun. Your psychic senses are very acute, and your dreams are fascinating. The angels are also with you financially. You are renovating your work situation big time, and it requires a big energy output. Remember to give yourself down time.