Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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March 2006 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

All of the mutable signs—Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini—undergo major changes this month. Use the month’s Pisces Mercury retrograde to create the pictures which you want to experience in your future.

The Mercury-retrograde period, from March 2-25, may feel a bit confusing. There is lots going on in your subconscious, which is demanding your attention. You can bring it to light best by talking to friends and associates, and by writing. The journal-keeping advice is very much for you. The advent of Equinox, Mercury turning direct, and Solar Eclipse in Aries will catalyze you to come forth and slay your dragons.

TAURUS. Others can help you much this month, especially career-wise. Dream for what you want, and ask for it. Endeavors which are altruistic, spiritually-oriented, and humanitarian will fare best. Group associations and far-seeing friends can be especially supportive. You may suffer a disappointment in regard to finances. Indecision is part of that picture.

GEMINI. Your most satisfying activity this month is talk. Talk, promotion, and getting the word out, maybe selling a wonderful product or idea which can be a boon to humanity. You will be very excited around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which will bring changes into your life. Vibrations may be overpowering. Take time to remove yourself from the fray and relax.

CANCER. Your attention is on personal security. That need is especially connected with a partner with whom you work to broaden your horizons. Perhaps because of this circumstance, more unusual types of people are coming into your life. They might be healing and caring, and at the same time independent. You are re-aligning your entire stance towards life.

LEO. You’ve had Saturn in the background, subduing you a bit. But at Equinox it pops out, and quietly begins to take charge of the vortex whirling around you. It’s growing time for you. Your partnerships are major now, and they can include a special love interest. The Aries Eclipse may signal a change in partnership commitment. Adventure does call.

VIRGO. Relationships are very much on your mind. You can receive enlightenment through partnership, and about partnership. Career is also featured now. What do I do when I grow up? You change many long-standing attitudes towards life, including partnership, work, sources of income, and your own needs for creative expression.

LIBRA. You’re spending a couple of years working hard on what you really want in life. Relationships are always the most important part of your life, this month in particular. Both work partnerships and romantic partnerships now take the front seat. You are also ambitious about your goals, and concerned about how they can increase your basic security.

SCORPIO. A new confidence continues to surge through you, but at the same time over-optimism can lead you to overextend yourself, most likely in taking on too much at work, or over-blaming yourself for some problem. Some very loving things happen at home, which may lead you to express a new compassion, perhaps through a work of art. There is much activity in your financial world.

SAGITTARIUS. You’re showing your rising power in every direction, creating new foundations for yourself. You feel like the angels are with you, and they are. There is much energy in your partnerships, and their character is changing fast. You might have a special relationship now with a sibling. The Equinox and the Solar Eclipse open a whole new chapter in your life.

CAPRICORN. Yes, you’re canny, Capricorn. And often a loner. However, this month you find security in a partnership, and find yourself depending on someone else. For the last two years, you’ve been changing your goals and your foundations, and this is the last hurrah. However, you’re still not quite sure about where you’re planting your feet. Think about it this month.

AQUARIUS. You make a hit this month, Aquarius. And you feel good about yourself. Mercury retrograde gives you the opportunity to rethink your money situation. The Full Moon Eclipse can catalyze changes in your resources. Aries time, at the end of the month, opens new gateways in communication and thinking. You may be writing, and perhaps publishing.

PISCES. All of your major life departments undergo transformation now. But you remain at the center, putting your aims and goals out to the universe, who is fulfilling them. Fortunately you’re flexible, for change is now the name of the game. Your identity, your partnership commitments, your work, and your home base are all up for revision. Indecision and distraction could be problems. Keep your eye on the ball, although it’s challenging.