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MARCH 2006

December 2005

by Maya del Mar

March is a month of change and transition. In the northern hemisphere, the long-awaited awakening of spring begins to surge through all of life. It is an up-and-down, uneven process, and thus we have now an unpredictable season. Storms and blizzards, as well as warm sunny days can alternate. In this spring season, in Chinese medicine we see different diagnoses, seasonal remedies, and dietary changes to suit the new energy.

Pisces is the featured sign in March. Pisces is a mutable sign which flows with change. It is a water sign, at home with snow, rain, and flood. It contains the entire cycle of life, and now we see it all—from dormancy to bud to blossom, from ocean to clouds to rain. Pisces stimulates imagination, and as we feel renewed life rising in us, we can imagine new possibilities. Pisces is the last sign, and we see the final dissolution of the old year. Last year’s dead grass disintegrates, and tiny new green blades begin to break through into the sunlight. And spring comes bursting through like the high-spirited Aries ram which represents it.

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