Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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December 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

There are a lot of threads this month, and you’re the one who gets to tie them all together. Intellectually no one can beat you. Socially you may need help to get your brilliance across. Friends are of particular help this month. This is choice month for you. Do you choose to use your Arian courage as an instrument of peace or as an instrument of war? Read the biography, and poetry, of the late Senator Eugene McCarthy.

Action has been your keynote. You move, and the world obediently revolves around you. You’re balancing now—balancing a safe, secure nest with speaking your piece in the world. Venus turning direct helps you to do both in a concrete, rational, and productive way. The world will hear you, and your goals will change.

Your hibernation time is over, and you move into action. You are super busy this month, carrying messages to and fro. Your voice may be heard throughout the land. Your restless nature needs a hook—but not too stable a hook. You will have many options before you, the way you like it. Travel can be extremely productive in making relevant contacts.

You and your partner are having a very intense month. Old ways are hard to change, but out of this ferment can come some new and more productive patterns. You make a new start in how you approach intimacy, with friendship serving as the main model. Promoting new ideas together can be very successful business-wise. You are setting up a new place in the world.

A new mantle of authority is descending on you, Leo. At the same time it involves new restrictions and new responsibilities. It may feel a bit heavy, but if you can open up to assistance from others, you can learn to carry it lightly. Your audience is apt to increase, and you may find yourself part of some strange dramas. You’re making a new mark in the world.

How do I assume my social role? You might be asking. Independence and autonomy are central now. Spiritual guidance is your key. But you might be tempted to escape the whole problem through addictive behavior. Old memories may be returning to haunt you, helping to urge you to escape. It may be time to undertake a constructive program of renewal. Next month’s Eclipse can help you shift.

What a relief! Your planet, Venus, finally turns direct. It’s been a slow month in regard to working towards your goals. This is difficult, because you are a cardinal sign, always goal-oriented. Saturn in Leo will keep your pace slow and steady, but sometime this month you are due for a creative breakthrough which can increase your income. Home can be especially nurturing.

You are laying new foundations for your life through a change in your work or goals. With altruistic motivation, you can benefit much through this change in orientation. Creatively you are brilliant. This is a time to put your work before the public. Publishing? A show? A concert? Discipline is important now, in order to build soundly.

Have you been involved in an abusive partnership? It’s time to re-evaluate the role of partnership in your life. Communication with a trusted family member, perhaps a sibling, is also up for analysis. You are putting a bundle of new ideas together to broadcast to the world. Your mind now moves at lightning speed. Keep a notebook handy.

CAPRICORN. After much self-doubt, you now have a better idea of how to proceed for success. And you must be successful. That mountaintop always beckons. This month should be lucrative for you. You have the savvy to cash into the developing new social currents. Cultivate your connections; they make all the difference. Groups can be great for networking.

Your charisma is high this month, and you can be very inspiring to and for others. Faith and hard work are your greatest working tools now. Opening to your full intuition is your greatest challenge. You have a role in interpreting the new energy which is bursting in on us this year. Another major challenge is remaining calm in the midst of the ups and downs of family life.

Such a very rich inner life you are living! Perhaps much of it relates to something being finally settled in regard to serious partnership.
Much of it also relates to your ever-changing identity, of which you are particularly conscious this month. Two fishes swimming in opposite directions is a challenge! You work hard. Your days are busy and productive.