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February 3
Venus direct

February 24
Vesta direct


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

This month no planets turn retrograde, and two turn direct. Venus turns direct at 17 Capricorn on February 3, and Vesta turns direct on February 24 at 8 Cancer.

Cancer and Capricorn are the major signs associated with security issues. Venus refers to those values which support us, and particularly those people who are on a supportive wavelength. Money, the good and beautiful life, as well as all that we love are part of our Venusian pantheon.

Vesta, on the other hand, is the goddess of the hearth, and she is particularly protective in the sign of Cancer, the family.

We can see, then, that protection of those things and people which mean security to us will now move ahead—but in a realigned fashion, thanks to the retrograde review.

Values and security means different things to different people. The retrograde periods send the energies inwards for review, and subsequent realignment in terms of our present conditions. They are opportunities to bring ourselves up-to-date, and to use those energies more appropriately in service of our own growth.

One generality is that both Cancer and Capricorn are more comfortable in traditional situations, so that we are working primarily with traditional values and social structures. This means that people, behavior, and situations from the past are emphasized, e.g., family.

Many of you have surely noticed the past coming to your renewed attention since Venus turned retrograde on Christmas Eve. You now see or relate to those situations in a new light. A peak time of making those shifts was around January 13, when Venus conjoined Sun for new directions for her new cycle. Many of these changed viewpoints may have shattered cherished long-held ideas of how you yourself express your values.

Some of those changes are exciting. Others may be profoundly disappointing, as we take a new look at reality. However, today is not the final illumination. We need time to balance the retrograde revelations with what we thought was our truth. In fact, we have until November 2006 to rebalance our inner and outer, past and present, conscious and unconscious affections and values. This will express through a strong and dynamic emphasis on relationships in our lives, in particular long-term and familial connections.

Capricorn is also strongly associated with our goals, our social roles, and the institutions of society in general. We will be rebalancing all of those functions of our lives during this next year.

Think about what you learned about yourself re relationships, and about how you support your own values, during the 40 days during which Venus was retrograde. Check especially in regard to what or who from the past came into your life around mid-January.

Venus rises now as a brilliant morning star, and will be in the morning sky throughout the spring and summer. This season, after she turns direct, is considered to be Venus’ most assertive phase. Think about it; Venus is now announcing the Sun. She can’t be shy! Express your values, and your affections! They announce you.

Vesta is about protection and safety—vests, investments, vested interests—and also about ritual, which is a way of protecting our place in the world. Vesta protects the home, the hearth, the bank account, our personal selves, our turf—whatever means safety to us. We’ve been re-evaluating issues of safety and security in terms of our personal needs, and by the end of the month we can begin to manifest our new conclusions.

GW Bush has his Vesta in Aries, and for him safety lies in the military (so long as others take the risks). He has been foisting that vision on the nation, and many are convinced that a military-police state is worth the stealing of our liberties if it makes us more “secure.” Will this belief hold up, and be further encouraged? Or might those of us with other Vesta energies (and beliefs) come to have voices in the national security debates?

Perhaps we might find those voices while Mercury is retrograde during March.

Stay tuned!

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