Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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December 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

It is you who gets this year moving, even though events seem to swirl around you. Getting your finances in order is a number one priority now. That goes with also getting your goals clear. A new leaf in time management can result in substantial gains. Healing of old friendships can occur. So can changes in direction.

Life can be hectic and full of pressures, and at the same time this month can be very constructive. This is an excellent building time for you, especially in regard to remodeling old structures. Repairing old relationships might also come up, especially distant ones with family. This is a great month for travel.

Service is your keynote this month. This is also a perfect time for you to connect with your higher self, and widen your divine channels. Through honest communication you can discover new depths in your partnership. You can also work well with other people’s money. Your horizons are broadening quickly.

This is a big month for you, Cancer. Your partner is full of ideas, and you might find him or her in a starring role. Nevertheless you trust in and develop yourself. Work and home both pull you strongly. Full Moon in mid-month is a very emotional time for both of you. Venus shines out, and you can let the love flow.

LEO. Well, yes, you would like to take charge of all the life swirling about you, and you should for this is Saturn in Leo’s month. But events have a way of taking over, and even you must go with the flow. Focus on work, and on taking care of your health. Many adjustments are on your plate now.

That creative muse is dying to be heard. Fight your way out of that routine, and let your muse fly. Re-arrange your work situation so that you have the time and space to more fully express yourself. You really are multi-talented, plus you can learn anything to which you set your mind. This is a good month for cleaning out clutter of all kinds.

LIBRA. You are rethinking and re-making your whole foundations, Libra. You have much rethinking and review to do this month, as you work on a brand new game plan. Moving your home could be part of it, but your connection to your job is important. Money issues are important now. There might be a surprise in relation to a friend.

SCORPIO. Life is expansive and very busy. The lucky breaks are coming for you. After a long hiatus and some reversals, partnership is lively again. Retrograde, however, is asking you to rethink your communication style. Conditions at work may undergo disruption. You’re preparing for some changes at home.

Your sense of strategy is perking now. Plan your campaigns and battles, and know that you can count on your guardian angel to guide you to success. Much of your work this month is aimed towards financial security. Creative assertive energy is your big weapon.

Your time has come, Capricorn. But still, not quite yet. You do have some changes to make, especially in your values. This is the month for you to be aware of what those changes might be. You can also focus on making those changes. There is a big move in your creative life which brings you closer to your dreams.

You’re storing background material to use for your big month—February. Your re-evaluation occurs in regard to resources and money, and you find yourself making new priority lists. Something old leaves, something—or somebody—new comes. You’re making relationship commitments now—commitment to yourself and your own authenticity.

Family is so important to you, Pisces—pro or con. You are balancing that with your creative needs, which are also strong. Watch your health this month. In fact, your could get a new health routine established by the time the month is over. You have a lot of transformative power this month, especially about your goals.