Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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December 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

Money has become a very active force in your mission-oriented life. You can use it this month to spread the word, to publish far and wide your personal truth. The world will listen; in fact, it may create a revolution. At the same time, home and security are more important to you than ever. Perhaps that inner center motivates your crusade.

TAURUS. You are being pulled here and there by every external force in your life. You have a lot to think about—as well as to do—and you have conflicts about where to turn next, and how to handle some of these situations. There has been much unsettled in your life. However, after Mars turns direct on December 9, you can move forward more easily.

What a very big month of change for you! You’ve been gathering tons of information during November, pondering your life, and now you make some moves to change it. Partnership is your focus, and you make a new start in that arena. You create a situation where you have more freedom, vital to your quicksilver nature. Work also changes.

CANCER. Your work situation is in a state of flux. You put much energy into improving your organization, with a focus on financial returns. New, more progressive, partnerships are part of this scene. Your business savvy is increasing, along with your willingness to act. Working to upgrade your health is also on your agenda.

The world revolves around you these days. You have strings to a multitude of places and situations. Fortunately, you do know how to take charge. Home and family problems are especially on your front burner. Your goals in the world are also undergoing change. Sometimes it feels like a merry-go-round; other times like an obstacle course.

Your foundations have been undergoing renovation for several years. During that time you have become more and more alone, going deeper into yourself. This month, at Full Moon, there is a climax, and a new turn in the spiral of your life. Information is jelling into new patterns in your mind. A male from a distance may be instrumental in this shift.

Money is your major focus this month. Working with your own creativity has the greatest returns for you. Friends, groups, and partners can help you to put your energy into productive channels. Opportunity calls in the field of information technology. You will, in fact, connect with many people, and have very busy days.

Opportunity for personal growth opens for you, but not without its costs, probably greater responsibility in the world, and a more disciplined professional approach. Everyone has their various costs this month, but you are positioned for the rewards more than most. Another cost may be conflicts in relationships, where others seem to carry a chip on their shoulder.

All these years of personal struggle and growth are coming to some kind of climax this month. Perhaps through a partner, you have a personal epiphany. Some new, and life-changing, information reaches you through your daily contacts. You are naturally visionary, but you’re becoming even better at seeing into the future.

You are like a chameleon, changing colors before our eyes. Although you are at home in this world, you recognize that a new world is on the way, and there are things to be done, and maybe tracks to be covered. Your partner is your security as you cautiously enter into these changes. Something big may come out of the blue to realign your stance.

Healer Chiron enters your sign, and you begin a new healing journey (absolutely true for this Aquarian). Lovely Venus is trying to join Chiron, but she has some review work to do, and she turns back to begin it on Christmas Eve. Notice what comes up for you then, Aquarius, especially in regard to relationships.

Your soul-searching these last few years has centered on your work, life goals, and profession. What is your public niche in the world? And how does it support your home base? This will be a month of deep change for you, as some of the answers become clearer. In the meantime, partnership is going through a new awakening.