Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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November 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

You have a very big challenge this month. You have to dig deeply, and maybe into the past as well. But you can accomplish your goals. Your brain is working well, and you have good help. In the latter half of the month, obstacles will increase. But you’re always good at surmounting those. Working with resources is your key now.

You’re doing a long-term fix-up job. Is it yourself? Your home? Your relationship? Your work? Any or all of those areas may be involved. Communication, especially to distant parts, attracts you. You may be involved with a new/old partner. A friend will surprise you. In general, this is a partnership month for you.

A problem in communicating yourself has been plaguing you. Your partner may be involved—or perhaps both partners. This month you can look at its cause in an earlier period, perhaps through bringing in people from the past. You may not know it, but you’re working on solving this problem in order to make room for a new way of being.

You change your working situation so that it gives you greater security, but not without a cost. Your great creativity takes a big leap now. For the next year, your output will be prodigious. Priorities will be a problem. Begin serious work on them now, and remember that they are subject to change.

Many responsibilities are coming your way. For the most part, they are serious obligations. Also, mistakes you made on the job are returning to haunt you. Saturn is bringing accountability time. On the other hand, you can go back to basics and begin to build a new security for yourself, this time through your personal creativity.

VIRGO. Your days will be very busy, and you will be handling new responsibilities at home. An authority’s change of attitude may change your life. Your partner may throw you a sudden curve, perhaps related to how you handle your work situation. Not home enough? You find yourself upset by distant situations, perhaps connected to family.

Finances are your major concern this month. Money will come and go, perhaps in large quantities. At the same time, you can begin building a financial kitty, if you are not reckless with your output. Work will bring you a new security, perhaps through new communication channels. Friendship undergoes a new focus, with only tried and true friends remaining.

SCORPIO. This is your new start for the year, Scorpio, and it is an extraordinarily dynamic one. Jupiter has just entered your sign to give you its blessings and benediction for the next year. You will work hard, and push against odds. However, you thrive in a milieu of struggle. You’re beginning to develop new responsibility at work, as well as a changed attitude in relationships with others.

SAGITTARIUS. You are flying, Sagittarius. But partnership problems still plague you, probably around joint finances. They begin to make a turnaround this month. An unpredictable situation pops up for you at home. Maybe someone suddenly departs. You are accident-prone now; be cautious, and pay close attention to your surroundings.

CAPRICORN. You feel a new optimism this month, Capricorn. You examine your aspirations, and try to set priorities. This is difficult because so much is unknown and unpredictable. You may hear from a long-absent sibling. You work hard and creatively with investments, which may end up draining you.

AQUARIUS. Your relationships with others are indeed serious. You may be doing some teaching, as new vistas open up for you career-wise. You see your value as a unique person in a new light. You’re reworking your base of security and your working conditions. You feel a focus on your power as a group leader.

PISCES. Work is a many-hued rainbow, where you find satisfaction and power. Your outside creative endeavors are also giving you great pleasure and security. They may include partnership at home. You are feeling very independent, Pisces, and finding that you can express who you really are. Something may come out of the blue to change your self-conception.