Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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October 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

You, along with Libra, are one of the Eclipse babies. Life is becoming complex. But you have your goal, and through thick and thin you soldier on. Your issues now center around resources—whether you’re fighting for oil or juggling your own finances, you have a lot to take care of. Security at home is especially on your mind.

Money is a big thing this month. You might feel taken advantage of by power plays. But you can orchestrate others. Just stand up tall and do it. Think of yourself as an orchestra conductor. Everything you need can be forthcoming. Mars retrograde in your sign will keep life slow this month, so don’t expect instant fulfillment.

You do some weird things with partnership. You’ll find old patterns coming up, and this is a chance to look at them and change them. Creativity is super high. If you’re a writer, take advantage of this period. This is a great travel month for you. You could write about your travels.

You are putting much energy into your foundations, in getting your life and home firmly squared so that it suits you. Your partner is also involved in this endeavor. A friend is instrumental in a special mission which may be connected to the arts. This month may be the end of the healing process which your partner has been undergoing.

The squeeze is on, isn’t it, Leo? But at the same time, the Gods are right there to lend a helping hand. You do a lot of thinking about security, what it means to you, how you can enhance it. The career sector of your life is uncertain right now. You’re getting feedback about how you can approach it differently. It’s not settled yet.

You count your assets, Virgo, and may be amazed at how many you have. You may not travel, but you’re definitely thinking about far places and wide vistas. Your partner may throw you some curves, something you hadn’t counted on. You may have power struggles with your boss.

You start off this month gung ho, Libra. You have a solar eclipse on October 3, and this means changes for you, either in recent times or down the line. Something sudden is apt to push you into a shift. It will have to do with structures—could be external structures, but more likely it is structures within you. Take care of your back!

SCORPIO. Venus in your sign, reflecting from a partner, sets off a whole cascade of events. Blessings come your way via a convoluted route. The eclipses this month are in your 12th and 6th houses. This is where you correct course, change those approaches that are not working. It’s easy to blame; better to look at your own part in life’s events.

You are trying to get your business together, and a partner is the vital cog—either helping or hindering your process. Friends are also very influential this month, again to either help or hinder. Communication is apt to run into roadblocks. Best to hold a steady pathway towards your goals.

Chiron turns direct in your sign to give you a last chance at healing your current wounds. You get much help from others, particularly in a professional way. A partner also can be helpful. Finances are confusing, and you may find your resources draining away. On a broad level, you are shifting your stance in the world.

Neptune may have been draining you for awhile, Aquarius. At the end of the month Neptune turns direct, and you may experience a climax in this process. Security has been a major issue with you, and there will be a positive step now to increase your security. Travel this month will be inspiring.

Finances and investments are big for you this month. You’re having a good deal of practice in communication. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and you can learn from those experiences. You’re trying to stay flexible in your goals, and that stance may lead to some strange situations. In general, life moves well.