Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


October 1
Mars retro

October 5
Chiron direct

October 26
Neptune direct


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

There are three planetary changes this month. On October 1, Mars turns retrograde, where it remains until December 9. On October 5, Chiron turns direct. Between these two stations, we have a Solar Eclipse, which gives them extra oomph. And finally, on October 26, Neptune turns direct.

The charts for each of these turns is stressful—just as any chart during these weeks is stressful. Yods, or Fingers of God, dominate. This means sudden shifts which require new adjustments. Planetary stations themselves often indicate sudden shifts, so we have doubled that emphasis at the time of each station.

Mars, the fighter, turns retrograde at 24 Taurus, in the 2nd house of the chart set for Washington DC. Finances and resources are the subject. This is also the degree of the noted Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May 2000. The meeting of these two giants indicates the character of social structures for a 20-year period. This Taurus cycle is particularly notable because it is the last such cycle in an earth sign (Taurus) for the next 600 years. There is an urgency here to get our relationship to the earth right as a society.

24 Taurus is the degree of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses around the Iraq invasion—November 2002 and May 2003. This shows that resources (oil) were the primary motivation.
At the November 19, 2002 Lunar Eclipse, the Senate overwhelmingly passed the Homeland Security Bill, and Bush was at NATO trying to get allies for the Iraq invasion.

At the May 15, 2003 Lunar Eclipse, the Senate passed a $3.5b tax cut, and promised more. Bush also filed for President in 2004. At that time Paul Bremer, American viceroy in Iraq, announced that the UK and the US would be in charge in Iraq indefinitely. Bremer abolished the Iraqi Army, as well as civil servants, thereby “instantly creating,” said a retired General, “400,000 new enemies.”

Baghdad was in chaos, and there were intensified Israeli attacks on Palestine.

All of those things are issues now. While Mars is retrograde, classically the things that have gone wrong can be corrected. However, I don’t see the national motivation for correcting. Retrograde Mars could mean just going further in the hole in regard to social destruction and social deficits. Perhaps corporate looting following the hurricanes proceeds apace, but with glitches.

I do think the global financial picture will change, and global warming will continue and pick up its pace. It is up to each of us to really think about and plan for our own futures, and Mars retrograde is a fine time to do that.

In two days we have a Solar Eclipse, and events around it may make our paths clearer.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, Teacher, and Maverick turns direct on October 5. In Capricorn since January 2002, Chiron has been hard at work disrupting the establishment and changing structures. Big-time, in fact. These are the last few months of Chiron’s fun in Capricorn, and it may intensify its work to ensure completion. This means structural changes, especially now—around Eclipse and station times. The U.S. justice system, the U.S. banking system, and the role of the military are pinpointed. The new Supreme Court, which opens on Eclipse day, is one of the manifestations. Justice Roberts also has his Chiron return now. Chiron, now on the U.S. Pluto, is playing with this nation for keeps.

Healing energy is released as Chiron turns direct. Those of us with physical problems can have more success with healing. New treatments will come on the scene next year, when Chiron enters Aquarius.

Neptune turns direct at 15 Aquarius on October 26. Now all of the planets except for Mars and Uranus, and all of the asteroids, are moving direct. This means that we can move ahead on many fronts.

During the retrograde Neptune months, we were accumulating a library of images in our minds. Now we can choose some of those images, and work to manifest them. Or we can choose to manifest counter-images.

At the time Neptune turns, it is directly above Washington. This is particularly interesting since the Bush Administration has been highly Neptunian—it's been run on fantasy, and for oil interests. Will some of its fantasies be called on the carpet now?

Neptune is King of the Seas, and water events may be part of this turning. Also, our attention can focus on flood dangers all along the coasts. And on oil, of course. Neptune also rules global climate cycles, and the process of global warming may become apparent to all.

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