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September 2
Pluto direct


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

The direct station of Pluto is the one planetary change in September. Pluto turns direct on September 2 at 6:44 a.m. EDT. This is sunrise on the east coast.

Pluto is deep power, sometimes buried and invisible, sometimes erupting very visibly. When Pluto is retrograde, that hidden power is growing. When Pluto turns direct, power emerges, sometimes explosively. Watch for power displays during the entire week of the station. For example, wars can start, earthquakes can occur, or accidents can happen as Pluto is turning direct.

Power which we have seen building is the anti-war movement, and I expect it to strengthen greatly. On the other hand, White House noise about invading Iran has also been growing. And so, of course, has “terrorism.” And Bush’s popularity has been sinking. This could all come together in an explosive way. And perhaps in a dangerous way, as Bush finds himself increasingly painted into a corner.

With Pluto on his Ascendant, George Bush is particularly susceptible to Pluto’s movements.

The chart set for Washington is explosive. At the top, right above Washington, is Juno at 9 Gemini. Juno definitely relates to fear, powerlessness, and abuse, as well as to partnership. One of its many current representations are U.S. prisons, domestic and global. Terrorism, of course, is another. Juno is also connected with strong weather eruptions. (She was raised by the Seasons, and is in charge of the weather.)

Juno now exactly conjoins the U.S. Uranus at 9 Gemini, an energy which often represents war, perhaps because it adjoins a Martian-type star, Aldeberan, the red eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus.

Uranus in the sky at this time is setting at 9 Pisces. This is exactly what it was doing at the birth of the U.S. (Sibly chart), a position which re-activates it. It is also exactly square Juno and square the U.S. Uranus. Squares are stressful and challenging. When they are exact, they express quickly and strongly. And to top it all off, Uranus is unpredictable. We have all this happening at the same time that Pluto turns direct! It connects with the U.S. in particular.

And with George W. Bush. Rising now is the Sun at 11 Virgo, making a T-cross with Juno and Uranus, and adding the Sun’s vitality to the challenge. This Sun also adds vitality to Bush’s Mars and to his progressed Sun, at 10-11 Virgo. Placement of this Sun on the Ascendant at this time indicates that Bush is the engine driving this unpredictable activity.

Bush also has his 12-year Jupiter return right now. Jupiter was King of the Gods; it represents a sense of entitlement to whatever one wants.

The bottom of the chart, the place of security, conjoins another aggressive fixed star, Antares, the red star in the scorpion’s claw. It marks the 4th house of foundations, where Pluto, the Transformer, sits at this lively turn.

Mercury is the chart ruler. It sits in the 12th house of hidden things conjoining Moon in Leo. This makes for subjective, emotional thinking which is hidden from view. Pluto has an easy trine to this Moon-Mercury combination, showing that these thoughts are of power. They center on Pallas in Libra, the strategist in governmental matters. Libra is also the sign of justice, indicating possible involvement of the Justice department.

Well, we don’t have to wait long to learn about this power surge.

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