Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Earth from Space
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September 2005

by Maya del Mar

Mars is the big news. For the next year, it is the big news. And this month it gears up, transiting many of the sensitive points which it will stimulate again.

Mars is energy, drive, unbridled ego expression. Mars is goal-oriented, not brooking obstacles. Mars is feisty, ready to take on all comers. Mars gets us where we want to go.

Mars is transiting the stolid sign of Taurus, where it will be until the end of January, moving back and forth (from Earth’s vantage point). Taurus is an earth sign, the earthiest of the earth signs. Virgo, September’s major sign, is also an earth sign. Thus Mars and Sun support each other now. September is a good month for.... Read more! Become a Daykeeper subscriber.

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