Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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August 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

You are a key player this month, Aries. Many things revolve around you and hinge on you. You might try to refine your methods to achieve your goals. Butting heads can sometimes stop further progress. You can have a magic touch, with many people willing to follow your lead. Follow your vision, and don’t let yourself get diverted.

Your energy is high, and you just move right along, Taurus. Obstacles may litter your pathway, but you don’t let them stop you. You are working on home building, perhaps remodeling. You have a vision in mind, and you stick with it. A child may bring you special joy now. Things go exceedingly well in your workplace, with good compatibility.

You are living it up. You’re surrounded on every side by people who respond to your fun-loving nature. Your daily life is very busy, with unexpected twists and turns. You like it that way. Your creativity in regard to communication, your forte, is in top form. Mercury retrograde is a bit of a handicap, but things are too good to complain much.

This is your month to use your canniness to make good deals. Don’t make commitments while Mercury is retrograde, but you can think about, discuss, and re-organize your investment life then, and be ready to sign papers when it goes direct. You begin this month to both renew your financial situation, and to rebuild your self-esteem.

Go ahead and shine now, Leo. You deserve it. You have learned some things from Mercury retrograde, and now you can show off your renewed persona. Everyday life will be pleasurable, with lots of friendly contacts, many of them helpful. But watch out for being fooled by others; you can be a bit naïve, and susceptible to flattery.

With Venus in your sign, you do feel good about yourself and others do appreciate you. You’re doing a lot of thinking about your life, and re-aligning yourself to be ready for your new start next month. A helpful partner is a resource for you now. You may place a focus on health. A trip might be in the cards for you.

LIBRA. Friends are super-supportive for you, Libra, and you can nestle cozily in the midst of your loving spiritual family. You may, however, begin a selection process of refining that circle. Your creativity continues in high gear, and the people around you are part of it. Communication is your big resource—promotion, publishing, the web? You do get the word out.

SCORPIO. You’re still involved in a heavy nurturing project, Scorpio. You may run into some flak concerning it, but your vision carries you through. Your work situation is undergoing major flux. It will settle down after the middle of the month, and you will have the opportunity to build something new in regard to your career. Hold the light.

Indeed, we do like to travel. You begin a two-year opportunity to build travel into your career, and you can start it with a professional trip this month. You will be well received by the world (even if you don’t travel). Friends are a special help in moving along your pathway. A partner, too, offers excellent support.

Women are important to you, Capricorn. They keep turning up in all sorts of helpful capacities. As is often the case, finances are a focus for you this month. You see money in a new way, and will make new arrangements and new alignments in regard to investments. You are ambitious, and important people can be especially helpful to you now.

AQUARIUS. It’s all about other people. Partnerships established now can be of lasting benefit. However, there is some turmoil in the home base, perhaps conflict about your love affair with the world. Money is featured; it will come in to you abundantly from others. Travel, teaching, or publishing are very successful this month.

Love and partnership are in the stars for you, Pisces. You’re doing major personal re-aligning, creating a new you with the help of a lot of supportive people in your life. Independence is a key word for you now, and you’re ready to fight for your turf. This is a great month to get your health routines in order.