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August 2005

by Maya del Mar

In most areas in the northern hemisphere, August is the hottest month of the year. The warmth of the sun has penetrated the earth and the seas, and we want to bask in the blessed light and warmth, to soak up the sun’s healing rays while we can. Many people take vacations now.

It is Leo, the Lion’s, time. Leo is the Sun’s sign and like the Sun, it rules its domain, shining its rays on everyone, warming the audience. It is his Leo Ascendant which confers charisma on GW Bush.

Virgo is the sign of the Great Goddess, and August is a special month for goddess celebrations. All of the great goddesses have special festivals in August. Lammas, in early August, is the Celtic cross-quarter celebration which opens the autumn season. It marks the transformation of the goddess into her Earth Mother aspect. The community reflected on the idea that the Mother aspect of the goddess would from here on slowly become transformed into Hecate, and emerge on Samhain.

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