Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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July 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

You just can’t hold that energy back! You have the power to change many things. Think about the consequences of your behavior. Establishing security and defending your home or homeland are important. Ask yourself what security means to you. And think about the fact that others have that same need. Money isn’t everything.

TAURUS. You work very hard this month hanging onto property, home, and bank account. Fears of loss dominate you. Family is very much on your mind, and you’re concerned for their welfare. However, you are very creative, and are establishing a new security for yourself. Your work situation might be odd and unpredictable, adding to your worries.

GEMINI. Finances are your big concern, and you’re very creative with them. You probably have some great ideas about how to handle money in different ways. You can ponder them while Mercury is retrograde—from July 22-August 15. Your work situation is apt to be disrupted, but the outcome can be very good for you. Keep an eye on partners.

CANCER. This is a very active month for you, Cancer. You hold the keys now—the keys to your money, home, and work. You do, however, share them with your partner. You both put lots of energy and ambition into your work goals. Money comes in, but not without effort, and perhaps help from afar. Others continue to drain your pocketbook, but when Mercury turns retrograde on July 22, you rethink that situation.

LEO. July holds a new, new start for you, Leo. You feel major changes—in focus, in responsibilities, in attitudes, in priorities, and in relationships. Much of your activity now comes from a subconscious, intuitive level. This is fine to a point, but “instinct” can lead you awry—especially you, and especially now. You’re feeling your way into a new skin; be cautious.

VIRGO. Somebody throws you a curve this month, Virgo. It will probably come out of the blue, and have to do with money. Good or bad? Could be either. Friends and family are so important this month. Somebody from out of your past may re-establish connections. You have a focus on work, and it does undergo transformations.

LIBRA. You and your partner have, to say the least, a lot of give and take this month. Much of it focuses on problem-solving in everyday situations. Your work situation is primary, and it may take a turn for the better. Expect surprises there. You might be involved in a sticky money situation. Somebody will have to give, and it’s not apt to be the other party, who may be in fighting mood.

SCORPIO. Looks like you’re having a tug of war with someone, and it may be someone with whom you are being very caring. Is money the focus? You think about your goals in the world increasingly as the month moves along. By the end of the month, you are making changes in your mind about where you’re going. This is a good month for travel for you, including travel with your mind. (However, do read the Travel Guide.)

SAGITTARIUS. You’re building up to conflict with a partner. Perhaps two partners; that may be a problem. Money is another issue, and that too may be a partnership problem. On the other hand, you have terrific energy for dealing with whatever comes up, and more besides. Both energy and luck move your way. However, a surprise at home may throw you.

CAPRICORN. You begin a whole new deal in partnership. And it’s big deal. Home may be turbulent. Your creative work now is looking after your investments, but other people, or unforeseen circumstances might throw a monkey wrench in your project. On the other hand, you get help from on high, and things do work out. You are moving into a new self-authority.

AQUARIUS. With Chiron moving into Aquarius, you begin several years of re-alignment of your energies. Right now you get much help from others. Your focus this month is on health and work. You may have to let go of something at home, or some security token, to achieve your goals. Resources go through much fluctuation, but you’re very creative about all changes.

PISCES. Don’t try to figure things out, Pisces. Fate is guiding you this month. Your intuition is strong, and leads you right where you need to go. Family, and travel, hold special attractions for you now. You start anew with your creativity, and communicate it to a wide audience. There is a lot of movement on the money front. It comes and goes at a rapid pace.