Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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June 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

After a period of laying low, life will pop ahead for you this month. Others who have been holding back will come through for you. And Mars, your planet of action, will move into your sign before mid-month. New Moon on the 6th sets you on a new course of communication, and perhaps travel, although home, too, demands attention, especially after Full Moon.

Your personal affairs keep you very, very busy. What most attracts you in the world are idealistic causes, and you will put your considerable power into working for them. Money will generally work well for you, as long as you keep all of your dealings on a high plane. A glitch may occur towards the end of the month; stay alert.

You start your special year’s cycle this month, and it starts with good feeling, optimism, high ideals, and strong goal-orientation. Take the time to clarify just what you want, begin now to reach for it, and you can achieve it during this next year. Children, perhaps metaphorical children, as in your employees or students, can be a special help now.

This is the last full month of Saturn in Cancer, and you complete this cycle in grand style. It’s a very creative time, and you can establish something pleasing and lasting. The energy to make this happen should be with you. You can be a genius with communication now, particularly in regard to work and health. Foreign connections can be helpful.

LEO. Your dreams will be dillies this month. Pay attention! You might get some hints about Saturn’s coming influence. (Saturn enters Leo on July 16.) Imagination and inspiration are highlighted now. If you’re a musician, writer, or artist, listen to the muse and let the creative juices flow! Jot down ideas as they come. Next month you can begin to manifest them.

Strategy takes top billing now. Maybe this month you can strategize your whole life. Your relation to the public and to your work is changing; you may be achieving goals towards which you’ve long been working. Finances will be an issue now, and have both ups and downs. Emotions flow freely, and friends are especially dear.

Yay! Your good luck has been waiting in the wings, and now it steps out front as Jupiter turns direct in your sign. You will be super busy this month—in business, on the home front, and connecting with people. Expansion is in the books, and perhaps travel. Publicity will pay off for you. You focus on your work and goals.

You may be putting out some big money in order to accomplish some long-standing goals. However, it works. Not only is your wheeling and dealing successful, but help comes from behind the scenes. Watch your health; you may be overdoing. Take time out for relaxation, and also make sure that you have some kind of exercise routine.

SAGITTARIUS. You are making a variety of people connections all month, e.g. clients, students, travel partners. You may have a new or revived role as group leader. Talk, talk, talk—you have to do a lot of listening now, not your forte. Money is an issue during the last part of the month. Your approach to partnership receives new life.

It’s now or never with certain people in your life, perhaps as a result of special opportunities which come to you through work. Remodeling your work environment is, in fact, big this month. You’re trying to make it more attractive, and you have good help. Home may not be very peaceful. Use that extra energy to improve yourself and your life.

You’re flying this month, Aquarius. You’re busy running hither and yon, organizing and re-organizing your life. Towards the end of the month you may be taking care of health concerns. This is a great month for travel for you. You are appreciating a new independence. Music, movies, and TV may especially attract you.

You begin the month all fired up, and may be able to make some positive changes in your work/partnership life. Finances become more urgent as the month moves on, and you may be making changes in your investments or joint resources. You, too, Pisces, are enjoying the freedom of a new independence. Trust your intuition.