Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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JUNE 2005

by Maya del Mar

New Chakra Healing; Activate Your 32 Energy Centers by Cyndi Dale. Llewellyn Worldwide, St. Paul, MN 2005. $17.95 oversize pb.

This book is an absolute goldmine of information about the body’s energy centers via the chakra system. It’s very clear, well illustrated, and filled with exercises for activating your chakras—all of them—and removing blocks. I’ve been casually working with chakras for years, and this is the best and most helpful book which I have seen. I recommend this book to everyone who is even interested in human processing of energy, and especially to all body workers and healers.

There is a wealth of illumination in Cyndi’s book. For instance, she talks in detail about the developing self, and age ranges in relation to chakras. One's 20s are a time of preparing for the first Saturn return, when we assume our mantle of adulthood. Cyndi says about the 20s:

This is an energetic truth as well. Ages 21-28 find us moving into our 8th chakra, the keeper of the past (and time). These years might well be called 'the years of karma,' for during them we are clearing blocks, changing misperceptions, altering relationship patterns, and confronting spiritual falsehoods which could hinder future success. All this in seven short years? We hope so, because after age 28 we will be challenged to own, then materialize, our soul purpose. That is a large order. By 21 most of us have accrued a serious number of issues which could prevent future growth.

Chakra Eight enables this clearing, making way for our destiny. The bottom line is to tap into our gifts through life events, experiences, or relationships. Yet when we weave a tapestry, the loose threads must be tucked under. In order to 'trim us up,' Chakra Eight actives our unresolved issues—past and current life—and encourages choices that make us face them. No wonder so many early careers, youthful marriages, and mid-twenties lifestyles become obsolete during our thirties.”

All of this resonates thoroughly with me, as does the entire book.

We can turn to a description of Chakra Eight. It is about one and one-half inches above the head, and is a feminine chakra with a masculine core. Colors—silver and ultraviolet. Cyndi describes its associations, which include the Akashic Records.

And we can turn to exercises which can help us explore chakra development, including Chakra Eight.

Because it does resonate, and illuminates some mysteries, as well as offering practical help, I find this book hard to set down.

Cyndi is based in the Twin Cities, in Minnesota. Through her business, Life Systems Services, she provides intuitive and life-issues counseling. Cyndi developed this system for herself, as a way to manage her own intuitive system, which was wide open from the time she was a child.

This is a very rich book, well organized, easy to read, and full of new information. You’ll want it for a handbook, a sourcebook regarding energy, and aid to enriching your life.