Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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May 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

You’re doing some very sharp thinking about money, resources, and the future. However, you should be careful about who you trust. You tend to be somewhat naïve, and it may be that someone is prepared to put a knife in your back. Friends, as well, could pull the rug out from under you. This is a time to listen to yourself, and to follow your own direction.

You are completely focused on money and resources. The whole situation seems very complex, and may look daunting. What is it all for? Is a very good question for you to be thinking about now. You’ll get some answers as the month winds down. Notice how supportive friends, partners, and your daily connections are. Warm your heart by showing your gratitude.

Things might feel murky and uncertain, but you just keep your high ideals shining, and you’ll get through this month. A shock out of the blue might put you in travel mode, and travel would indeed be beneficial now. You begin to be energized after New Moon on the 8th, as planets one by one move into Gemini. After that, communication, your forte, is on the front burner for everyone.

Saturn in Cancer is the definitive planet this month. This means that if you take your authority into your hands, you have a great deal of influence. It also means your platter is full of work and obligation. What you do now also has consequences which last long into the future. It’s a weighty month for you, Cancer, and asks you to be extra conscious of your choices.

You will probably be in the public eye this month. This includes, as well as your front stage role, an important place in supportive groups and associations. If you’re a late Leo, you’re undergoing a huge process of inner change. Something ends for you now. It could be a relationship dear to your heart, or one that has been long been a problem. End of the month opens things.

VIRGO. You’re still trying to figure out your life, Virgo, and you do some very good work this month. It may be that a long trip helps to clarify your future. A sudden shock from a partner, although disappointing at first, may work out to your benefit. You’re gradually learning to be more and more self-sufficient, and this month you take a major step along that path.

LIBRA. Problem-solving is your big thing this month, Libra. You need to do it with a partner or partners, and you need to do it in your own creative fashion. The subject is joint resources, intimate relationships, or business partnerships. Idealism is part of this picture, but you must be careful not to let the idealism turn into fuzziness. Staying clear and grounded is your major challenge.

SCORPIO. You are caretaking a lot of people this month, probably clients, and clients who can pay you well. And you’re on a roll. You’re absolutely brilliant. You’re carefully recalibrating your personal accounting. Perhaps a trip, or extra expenses, motivates this caution. In general, you’re regrowing your role in the world. Creativity is your middle name now.

You can do some excellent planning—figure out where you’re going, and how, as well as how you need to change your base to make this month’s journey work. You have to handle a complicated set of levers and controls now, and you, of all people, can be a good navigator. You’re the type that can have a golden touch with money—IF you pay attention to it.

Face it. Your partner has the know-how this month. You, however, can be a good advisor—if you stick to the facts. Which might be hard, because your imagination is now working overtime. Use that intuition and cleverness to learn a new computer system—or upgrade the old. Also, don’t buy on impulse, and don’t overbuy. Your eyes are very big now.

Chiron goes retrograde in your sign to throw some new curves at you. As it moves between Aquarius and Capricorn this year, you’ll have a chance to practice being a new kind of person, better able to handle the raised vibrations which are coming in to all of us on the Aquarius wavelength for the next 6 years. Finances make a shift, perhaps connected to teaching.

PISCES. Suddenly, Pisces, something new and exciting opens for you. It is connected to partnership, and to changing goals. Your days are newly brightened and your horizons widened. I have the image of taking artistic photos of daily life in a foreign culture, and later exhibiting and selling those photos. In any event, artistic endeavors can flourish in a professional manner.