Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


May 8
Chiron retro

May 11
Pallas Athena direct

May 19
Neptune retro


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Two planets turn retrograde this month, Chiron and Neptune, both in Aquarius. And one asteroid, Pallas Athena, turns direct in Virgo.

Wounded Healer Chiron is stationing, making his turn, at 4 Aquarius on May 8, Mothers Day. This will be an odd day. Aquarius is attuned to the galaxy, and Chiron here is bringing some of that “weird” galactic energy to earth. ET’s? Chiron in Aquarius understands them. So don’t expect a standard Mothers Day. Taurus will ground us, keep us here on earth, with earth’s pleasures, but at the same time Chiron is carrying us into the future. Chiron’s healing is about connecting heaven and earth, future, past and present.

Many of those with Chiron in Aquarius have been recluses, perhaps because they march to a different drummer, and do not “fit in.” Examples are Howard Hughes, recluse millionaire, Greta Garbo, recluse actress, psychologist Sigmund Freud, writers Ann Morrow Lindbergh and Jean Paul Sartre, both of whom wrote about our solitary human conditions. Michael Jackson, who shuts himself away into Neverland, also has Chiron in Aquarius.

Chiron at this time is most affected by Neptune, also in Aquarius, and also stationing, preparing to turn retrograde on May 19. This is a combination which can see the larger, universal truths behind our lives. In Aquarius, they can see into the future. Now they will both be retrograde for a few months, pushing us inwards, and we will have the summer to look into ourselves and listen to the future calling. Our own future, not one that some authority is creating for us.

Visions generally take time to grow, and journaling is an excellent method of aiding this process. Make a note of something that strikes a chord in you during the day—anything from a dream to a flower to a friend’s remark—and elaborate a bit on it. 2005 is a universal “7” year, and this is the year to dream and vision. The visions which we create in a “7” year become the new manifestations of our next “1” year (2008). Chiron and Neptune both retrograde in Aquarius are giving us a golden opportunity for this envisioning process.

An example of the possibilities of the Chiron-Neptune combination is Martin Luther King , who had them trine in his birth chart. They were trine in earth signs, which kept him grounded, but Chiron in Taurus did square Mercury in Aquarius. We have the Taurus-Aquarius square in the sky now, with its potential for uniting spirit and body, and bringing them into the future. “I have a dream….”

Neptune and Chiron both turn direct in October. When a planet turns direct, we expect to manifest the stored treasures of the retrograde period. However, in this case there is a lot of cleanup work and reorganizing to be done first. This is shown by the fact that Mars will be retrograde during the autumn, and Saturn will be slowing down. Together, when they are ready, they will create the necessary new structures for manifesting our new visions.

In the meantime, don’t despair! Look within yourself for guidance, and without yourself for new models. You might make your own treasure map. Or make an ongoing collage using those images which attract you. Again, Chiron, the Teacher, is helping us get our pictures together. Chiron makes a brief dip back into earth sign Capricorn from August-November, and stations in Capricorn. Capricorn is the earth sign which deals with structure, and we can pick up missing pieces of reality during that time, so that we can complete a practical vision.

Pallas Athena stations and turns direct at 24 Virgo on May 11. Pallas hangs around this degree for the entire month, which gives it a lot of impact. Pluto also hangs out at this degree—but in Sagittarius. Thus these two form a close square all month. Pallas is an analyst, a strategist, a teacher, a defender. Her practical knowledge is inexhaustible, and she knows how to put the pieces together to improve her people’s lives. She is very at home in the sign of analysis, Virgo. Pallas rules the immune system, the body’s first line of defense.

A Pluto square tends to mean obsession, compulsion, ruthlessness, and crisis. I said that this could be a month of preparing for war. This Pallas-Pluto square is part of the picture, especially since Virgo refers to the armed services.

Virgo refers to service in general, and to workers in general. Workers now will be stubborn in negotiating. Deadlocks are likely. This Pallas station can also refer to Social Security. Pallas is intent on caring for her people, and Pluto constitutes a ruthless attack on this goal. Pluto needs crisis to function well, and often creates crisis. (GW has Pluto on his Ascendant.)

Pallas rules the body’s immune system. Social Security is like society’s immune system. Instead of keeping out disease, it keeps out poverty, starvation, and misery for vulnerable people.

Right now Pallas is transiting Neptune in Virgo in the U.S. chart. This can be a sympathetic placement, and once it was. Neptune, for instance, was traveling in Virgo when the Social Security Act was signed.

Pallas will be direct for the rest of the year, moving slowly through the zodiac.

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