Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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A P R I L  2 0 0 5   S U N   S I G N S

April 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

Destiny is calling. You can hear it now, and you know you’re going to succeed in your quest. You’re building something—something that you value a great deal. It may not be completed until the end of the year, but you begin now to embellish it. Unless you were born with Mercury retrograde, best not to make a commitment until April 12. Others help.

You begin this month to really come into your own. April’s eclipses help you clear debris out of the way so that you can make a truly new start when Sun enters Taurus on April 19. Changes in your resources this month are part of a long-term healing process. Stay centered. Don’t succumb to either false exuberance or unnecessary panic.

You’re great at one-to-one communication, but how do you fit into a group? If you had early hurts in that situation, you may heal them this month, particularly if they were in regard to your relationships with authority. This is a good time for travel, particularly after April 11. Are you considering combining home and work at the same location?

You develop your authority this month by using a new approach to the public. They like it, and so do you. Perhaps it’s a matter of valuing yourself and your work sufficiently. It’s also a matter of seeing some new light in the ongoing work of producing security for yourself. The lunar eclipse on April 24 provides a creative breakthrough in an ongoing project.

Tell the world who you are, and what you want, Leo—after you’ve given it some good thought yourself. However, hold the communication push until after Mercury turns direct on April 12. There may be a financial problem with a partner who lets you down, but you can solve it. You’re working hard, and making solid new goals for yourself. Don’t let burnout overcome you.

A partner may need help this month, possibly in regard to extra expenses for health. In the meantime, you’re working on improving both your boundaries, and your management skills. An old acquaintance comes into your life, and there is a healing—which could be a either a renewal of friendship, or a completed disruption. Life moves ahead after April 12.

You are totally involved in partnership this month. You make a new start in the give-and-take of all relationships, and your appreciation of the other, already high, grows. You find yourself doing a lot of listening, and you know that all connections have special importance now. Securing a spot in the world for yourself looms as imperative.

Have you got some water problem at home? Or some unexpected drain on your foundations? You solve some big problems this month. Some of them are other’s dilemmas, but you have the compassion and sense of strategy to know just what to do to help. You may have a partnership surprise now. It marks the beginning of a long healing period.

You’re figuring out just where you want to go. It’s on the tip of your tongue, but somehow there’s some unfinished business asking to be taken care of before you can get really clear. What you create, and what you do with your creations has much relevance. For they are an intimate expression of you. Watch out for foot in mouth problems this month.

Are you moving, or changing homes? Something ends for you this month, and something is reborn. Maybe it’s a new start in partnership. Pay special attention to your finances. Money will be coming in and out, but make sure you keep tabs on it, and that you are getting good value. In fact, if you can avoid it, don’t make anything but routine purchases until after April 13.

This is a strange month for you. Just hang in there. You really want to communicate, but it will be frustrating during the first half of the month. You may inadvertently sabotage yourself, particularly in the money department. Chiron now entering Aquarius is good for long-range healing, but it will take some months to settle in to its mission.

Unpredictable Uranus is moving right along, opening new vistas and options for you. Trust your intuition this month, even though it might take you into some unfamiliar territory. Money, both yours and others’, is the focus of the month. Communication can be a problem. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Work on clear boundaries.