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Mercury direct
April 12

A P R I L  2 0 0 5   R E T R O G R A D E   W A T C H

Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

We have only one planetary shift this month—but it’s one which most of us always look forward to with relief. Mercury turns direct on April 12. (This date is the 60th anniversary of the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, which so decisively ended an era.)

Mercury makes its turn at 2 Aries at 3:46 a.m. EDT. We’ve done some thinking and reviewing about how we take initiative, how we stand up for our rights, how we meet challenges. Now it’s time to take that show out on the road. For another month we get to test out our new Aries courage.

Chiron is now most closely associated with Mercury. Mercury, making its new direct foray, will pick up the disruptive-healing energy of Chiron in Aquarius, and carry that with it as it moves our words and actions. There is a lot of spirit, adventure, and independence combined here. Mars, associated with Mercury’s sign of Aries, is also in the independent, forward-looking sign of Aquarius.

This Mercury, then, will be willing to encourage action to hasten a vision of the future.

The chart set for Washington DC has special features. Aggressive Mars is about to rise in the East, and thus very powerful. Mars is closely conjoined by Neptune, rising with it. This is a difficult combination. Mars is physical energy; Neptune is nonphysical energy. Neptune is the stronger of the two, and thus Mars either allows itself to be guided by Neptune’s universe of spirit, or it finds itself sabotaged.

This Mars-Neptune combination is at a critical degree in Dick Cheney’s sixth house of health.

There are many other connections to Cheney’s chart. This powerful stationing Mercury is on his South Node, which often means the end of things. Chiron now is on Cheney’s progressed Mars and his progressed nadir, showing that health issues may be fundamental for him now.

The nadir, or the IC, or the fourth house cusp, represents a place of endings and beginnings. It is often called the place of incarnation. It is a very sensitive place, where past and future come together.

In the Mercury-direct chart, Moon in Gemini sits here, at the bottom of the chart. This, then, is the foundation of the chart. Moon is changeable, emotional, sensitive. In a chart such as this, it refers specifically to the people. In Gemini, there are two sides involved. This Moon also aspects Mercury, and Chiron. In addition, it is now squared by Uranus, who brings us surprise packages.

Transiting Uranus also squares the U.S. Uranus, in a turning point which represents release, or freedom. It also opposes GW’s Mars, ruler of his aggressive midheaven, which shows his stance in the world. This indicates increased independence and freedom for GW in the face he shows the public.

This Mercury-direct chart has many potent connections to Cheney, Bush and to the U.S. The end of something shows in a number of ways, and the indication here may be mainly in regard to Terri Schiavo, who has certainly stirred up strong and mixed emotions, and galvanized the country.

The U.S. financial situation is also heavily impacted now.

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