Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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F E B R U A R Y  2 0 0 5   S U N   S I G N S

February 2005 Sun Signs

Note: These descriptions apply particularly to your sun sign, which is your command center and your basic pathway. However, they also apply to planets in the sign described.

You have lots happening, Aries, some of it underground. Perhaps most important are events in your career life. Investing in yourself is a good bet now, but at the same time special attention to others will bring rewards. You may run your whole show from home this month. Friends can be especially helpful.

TAURUS. Are you making investments or sharing in a partnership which will help you to eventually be more independent? Work will go very well this month. A surprise can bring you closer to your ideals. You broaden your horizons, perhaps through diligent study, or even through teaching. This is a good month for you to do business traveling.

Partners are tough on you this month. Or are they tough partners? Money will move rapidly, and it probably relates to your own creations. Make sure it’s for a good purpose. You would have a blast with travel this month, and all sorts of new things could enliven your life. A career change might be in the works.

CANCER. You are more in command of your life, Cancer, than you have been for months. Finally you get to call some of the shots. You are working very diligently on your career, and much is falling place for you. This is wheel and deal month, and your bargaining with others can work well. You’re broadening your place in the world.

People, people, people. People pop up everywhere, and in all sorts of capacities. Many of them can help you; others spring surprises. You take care of some old business which relates to home and family. Now is the time to renovate your foundations, and make room for new ventures. This is an on-the-go month for you, initiated by others.

You’re getting your life together in a brand new way. It includes a big reform in your health routines, as well as a new deal in partnerships. Your self-awareness takes a mammoth leap. You’re both creative and practical about all of this re-organization. You also take a new look at your finances, and at joint resources as well.

You may have the savvy, but your partner is especially valuable to you now. Your great creativity springs into bold relief, and you want to use it for practical problem-solving. Home is an energetic, maybe a scrappy, place this month. Money may be an issue; it can come from your own creative efforts.

SCORPIO. You are taking care of yourself this month, Scorpio, by making some major changes at home. Or is someone else, perhaps a child, initiating them? You have a lot of sustained energy now, and are using much of it to realign your life in a way which better expresses the real you. You have a new creative start this month.

SAGITTARIUS. You begin the month with a major thrust of energy which gives you the determination to accomplish big things. Daily communication, busy days, a busy mind, and short trips keep you on the go. You have a new realization this month of what kind of a home base you want, and of how you can create it.

You’re starting a new solar year, and your renewed energy gives you a new lease on life. You start out by doing all kinds of creative things with money, which is very satisfying. A lightbulb goes on for you, and you come to some brand new realizations. Travel can really be a mind-opener now.

A lot of love is part of this new solar year, Aquarius. Friends do appreciate you, especially old friends. People and memories are jumping out at you from the past. Your values are spiritual, and they become more clear every day. School or a unique study is a big part of your life now.

You operate mainly from spirit, or intuition, or your subconscious. This month you become much more conscious of where you’re coming from. There are some surprises there for you, and you may make some surprising moves. You work hard at making your dreams come true. A partner can awaken you to new facets of yourself.