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Jupiter retro
February 1

Pallas retro
February 1

F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 5   R E T R O G R A D E   W A T C H

Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Two bodies turn retrograde in February. Jupiter and Pallas Athena both are stationary retrograde on February 1.

They both share qualities of vision, wisdom, and command. They both now conjoin one another in Libra, the sign of war and peace. And they will both be slowly moving retrograde during the spring months, when the general urge of life in the northern hemisphere is to spring into action.

Jupiter and Pallas are together a powerful pair. Retrograde says it is time to internalize the energy, to bring it back to our centers, to become more authentic. This is a great opportunity to take back our vision and our power. We can withdraw energy from the important people and authorities that these energies represent, and instead take steps in owning our inner authority.

Most of us want peace and harmony. How can we achieve balance in our own lives? How can we contribute to a balanced earth, to a life cycle which is sustaining? The whole subject of peace is now up for review.

During the next four months we can do some very good work towards balance in all arenas of our own lives, and in the life of the social body. At the same time, this is the season of the year to take on new initiatives which can further those goals.

At the time of this turn, Libra and Aquarius are working together. They are both air signs, signs which like to think, organize ideas, and talk. Air signs communicate with words. Libra and Aquarius are both politically oriented. In fact, either one can be a politician.

Thus the whole political scene, the use of language to further political goals, and our part in this drama are up for review now.

Jupiter also particularly relates to belief and philosophy, and when Jupiter is retrograde, we can better discover and nurture our personal beliefs and values. Social justice can be a Libra value. How do we promote it? Now it is time to see how we can incorporate justice into our own lives.

We do need this time to stand back from the body politic and take a breather. Inner work now can refresh us, and return us to our own integrity. In June we can return to the crowd, to the public pulpit, less subject to its creeds and preachings, more in touch with our own values.

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