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J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 5   R E T R O G R A D E   W A T C H

Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

No bodies turn retrograde this month, and only one is traveling retrograde—Saturn. When many planets are traveling direct, action speeds forward, and the Indonesian earthquake and other big events are examples. So instead of talking about retrogrades, I want to make some comments on the huge Asian earthquake which occurred on Monday, December 27.

First of all, Neptune, ruler of oceans, set the stage. At the prior Full Moon it crossed right over India and the Indian Ocean. Mars and Uranus provided the stimulation with lines converging at the quake epicenter.

If you’ve been reading your Daykeeper over the months, you’ve run across the "Chiron-Saturn opposition" discussed many times. I’ve talked about it as structural re-alignment of all types. It has been more or less in orb for 4-5 months. It was, for instance, the central aspect during the Election. Well, to go back to the Daykeeper entry for December 27:

"…Healing is emphasized today and tomorrow, when the Chiron-Saturn opposition is exact. Moon is conjoining Saturn to make it not just a national re-alignment, but a personal one. We may all feel a jolt, as we shift our energy channels."

The Full Moon of December 26 was a water moon, Cancer. It trined Uranus, the disrupter, in Pisces, the sign of oceans. By the time of the opposition on the the 27th, Moon had moved around to conjoin Saturn in Cancer and oppose Chiron, and give them a very watery bath. Furthermore, Moon was "out-of-bounds" (off the ecliptic) at that Full Moon, and this indicates that a planet "goes wild."

The Full Moon introduced the new North and South Nodal polarity, Aries-Libra. I said about that:

"Emotions flow freely. They include both needs for nurturing, perhaps in the form of ‘tough love,’ and doing things differently. Also, families in many parts of the world may be disrupted by rough treatment."

This Nodal change puts a focus on Mars, ruler of Aries, and Venus, ruler of Libra, for the next 18 months. Mars and Venus had a conjunction on December 5 (refer to archives) to usher in a 2-year creative cycle. This conjunction was in the sign of Scorpio, showing the character of the cycle, and furthermore, it occurred during the Scorpio moon month of birth and death.

Mars and Venus, then, will act with strong Scorpionic energy for the next two years. In addition, Venus is now in her assertive position as a morning star.

This fateful Full Moon had another very important gathering—Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. This gathering extends all the way through January, a phenomenon in itself. Pluto is acting very strongly now, in all of our personal lives. It entered a new degree in December and another one in January. This means new kinds of regenerative experiences. These personal planets, over which we thought we had conscious knowledge and control, are now diving into the unconscious. Transits by Mercury, Venus, and Mars will never again be simple and ordinary.

Consciousness, indeed, is being rapidly raised and expanded.

The square between Ceres in Scorpio and Juno in Aquarius also has bearing on this quake, and what I expect will be future such disturbances. Ceres in Scorpio wants to mother, but in Scorpio death and destruction can be connected with her nurturing. Juno is very upset with the abuse of all kinds happening, and one of her ways of combating it is to create disturbances in the earth and the weather. Juno is now joining Neptune in the sky, and thus using water for her fight-back.

We are so connected.

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