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A Message from Matthew

by Suzy Ward

[Note: Matthew is an entity channeled by Suzy Ward. This article is reprinted with permission from the author.]

SUZY: Matthew dear, I'm ready to take your message-I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner.

MATTHEW: I understand why, and I thank you for coming now, dear soul. The shock and grief around the world about the loss of life and vast devastation due to the earthquake and tsunami is deeply touching all souls in Nirvana. We are beaming intensive love-light streamers to all who are suffering the intense pain of sorrow and destruction of their homes and towns. Life as they knew it ended with what they perceive as an incomprehensible tragedy. If they could know that their recently departed beloved people left purposefully to join with the myriad others here and beyond who are sending forth light to all of Earth, it could offer some small measure of comfort in these days of aftermath.

Because of my leadership of Nirvana's soul transition service before entering my current travels, it was felt that with such additional numbers anticipated beyond the daily arrivals, my experience would be helpful. Therefore I returned here prior to this en mass arrival of souls and I can give a firsthand report on their reception. Many came in sound physical condition, and because their dying process was in an instant, no trauma occurred to accompany them psychically. Seeing family and friends who had long preceded many of them to Nirvana and the intensity of love that engulfs all, even with mild confusion as to the reason, they embraced this joyously. To prevent traumatizing these souls, the reason for their transition-that is, the fact of the earthquake and tidal wave, not their soul contracts-was revealed slowly and not as we witness it. Not unexpectedly, their joy turned to sadness by hearing about the massive devastation to the homelands and the grieving families they had left so recently. But the negativity of sorrow cannot last in the all-encompassing love energy in Nirvana, and their sad feelings were lifted by understanding that in leaving as they did, not only were they fulfilling their original or amended soul contracts, but they also are assisting Earth by adding to the light instead of contributing to the negativity on the planet.

Those who came with physical injuries entered stations where a lead medical assister and a team of ten ushered in the strength of the etheric body, which is closely tied to the physical body. Immediately treatment to enhance the etheric body's strength began, and depending upon the severity of the physical injuries that determined the condition of the etheric body, these souls either have left the medical stations or are still in recovery with constant care by the vigilant medical assisters. The souls who have returned to full vigor have been reunited with family and friends and are receiving the same assistance as do all arrivals in sound condition, the reintroduction to this realm as their memories of other lifetimes here gradually emerge. They are choosing initial residences and settling in, and later they will become reacquainted with recreational, educational, travel and employment opportunities.

The far fewer people who prior to transitioning were acutely aware of what was happening on Earth and their psyches were correspondingly traumatized, entered Nirvana at stations where specially trained medical assisters instantly started the treatment that was customized to each individual's needs. In cases where the physical body also was severely injured, first the medical teams stabilized and strengthened the etheric bodies and then these people entered the longer-term care stations for psychic healing. Mother, you remember from my detailed explanation in the first book that every person is greeted by name and his or her lifeprints are known prior to arrival, so personalized treatment is readied in advance; also the soul is liberated, so to speak, from the etheric body and psyche of the immediate past Earth lifetime, so the healing I've mentioned refers only to those bodies and the psyches that need it.

S: Yes, I remember, but it's good to mention that here. Many family members died at the same time-have all of them been reunited?

MATTHEW: Family members who wish to be reunited have been, but those who desire to be with souls with whom the love bond is stronger are free to do that without resistance. Since the new arrivals are seeing again people with whom they've shared other lifetimes, these kinds of reunions also are common. New residents still in recuperation know which family members also are here and vice versa, and the same is true of the souls who entered the lower layers of this world.

Not all of those who departed Earth en masse entered the beauty, majesty and intense light in the upper layers of this multilayered realm. That vast numbers arrived suddenly due to one natural disaster does not alter the universal law that governs which part of Nirvana a soul will initially inhabit. The energy of thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions throughout the lifetime automatically draws the person to the part of Nirvana where the energy registration corresponds to that lifetime. But regardless of which part that is, whatever treatment may be needed for the etheric body or the psyche is immediately given at appropriate medical stations.

S: You know that I've received many requests for your comments about this overwhelming situation in Southeast Asia. Someone who wrote quoted from an Internet posting, that the quake "actually altered the axis of the earth's rotation" and "a big piece of the planet's mass has been moved around." Can you comment on that?

MATTHEW: I can't give any definitive comment based on those fragments out of context, but I can say that that one event didn't create a change in Earth's rotation. However, it may have called attention to the orbiting changes that are occurring as the planet is ascending into lighter densities, and the interpretation is that the quake "altered the axis." Now, when tectonic plates move to the extent that a 9.0 quake like this results, indeed "a big piece of the planet's mass" is affected, but if the article states or implies that it "has been moved around" to a different location on the seafloor, that is not correct.

S: OK, thank you. Most people who asked specific questions want to know if this was a manmade quake, and a couple of people forwarded an article proposing that "tall white" and/or "little grey" ETs may have used scalar beams to cause the quake so they could rescue the children and take them to locations off-planet, but they did it with good intentions. Is there any credence to that?

MATTHEW: None whatsoever! The only ET hand in this otherwise totally natural disaster was using their technology to neutralize the force of the quake and lessen the size, or height, of the tsunami, and thus reduce destruction and death toll. Without their help, hundreds of thousands of people would have perished, and this was not Earth's intention. In my last message and in several prior to that, I mentioned that geophysical events would continue as the planet releases the kinetic energy resulting from millennia of accumulating negativity, and not long ago I stated in a message that before your planet is completely out of third density, millions of people will die. As much as I wished it were not necessary to pass on that kind of information, it IS necessary for you to know what to anticipate and to prepare spiritually.

The positive note here is that we are seeing unprecedented spiritual preparation in the aftermath of this titanic event. We understand that you regard this year as ending with a monumental tragedy, and I shall tell you how we are able to perceive it beyond that. We see the near-brilliance of light from what could be considered a global prayer for the souls who departed and for the survivors. We see people of all nations rushing to assist the people in the countries affected by the tidal wave and donations of every kind being amassed for relieving the dire straits of the injured and homeless. We see that color and ethnic and cultural barriers are crumbling in the wake of this international disaster. We see the opening of hearts in thanksgiving for blessings that have been taken for granted. These unified outpourings of feelings and assistance have created far more light than the amount of negativity created by the deep sorrow and shock.

S: Mash, do you want to say anything about what will be happening in 2005?

MATTHEW: Yes, Mother, I do, although I doubt that I can say much that will be surprising to people who have been reading my messages all along. Your next calendar year will be bringing the most profound changes in your recorded history of government and economic systems, along with the realization that you are receiving on and off-planet help from your space family. Climate, not only weather, changes will be undeniably evident, and environmental activism will be increasingly forceful. Newborns will have more DNA strands than their parents, increasing the numbers already there with what you could call stunning paranormal or extrasensory powers. Consciousness-raising will promote heartening cooperation, sharing and harmony starting within families and extending across international borders. The ever-intensifying light will continue to open telepathic connections and further magnify human traits-in simplest terms, the good will be better and the bad will be worse. Light-receptive people will experience physical and emotional symptoms related to the transformation of their cells from carbon to crystalline, a necessity for physically accompanying Earth into the higher vibrations where she is heading; also, by heeding their inner voice, these people will be motivated to make beneficial changes in attitudes, relationships, jobs, residences and spending. Those who choose to refuse the light-that is, ignore intuition and conscience or cling to their current greed, control, deceit or fear, will start to leave as the planet keeps ascending into the higher vibrations where their bodies cannot survive. Many souls will be leaving in accordance with their soul contracts, some by the geophysical upheavals and wars that will continue for a while longer.

Those are the major developments we foresee, but in short, 2005 will be a memorable time of transition from what you have been led to believe into what is reality. Those who stay steadfast in love-light energy will greet each change, even those that may be temporarily quite challenging, as another milestone of Earth's travels toward the promised era of peace and harmony throughout all her lands. Myriad light beings, in body and in spirit, will be lovingly helping you all along this enlightening and exhilarating journey that will take you to your rightful place within our space family.

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