Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

A    R E A D E R    W R I T E S,    J A N U A R Y    2 0 0 5   

Mother Ceres is Angry

by Taliesin

As with other earthquakes, I have always looked to Uranus the revolutionary or Neptune, the "earth shaker" (according to the Greeks), or possibly, Pluto.

With the recent full moon alignment, it seems that here is the starting point. We must look at Ceres in this case, and to some extent Juno and Saturn, and her place in Scorpio.

When Ceres had her daughter, Persephone, swept into the underworld by Pluto, Ceres created a barren earth where nothing would grow. Everyone’s security was at risk, and all pleaded to Zeus for help in settling the dispute.

We might look at the earthquake and flooding as a wake-up to the world from the "terror dream" which overcame Ceres.

It would seem that Mother Ceres has had enough, saying, "You want terrorism? Have a taste of this." Ceres sees her children dying horrible deaths and they are beginning to crowd the underworld. A million children dead from the sanctions on Iraq and another 10,000 in its war, a school burned in Chechnya, whole populations in the US with respiratory diseases, and a nationwide curriculum intended to crush and condition young minds.

The day after the earthquake, the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of the Death of the Innocents, commemorating the time when a power-hungry Saturnian, Herod, sought to kill all of the infants who would challenge his power, like Chronos seeking to devour his own children.

Ceres has said, "Enough!, wake up from your terror dream."

In his recent book, Fear, A History of a Political Idea, Cory Robins states that "Terror's most telling sign is silence, the desolation of verbal space signaling both the dissolution of men capable of speech and the disappearance of a world capable of description. No words, no definitions, could withstand terror’s decimating energies."

In the wake of Ceres’ jolt, the leadership of this country offered 12 million dollars and then with embarrassment 35 million for emergency aid. This is the country that spends 250 million on "one" fighter plane.

We weren’t ready for Ceres’ "war" as she, in Scorpio, sextiled and trined the sun in Capricorn (structure, the earth’s surface) and the full moon in Cancer (emotional security) respectively.

Why are we upset? Is it because man is not doing the killing of the innocents this time?

Do we suffer for the dead who feel no pain, or for the survivors (as we cling to our own emotional security) (Moon conjunct Saturn in Cancer), or for the extensive roll of tourists (Jupiter/Neptune) who could be any of us, washed away at sea along with all our illusions of life without death?

With Mercury and Venus traveling together in Sagittarius the media is giving us the full picture of the slaughter, when nature rather than man is the perpetrator. We are now able to evaluate and learn of our own personal and collective terror which has been hidden by the media.

Ceres is traveling in trine with her sister Juno who encourages her to protect the victims of real violence as well as of the terror dream. Our communications about mass death and disease will continue while Mercury and Pluto ride their cyclic hearse into early January. Chiron opposite Saturn is signaling the need to change the new world order through the wounded and suffering healing which is taking place on a cosmic scale.