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by Maya del Mar

Taoist Cosmic Healing, Chi Kung Color Healing Principles for Detoxification and Rejuvenation, by Mantak Chia. Destiny Books, Rochester, VT. 2003. $19.95

This is a fabulous book by a fabulous and well known Tao master. Now, as our psychic energy is raising so quickly, this is a very relevant book to study and use.

Master Chia includes all you want to know about activating, increasing, balancing, transforming, and using Chi energy. Chi Gung and work with the acupuncture meridians are major techniques which he applies, but he uses many other techniques, all of them described with precision, and beautifully illustrated.

Mind, eye, and heart power are also vital.

"The opening of the mind, eyes, and heart and the use of intention is vital for activating and increasing your Chi. In Taoism we achieve this by cultivating our yi. Yi leads and guides Chi. With our mind we control thought patterns. With our eyes we control the senses of sight, hearing, sensing, and taste. With our heart we control all our organs and their related emotions: the kindness/anger of the liver, the joy/impatience of the heart, the openness/worry of the spleen, the courage/sadness of the lungs, and the gentleness/fear of the kidneys. Yi controls all of these things. It is mind-eye-heart power melded with our intention."

Those of you with some familiarity with the Chinese medical system will resonate to these descriptions. Chinese philosophy-medicine-and everyday living are all intertwined. Our job, they say, is to bring heaven and earth together in the whole of our lives.

Master Chia shows how energy moves in our bodies and in our auras, and gives us a multitude of exercises to facilitate that Chi movement in every part of us, as well as beautiful pictures which help us see the energy flow.

Mastering Chi enhances our healing energy. The last chapter in the book is about treating specific health conditions, such as skin infections, eye problems, migraine, headache, and many other common problems. There is an appendix which gives a guide to the acupuncture points used in Cosmic Tao.

Master Chia says that the ultimate goal of Taoist practice is to transcend physical boundaries through the development of the soul and the spirit within the human. He has spent years developing and perfecting techniques for teaching these traditional practices. He has a Universal Tao Center in northern Thailand. Further information can be obtained at

I very highly recommend working with this book as a solid basis for any kind of self-development. This work is very true to the nature of our beings. As I go through it for this review, I know that I, for one, plan to study Cosmic Tao as presented by Mantak Chia.