Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

N O V E M B E R  S K Y W A T C H

Saturn and its Rings

by Maya del Mar

Saturn and its rings are a great sight this month. Even without a telescope, Saturn is now very bright. Check it out in the east in the late evening. Saturn is hardly moving this month, and appears to be sitting still in the constellation of Gemini, the twins. Moon appears close to Saturn on the evening of November 30.

Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets, are still visible in the early mornings, but closer to the horizon. On November 5, they are very close to one another. Check the eastern sky about one-half hour before sunrise. Watch during November as Venus slides past Jupiter, down towards the horizon.

Before dawn on November 17, check the eastern sky to view the Leonid meteor shower, which should have about 10 meteors/hour.

There is a lot happening in the sky from November 8-13, but for most of us, it is not very conspicuous. Saturn stations and reverses, Moon occults four planets, Uranus turns direct, and we have a New Moon in Scorpio on the evening of November 12. We may not see these markers in the sky, but we will feel them.