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N O V E M B E R  2 0 0 4   R E T R O G R A D E   W A T C H

Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Three planets change direction this month.
Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month, Saturn turns retrograde early in November, and Uranus finally turns direct about mid-month.

Saturn turns retrograde on November 8 at 28 Cancer. Saturn is concerned with social institutions, and it’s time now to re-evaluate our responsibilities, our social niche, and what we expect from government. Saturn is also about organization in general, and we have four months to restructure our lives.

Creating boundaries, and aiding in taking form and shape, are also functions of Saturn. We may develop a new focus on our boundaries, and our psychic protection, during the four months when Saturn is retrograde. This is especially likely with Saturn in vulnerable Cancer. New modes of defense, for ourselves and for nations, will be developing.

Saturn is turning retrograde exactly opposite the U.S. Pluto, which is at 28 Capricorn. This means that there will be pressure on the U.S. power structure during the entire four-month retrograde journey—and in fact until Saturn returns to 28 Cancer in the last week of June 2005. Deep, lasting, and disciplined re-organization will occur during those seven months.

Assertive action, and likely the military, will figure strongly in this re-organization, for Saturn is squaring Mars when it turns retrograde on November 8. We will see some manifestation of the changes when Saturn turns direct on March 21, 2005. Then in April we experience the two eclipses which are complimentary to the autumn election eclipses.

This entire journey of Saturn retracing his space in Cancer, lasts from mid-August 2004 to the end of June 2005. All degrees from 21 Cancer to 28 Cancer will be touched three times by Saturn at some time during those 10 months.

One planet clearly in Saturn’s path is the U.S. Mercury. It could be a long time before this election is fully decided, as Saturn goes over the U.S. Mercury three times. The first time was two months ago, in the second week of September. Bombing of both Palestine and Iraq escalated dramatically that week. The second time, with Saturn retrograde, will be in early January. And the final time, with Saturn direct, will be in early June 2005.

Uranus turns direct on November 11, after five months of traveling retrograde. In early June 2004, while Uranus stationed retrograde, we had another huge upsurge in violence in both Israel-Palestine and Iraq. Uranus then turned retrograde at 7 Pisces. Now it will turn direct at 3 Pisces. Thus it re-covers the degrees between 3-7 Pisces. These degrees connect closely with both John Kerry’s and John Edwards’ charts (rather than with the charts of the U.S. or Bush).

It is certain that some surprise will happen when Uranus turns direct. It always does. Uranus represents independence, and sudden change.

As mentioned before, Mars squared Saturn as Saturn turned retrograde. Mars is in the picture again. Now it trines Uranus as Uranus turns direct. I can read this as Mars blocking the old guard so it must retreat, and encouraging the new guard to enter the picture. As discussed in the Daily Guide, New Moon in Scorpio on November 12 ushers in a season of transformation. And this season will be guided by a fresh Uranus, ready to reform the system.

Uranus returns to 7 Pisces in late February 2005, and next turns retrograde in June 2005 at 11 Pisces.

Mercury, that little speedy guy near the Sun, turns retrograde at 7:17 a.m. EDT on November 30. It stations, getting ready to turn, at 27 Sagittarius. Mercury is fresh with the profound, deep, investigative vibes of Pluto, which it just paused to visit a week ago. Mercury is the thinker and the messenger, and it surely has much to review during its next three weeks as it slowly moves "backwards," (from Earth’s perspective).

Sagittarius is a fire sign, full of spirit, geared to action. That action is generally aimed towards some ideal, sometimes lofty. It is the U.S. rising sign and John Kerry’s sun sign.

Philosophy, law, and religion are Sagittarian. Questions to ponder for all of us are

What are our ideals?
How do we best express them?
Where can we affiliate with like-minded others?

It’s interesting that Mercury turns direct again (at 11 Sagittarius) on December 20, just before the Solstice Celebrations around the world. We may have at least part of the world very united at that time.

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