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America the Beautiful

Editor's Note: This came to us via the Internet. We want to share it with you. Try it... and most importantly, please VOTE!

If, in the world of quantum physics, all things are possible and reality is what we choose to focus on... Try this. It can't hurt. Spread the word.

If only 3 percent of the U.S. population takes 60 seconds to do this exercise every day, we can make a massive difference. This is how it works: for 60 seconds each day visualize your favored candidate elected as our next President of the U.S. See the celebrations and excitement and sense of fulfillment across America. See yourself rejoicing with people in your home, neighborhood, and workplace. See people all over the world trusting and building real alliance with the US! See your candidate being sworn into office and staying there for four years. See his spouse being a "First Woman"! Feel the hope, joy, and gratitude. Believe it is possible.

Now, imagine your candidate restoring greater wellbeing in America. See people streaming back to work. See young children getting the support they need. Visualize our teachers, police officers, single mothers, the mentally ill, and many others getting the help they deserve. See our soldiers coming home to their families. Imagine our leaders establishing greater trust and good will with other nations. See peace spreading across the world. See the Iraq conflict ending. Feel how good it will be for the environment to be protected and renewed. See hope rising across the world in the hearts and souls of all of us. See these pictures in your mind for 60 seconds every day between now and November 2. Be grateful that you have the gift of participating in shaping a greater country. Be grateful that you care. Believe that all this is possible—and more! And be sure to vote!