Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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by Maya del Mar

DARKSIDE ZODIAC by Stella Hyde. Weisser Books, York Beach, ME, 2004. $19.95 pb—and worth every cent.

Laughter is so good for all of us. This is a book for healing, because you can’t read any page in this book, and not roar. Here are almost 400 pages, in attractive, unique, and readable format about the downsides of signs in their various manifestations, and Venus and Mars in those signs. Stella also includes moon signs, rising signs, and a sign compatibility rating.

Stella, who has been practicing astrology for a long time, has written more conventional books. But here she expresses her feeling that we so often talk about the positive points of astrology to the detriment of a balanced perspective. I must say she has a good point—and the way she makes a rebalance is absolutely hilarious. And all too true.

This is a fun book. Here you laugh at the truth. But it is probably not for those with weak self-esteem, who are unable to laugh at themselves.

I’m not going to quote much from this book, because readers might be hurt. And of course, no generalization applies to everyone born under a particular sign.

I will give just part of the introduction to my sign, Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign opposite Leo, the sign of the Sun: "Aquarius looks down its nose at the Sun and takes notes behind its back at this time of year. On the Darkside, this makes you a chilly, detached eccentric loner, with perverse voyeuristic habits and a shard of ice in your heart." I don’t feel like I have a shard of ice in my heart, but I do feel like Aquarian Dick Cheney does. And for the rest of it, I understand what she’s saying—even if the darkside is not my favored side.

Keep this book around for laughs for you and your friends.